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Cabo San Lucas,Recommendations
Medano Beach
A small destination in Mexico: Baja California Baja California, also known as Baja, is the second longest peninsula on the planet, with a coastline of more than 1,200 kilometers. Most of the highlights are concentrated in the southernmost Cabo San Lucas and near La Paz. I didn't want to see a local photo, it evoked the urge to come here, 14,000 kilometers, all the way to the sea. Travel length suggestion: I have determined the itinerary here as 4 days and walked down to find a more reasonable plan. If you are a diving enthusiast, you can add another 2 days of diving, which is 4-6 days to explore this beautiful land. The best season: The best travel season is winter, the temperature is right in January-March, the flowers are blooming, and it is still whale watching season. Be careful not to travel during the summer vacation. From August to September, the hot dead people did not discuss. Recommended attractions: 1 Medano Beach: a public beach, 4 km. The water is clear and white, very beautiful. There are a lot of white parasols on the beach, with pink sofas, which is beautiful in the sun. 2El Arco Arch: Also known as the Horn of the Earth, the so-called end of the earth in Mexico is here. You can go to a water taxi from Medano Beach. You can go to the most famous attraction "Arch" for 150 people, and you can also watch sea lions and fish at close range. And waterfowl. The sea here is light green near the shore, and deep blue is very beautiful.