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Thidagu World Buddhist University

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The stupa stands in the middle of the temple, with golden lights, and white small pagodas are neatly arranged around. Each small pagoda houses a stone stele with the Tripitaka in Pali. But now every pagoda has made iron fences to prevent damage. King Min Dong of the Gongbang Dynasty in the 19th century summoned 2,400 monks to carve the Tripitaka on a grand scale Counting for 8 hours a day, the text of the entire pagoda group will take 450 days to read in total. You can imagine how precious the scriptures are. Among the many small stupas, one of the iron gates is open, allowing visitors to watch the stele content up close, densely packed in Burmese. You can take pictures around the pagoda. Taking pictures here is a bit like being in Butter Pamukkale. Pieces of pure white In the center of the pagoda is a golden golden pagoda, and many white pagodas surround it. Visitors can ring the bell at close range and pray for themselves and their families.

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