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Together with wild monkeys, the cheapest Banyan Tree Hotel said that Bintan Island is Singapore's back garden, but it is actually an Indonesian island. The tourism on the island is not perfect, and tourists are mainly on vacation. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good hotel. Because it is a temporary intention to go, there is no time to do the Raiders. Therefore, when I chose the hotel, I saw that there was Banyan Tree, and I was relieved. After all, my goodwill about this brand is still very high. Banyan Tree in Bintan Island is also an independent villa, but the price is only 1000+, which is almost the cheapest in Banyan Tree Resort. Talk about the advantages The room is equipped with a personal butler, but thoughtful but not overly enthusiastic, this is my favorite. The privacy of the villa is very good, surrounded by big trees. The balcony is also facing the sea. The breakfast level is very high, the point is: there is champagne! God, is this the rhythm of getting up? Hahaha... The hotel has its own private beach with fine sand. In the evening, the sun is not so dry, strolling past, just sitting down in the beach chair, there are mineral water and towels brought by the waiters, very intimate. I also gave me a few anti-mosquito emulsions, which are especially easy to use. Finally, I am getting along with the little monkey. Bintan has a lot of little monkeys here. When you stayed, the housekeeper reminded us that the little monkeys here are very embarrassing and will not hurt people. The first day of the result, I didnt see it. Its a pity. Who knows, wake up the next day, open the curtains and find a monkey in the bathtub in my balcony! The ground is still scattered, I dont know what the shell is. It seems that I opened a party on my balcony yesterday. They saw that I didn't mean to go. On the contrary, I dare not open the door, fearing that they will enter the house directly. Ok, okay, you have fun. Lets admire each other across the glass~~
Sarah Shan