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Alexandria Governorate

Things To Do in Alexandria

Montazah Palace Gardens
217 Reviews
佟贝勒爷It’s almost Christmas again. Today I want to talk about my Christmas trip for the past three years. Let’s not mention it, let’s start with Christmas 2017. In fact, in 2016, it was decided not to go to European and American countries every Christmas because most European and American countries are Christian countries. Christmas to New Year is the most important time of the year. Whoever wants to feel the pure Christmas atmosphere It will be the first European and American countries, and I was the same 16 years ago! Maybe people will suffer from aesthetic fatigue. I have serious aesthetic fatigue in Europe, both in East and South, North and South. In fact, when you have traveled all over, you can sum it up. In addition to some natural scenery in Northern Europe, East, South, West and Central Europe include the Balkans. The country’s cultural landscape and historical origins are inseparable from two places, one is Italy (the ancient Roman Empire) and the other is Turkey (the Ottoman Empire). You see, many European countries still retain the name Turkey Old Street. Places (such as Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina)! What should I do if I get tired of aesthetics? Shall we change place? So I decided to move to the Middle East and Africa since 2016, hahaha! In fact, many people would think that going to the Middle East countries for Christmas is not nonsense. What kind of Christmas do most Islamic countries in the Middle East celebrate? ! That's right, but I found that every country has a different attitude towards Christmas! Some are open and some are conservative! Let’s talk about Egypt. This is not the first time I have come to Egypt at Christmas 2017. I am afraid that the most impressive thing about the friends who have been here is not the pyramids and the Nile but the messy and messy urban environment. Actually, you come a lot. You can feel that everything except Cairo is okay. For example, my favorite city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea. Two of the Seven Wonders of the World are here, the Alexandria lighthouse and the library (of course after thousands of years Nothing exists at present). Maybe it's because I have a special affection for the Mediterranean. I like Mediterranean cities in any country! Friends who have been to Alexandria must have been to the Montazah Palace Garden (commonly known as the Summer Palace). Before, I just took photos in the garden like you did, because the palace has been changed to the Presidential Palace since the Mubarak era! Fortunately this time, we were authorized by the Alexandria Tourism Bureau to enter (now it is still the summer residence of the current Egyptian President Sisi). Unfortunately, I can only watch and can not take pictures. Here I want to expose myself, maybe It is also a bad problem of many Chinese people, that is, people did not allow me to take pictures, or I secretly took two photos in the hall just entered. I solemnly apologize here. The impulse is not because of quality but because of the Christmas atmosphere. After all, I deliberately took Christmas. I rushed to the appointment. A few days ago, I was still basking on the Red Sea in Hurghada. Why did I run so far away in such a cold Alexander, hahaha! Everyone should look at the photos and feel the same at first glance. This arrangement is almost like my elementary school class meeting, haha! But I am still very touched in my heart. It is great that a backward country and an Islamic country can do this for us foreigners on Christmas Day. I still want to thank them today!
Bibliotheca Alexandria
159 Reviews
yangduoduo17A gorgeous new building, both inside and outside are fascinating. The fact that it is located on the site of the ancient library of Alexandria is also special. As for what you will experience, the space, the books, the tourists, and then the three museums on the first floor. One is a treasured book and document that requires extra payment to enter. If you have time, you can visit the library with a guide.
Pompey's Pillar
149 Reviews
Historical Site
渭南松赞干布The Pompeii Column of Alexandria, also known as the Column of the Knights, is the city symbol of Alexandria. It was built during the Roman rule at the end of the third century. It is located in a small highland in Alexandria, 2 kilometers south of the arc-shaped seaside promenade. Surrounding the Pompeii Pillar was originally the Temple of Sarapis, which was built during Ptolemy III and was demolished by the Roman emperor in 396 AD. Only the stone pillars have survived. The stone pillar weighs 500 tons, is 27 meters high, and has a bottom diameter of 2.7 meters. It is quite spectacular if you need to look up close.
Fort Qaitbery
125 Reviews
Historical Site
莲子99At the east end of Binhai Avenue, the off-white castle is not high, and the shape is very stable. The water keeps beating against the embankment around the castle, and you can feel a natural surging power. The classic angle is beautiful.
Citadel of Qaitbay
59 Reviews
Historical Site
Plum9195The Citadel of Qaitbay stands where the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria was in ancient times. It is much bigger than I imagined and you can go inside and see and explore numerous rooms on various levels of the Citadel. A good guide will help explain what you are seeing so you can enjoy it more.The admission price is around $7USD, less if you are a student. The views of the sea from the higher levels are lovely. Be prepared for crowds and wear study shoes as there are lots of stairs.
National Museum
19 Reviews
coo***an[Scenery] The National Museum is really a great museum! The exhibits are very rich, you can rent an audio guide [Fun] Great exhibition, because there are so many souvenir shops, so cute!

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Pompey's Pillar
Pompey's PillarAlexandria,Egypt

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The Graeco-Roman Museum
The Graeco-Roman MuseumAlexandria,Egypt

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Chatby Tombs
Chatby TombsAlexandria,Egypt

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Fort Qaitbery
Fort QaitberyAlexandria,Egypt

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Citadel of Qaitbay
Citadel of QaitbayAlexandria,Egypt

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