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About Boracay

Boracay has all the necessary elements of a tropical paradise: soft sandy beaches, sapphire ocean waters and bright sunshine. Boracay is shaped like a meaty bone. The central part has the gentle White Beach while the north and south are covered with lush mountain forests. Stretching out four kilometers from start to finish, White Beach is the highlight of Boracay. It is rather lively here with all kinds of resort villages, restaurants, bars and clubs. Other beaches such as Diniwid Beach, Bulabog Beach and Puka Shell Beach are relatively quiet and tranquil. Sail out on the ocean to catch a view of an unforgettable sunset. You can also climb up on top of Mount Luho for a bird’s-eye view of all of Boracay or experience a vast variety of exciting water sports. This island also has an abundance of nightlife that will not disappoint.

Popular Attractions in Boracay

White Beach
1,514 Reviews
White Sand Beach is located in the middle of the west bank of Boracay. It is made up of large corals with soft white sand. The beach is quiet during the day, but turns into a huge open bar at night, transformed with the lights and music of a nightclub. . White Sand Beach is runs 4 kilometers from north to south, and offers a rich variety of water sports, including snorkeling, deep diving, banana boating, windsurfing, parasailing and more. Of course, you can also take a relaxing stroll on the beach and enjoy the crisp sea breeze. There are many resort hotels and restaurants on the beach, including the D'mall shopping center located in the middle of the beach, with convenient dining and recreational options.
Friday Beach
586 Reviews
Friday Beach is probably Boracay's most famous white sand beach. It is located inside Friday's Boracay. The sand here is soft and fine. This area doesn't have very many tourists so, as a result, you can enjoy the white sand beach without interruption or distraction. Build castles out of sand or stroll hand-in-hand with a lover. You can order a drink from the bar while leisurely lying back on one the beach's lounge chairs. Friday Beach is also a great place to watch the sunset, providing an unparalleled experience.
Puka Shell Beach
586 Reviews
Outdoor Sports
Parent-child tour
Located in the northern part of Boracay, Puka Beach has a tranquil seaside atmosphere, and you will see very few visitors. It was famous for its shiny Puka shells, and you can pick up beautiful small shells on the beach after the tide. On the beach, you will also see small vendors selling shellfish products, as well as small bracelets made by local residents. You can watch the sunset at Puka Beach. In the evening, the beach will be covered by sunset glow. Enjoy this charming evening view.
Boracay's D'Mall
254 Reviews
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Carabao Island Day Tour From Boracay
Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Boracay Island Hopping + Hot Kawa + Parasailing + Helmet Diving
Boracay Standard Island Hopping With Lunch
Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Boracay Island Hopping + Hot Kawa + Parasailing (Habagat Season)


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Trip Moments

When people talk about the beautiful sea, the first thing that comes to mind is the Maldives. Actually, do you know? There are also many beautiful islands waiting for you in the Philippines. There are always 7,000 treasures in the island, and there will always be a good heart for you. The island of the Philippines is so beautiful, today we are launching a heavyweight island called Sumyron. The island is located on this large island in Cebu City. It can be reached by car from Cebu Airport in 4 hours. It is economical for several people to charter 3000p. If you are traveling, you can go to the south bus terminal. The bus will stop too many places in the middle, which is not very recommended. The next day we came to Sumilon Island and sailed at 1500p. The boat was big but there were not many people. When you were about to dock, you could see the blue sky. The reason why the sea here is different is different. The color is because the sand deposited underneath is not the same color, so the sunlight is very different. Sumilon Island is so beautiful in the sea, it is because it is exposure, UV is too strong, wearing skin clothes will be better. There is only one hotel on the island, the price is around rmb1000, and there is only a very small part left for foreign tourists. The beauty inside is left to everyone's imagination. Sumilon Island, an island off the coast of Oslabo on the southeast coast of Cebu, is the Philippines' first marine life reserve. There is only one resort on the island!
Posted: 7 Dec 2018
Posted: 2 Apr 2019