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Balikun Grassland

4.4/552 Reviews


Barkol, Kumul, Xinjiang, China
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About Balikun Grassland

Balikun Grassland is the second largest grassland in Xinjiang. It is located in Balikun County, Hami District. There are eight places of interest such as "Hanhai Desert City," "Mirror Springs," and "Yuetai Mountain Reserve." The Balikun grassland has a relatively high altitude, with the beauty of “Tianshan Snowcapped Mountains,” shrouded in mist and unpredictable. Many travel enthusiasts come to take photos.

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  • 我就是我wojiushiwo

    From Hami to the north, across the Tianshan Mountains, we came to the Barikun Grassland. Here the snow mountains are crystal clear, the pine forests are green, and the clouds are cloudy and unpredictable. Unlike Inner Mongolia's grasslands, we can see the horizon connecting grass and sky. Barikun is a basin, surrounded by continuous peaks connecting blue sky, and the scenery is very magnificent! ___________

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    Reviewed on 1535461419000
  • 纵虎归山

    Barikun Grassland recommends enjoying the scenery there in the evening, evening party or something. If you go in the daytime, the scenery on the road is very beautiful, especially when you cross the mountain on the old road. But when you get to the grassland, you will find that it is very common, and there are too many insects in summer. If you manage the Barikun Lake better, it should be a beautiful lake. It is recommended to navigate the nearest one from Hami. The route is the old road. It's quite bullish. Rent a cross-country road next door and cross the valley. The scenery on the road is more beautiful than that on the grassland.

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    Reviewed on 1440895561000
  • 圣玛利诺拓跋珪

    If this place can also be propaganda like other domestic scenic spots, the eleventh day here will be crowded with people, so atmosphere, vast, so that people immediately forget all the unhappy, let people's mood also like this vast grassland, the earth and the sky are linked together! _______

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    Reviewed on 1475936947000
  • 286****516

    The beautiful Barikun grassland is the Barikun County in Hami area of Xinjiang. There are white stone scenic spot, General Temple, Mingsha Mountain and cold gully on the way. There are many carts along the mountain road. There are interval speeds throughout the journey, but there will be no idea of speeding along the beautiful scenery. The grassland after rain, mushroom everywhere. At noon, you can have a mushroom soup picked by yourself, which is absolutely delicious in the world. Accommodation can be accommodated in distinctive Mongolian yurts, or not accustomed to Mongolian yurts, Pulihai Hotel in the county town is also a good choice.

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    Reviewed on 1439002920000
  • 六朝一半老儿

    Hami Balikun is located in the northern foot of Tianshan Mountains, known as the food capital of Xinjiang, especially mutton. The Barikun grassland is still very spectacular, not only cattle and sheep can be seen on the grassland. Camels can also be seen everywhere, and the military horse farm is also there, where it is very close to Tianshan Mountain, there are large areas of colorful forest, the road is very easy to walk, very suitable for self-driving travel. Open all day, free of tickets.

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    Reviewed on 1481327666000
  • 138****3479

    The scenery is good. The wild mushrooms in the virgin forest taste good.

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    Reviewed on 1469282833000
  • _WeCh****91941

    Summer is a good place for summer vacation. The air is fresh and returns to nature. The grassland is green, the sky is blue, the roast mutton of Barikun is eaten, the horse of Barikun is sleeping on a Mongolian yurt. It's very comfortable. It's worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1474300883000
  • RONG

    Hami passenger station for three hours, 32 yuan per person, to Balikun County to take a 10 yuan bus, to find only herdsmen and grasslands, not a scenic spot, but the scenery is beautiful, there are cattle and sheep everywhere. I went in mid-August. It was raining. The temperature was about 15 degrees. I had to wear a coat.

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    Reviewed on 1471352150000
  • M10****705

    The grassland is very big and beautiful, which makes people linger and forget to return.

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    Reviewed on 1475518349000
  • 互相帮助sx

    Kazakh Garden has a unique beauty! Snow Mountain, Turquoise Pine and Grassland have distinct layers! Natural harmony! Beauty!

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    Reviewed on 1499644843000
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