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[Buddhist Footprint] Unlocking the trip to Indonesia, the first stop is not Bali, but the Batam Island (BATAM), which is known as the New Malaysian backyard garden and only one hour away from Singapore. Batam is the second largest tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali and enjoys the name of Little Bali. Because it is a tax-free port and close to Singapore, more and more Singaporeans like to take time to spend and play in Batam. Figure 1 is the iconic building of Batam: Rainbow Bridge. When we went, we were building roads, basically no cars, learning local people playing a heartbeat, and brave the courage to go to the bridge, hey, handsome! I remember the words "In the Most Beautiful Years, Doing the Best Dreams": "When you travel outside, you are especially able to release nature, and you are willing to do many things that are impossible on weekdays." This should belong to me." The meaning of travel." The Batam people in Batam seem to have a special comfort. They are seen everywhere, and they are basically sleeping. Passing a dragon orchard on the road, I heard that it is the season, I can't help but get off and see. I also met two little milk cats, so cute. The Indonesian currency is like this. After you change it, you can feel the joy of getting rich overnight. At first, I saw that the price of the goods would be embarrassing. After all, it was too much, and my mind could not turn. Travel God gives you a little Tips: remove 4 0 and multiply by 5, which is probably the price of the RMB. The tour guides of Batam are relatively pitted. The RMB 100 RMB exchanged with us is 180,000 Indonesian rupees, but it is changed to 2 million in Bali. Ps. This exchange amount is for reference only. After all, the exchange rate is involved. When you go to Baidu, the real exchange rate is relatively stable.
Li Xin