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About Cebu

Cebu is an island of the Central Visayas Archipelago. Its beauty has earned it the nickname "Vacation Garden of Eden". The combination of beautiful natural landscape and old buildings is exquisite. You can see many ancient relics and structures, visit churches, or even take a boat to the surrounding islands. There are many entertaining and interesting places to see and experience when visiting Cebu. Explore the ancient Fort San Pedro in search of historical relics. Inside the fort you'll find a museum exhibiting precious artistic treasures. You can also go to the iconic local landmarks such as the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral or Magellan's Cross to pay your respects. According to people who love scuba diving, this is the paradise of their dreams. It doesn't matter if you are visiting Cebu or one of the small surrounding islands, there are a number of excellent dive spots.

Popular Attractions in Cebu

Oslob Whale Shark Watching
235 Reviews
Whale Watching
Oslob Whale Shark Watching point is located in the southern part of the province of Cebu. It was originally a small fishing village. Later, when whale sharks were found, the villagers fed whale sharks and gradually developed a "free-range" whale shark watching point. You can go whale shark watching on a boat, or you snorkel or dive and swim with whale sharks. You have to set out early in the morning to see the whale sharks as that's when they can be observed.
Magellan's Cross
309 Reviews
Historical Site
The large wooden cross is supposed to contain the remnants of the very cross that Magellan planted upon landing in the Philippines.
Basilica Minore del Santo Nino
219 Reviews
Historical Architecture
The Church of the Infant is located near the Magellan's Cross and was rebuilt in 1740. It has been more than 200 years old and is the old Roman Catholic church in the Philippines. There is a statue of a young Jesus in a room in the Church of the Infant. It is said that Magellan gave the Queen of Cebu in 1521, and many locals will line up to pray.
Malapascua Island
89 Reviews
Malapascua Island, because of its shape resembling the loofah, the travellers dubbed the "mother take the loofah". This narrow island is known for its pristine, quiet and diving. Diving here, have the opportunity to go to the only place in the world where you can see the thresher shark, and see the rare "shark", which is a small island with a good ecological preservation for parents and children.

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Full-Day Moalboal Islands and Kawasan Falls Small-Group Tour from Cebu
Beach Adventure
Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Oslob Whaleshark and Kawasan Falls Tour - SHARED TOUR


The Philippines: A Country of a Thousand Islands
Natural Landscapes
Historic Landmarks
Seaside Resorts
EL Nido
Known as the “country of a thousand islands,” the Philippines is full of surprises. Travelers can explore history and the arts in Manila, relax along some of the world’s best beaches on Boracay, dive under the waves on Bohol, or explore countless coves and bays on Palawan. With delicious cuisine, friendly people, and a proud culture, there are near infinite possibilities available to travelers. In this short article, we will survey several popular destinations and recommend things to see. When planning a trip to the Philippines, focus on what you hope to experience and narrow your focus to a few locations.
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Trip Moments

As a multi-ethnic archipelagic country, the Philippines was once a colonial country of Spain and the United States. After its independence on July 4, 1946, the Philippines still retains a large number of Western cultural heritage, whether it is a tangible architectural civilization or an intangible religious heritage. The Simara Temple in Cebu (also known as the Cathedral of the Himalayas) is the largest and most spectacular church in the area. Its architectural style is entirely European, making it seem as though you have stepped into Europe itself. The entire church is quite large. The castle is strangely shaped outside, but the interior is full of colours. Due to the influence of Western culture, the Temple of Simara also has colourful windows.
Posted: 3 Sep 2019
Jojos trip   
In Cebu, there is a seemingly inconspicuous castle called Fort San Pedro that is situated right next to the port and the Castle of San Diego in Manila. It is known as the oldest castle in the Philippines and was built when Spain first arrived in the country. During World Way 2, the castle was used to defend against the Japanese army. The barracks that were used for the officers are now used as classrooms. The castle also has a museum and a butterfly valley. In Duma, there are a lot of interesting old buildings. There are many opportunities there for taking pictures.
Posted: 18 Dec 2018
The Mangellan Cross is preserved in a small hall on Magellan Street, opposite the City Hall in Cebu. The people of Cebu have a strong belief in this historical cross. Every Sunday morning, thousands of men and women burn incense and pray for good luck. Behind the Magellan’s Cross is the Church of the Holy Child, the earliest church in the Philippines, which enshrines the statue of the baby brought by Magellan from Spain. This was a gift from the Magellan to the chief of Cebu. In the church, tourists and worshippers come and go. The most popular thing to see is the figure of the little baby. 
Posted: 27 Dec 2018