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Amaravati Thai ReflexologyNearby City

Amaravati Thai Reflexology

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156.4km from Bagan · Mandalay
" Hearing of Mandalay Palace before coming to work in Myanmar, he never had a chance, and took a bus ride from Yangon to Mandalay with several colleagues in the last two days of 2018. We booked a VIP bus ticket in Yangon, 22,000 MYR, and we had not taken a long-distance bus in Myanmar before. We also want to experience this opportunity. The station is generally run down, but the car is still very neat, the VIP car is a row of only 3 seats, the seat is a bit like the business seat on the plane, and also provides a bottle of water, a box of snacks, there is a cake and bread inside, and a washable toothbrush toothpaste wet towel. It's quite surprising to me. I can have such service by car. The disadvantage is that the air conditioning temperature in the car is too low. The car departs at 10 o'clock in the evening. Although there is a blanket, it is still a bit cold. The driver who dated before the arrival of Mandalay picks us up at the station and goes straight to the Grand Palace. The ticket is 10,000 MYYAN per person, about RMB 45 yuan. Foreigners also have to press a passport of one person, and leave the name of the hotel. The entire Grand Palace is mostly wooden structure. The Burman coffin is also spectacular, but the scale is not large and the maintenance is not very good in some places. But you can feel the glory of the ancient imperial dynasty in Burma. Still worth a visit."