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That Bin Nyu Temple

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Open today at 6:00-21:00
Recommended sightseeing time:1-3 hours
5V97+G5V, Old Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)Map
What travelers say:

[Destination Guide] Preparation before the trip: Bagan is the best historical ancient city, Buddhist cultural site, and tourist attraction in Myanmar. Personally think it is the best place in Myanmar. People must come once in their lives. Traffic strategy: Bagan is located in the middle of Myanmar, located on the left bank of the middle of the Irrawaddy River. The traffic is not particularly convenient. It is definitely not comparable to the domestic one. If you go from Mandalay, it is cheaper to take the bus but it takes a long time. Four or five hours. The gun car costs more than 600, three or four hours. There is a plane in the morning and evening. If you discount it, it is not expensive. It is more than 300 yuan for one person. It is estimated that it will take more than three hours to go to the airport and the plane. The disadvantage is that the time is fixed. When you arrive at Bagan Bus Station, if you go to the hotel, there is another payment. Basically, the taxi does not play the watch, and more than 10,000 local coins can be done. Local must punch in: Bagan Buddha Tower is hundreds of thousands. If you really go to the main stupa, you have to take two days. Tourists may not remember to live. It is better to pick some key points, such as Dama Yangji Tower (the largest brick tower), Ananda Temple (this is the most beautiful), Dabinnuo Temple (this is the highest), Ruishan Tota (this can climb up to see the sunset, but now it is not allowed to climb), there are many unknown towers, different styles, like Longmen Grottoes, There are various Buddha statues, there are Lifo, sitting Buddha, lying Buddha, some are brick towers, some are stone towers, and some are Shwedagon Pagodas. All these tower temples must take off their shoes and go to the countryside as usual. It is a little pain that the feet step on. Food guide: The local dishes are more oily, to be honest, there is no recommendation, and Thailand can not be compared. Shopping guide: The most famous locals are puppets, lacquerware and sand paintings. There are shopping spots in front of each major temple. You can also buy it in the hotel, which is actually not expensive. Travel experience: It is said that this four hundred and eighty temples in the southern dynasty are very magnificent. Today, there are very few left in Nanjing. Bagan still has more than 4,000 pagoda temples at this time. The size is different. Most of them are heritages from the tenth to the twelfth centuries. Many years of disrepair, tourists can climb the tower to watch the sunrise in previous years, and government management has been strengthened in recent years. Can not climb the tower, although lost some scenery, but did protect the world heritage small Tips: Bagan is a great place, never seen so many towers, very sacred, although the locals are very poor, but the people are good, maybe Buddhist countries, people are very simple. Be sure to respect the habits of locals and prepare to write 1000 local currency. It’s okay to tip some.

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