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Suzhou to Xuzhou Trains (苏州 - 徐州)(88 results)

Recommended Trips with a Transfer

Trains with a transfer involve disembarking from one train and changing to another for the next segment of your trip. To ensure a smooth transition to the new train, please collect all tickets needed for each train at the start of your trip.

If you have a long transfer, please ask the station staff at the transfer area if there is a direct route to access the main departure area. If not, please exit and re-enter the station.

If you have a short transfer, please ask the station staff at the transfer area for assistance on getting to the right platform.

If your first segment arrives late and you are unable to make the next segment of your trip, you can change your ticket at the station during transfer. You may change your ticket to any train with available tickets leaving before midnight on the day of your scheduled departure.

If you are unable to change your ticket, you may go to a station counter and ask for a refund. In most instances, a refund will be provided free of charge (policies may vary by station, is not liable to pay for any refund fees). Please understand that for reasons due to force majeure, is not liable for any costs associated with your ticket.

Please ensure that you leave enough time to transfer to the next segment of your trip. If you are unable to make the next segment, is not liable to refund any costs associated with your trip.

    • 4h 23m
    • G7092

      15:51Nanjing South
    • 1h 17m Transfer
    • G1822

      17:08Nanjing South
      18:45Xuzhou East
    • 2h 54m
    • G154

      17:38Suzhou North
      18:35Nanjing South
    • 42m Transfer
    • G160

      19:17Nanjing South
      20:32Xuzhou East
    • 2h 58m
    • G2812

      16:54Suzhou North
      17:51Nanjing South
    • 40m Transfer
    • G1890

      18:31Nanjing South
      19:52Xuzhou East
    • 3h 19m
    • G1776

      15:42Suzhou North
      16:53Nanjing South
    • 54m Transfer
    • G234

      17:47Nanjing South
      19:01Xuzhou East
    • 3h 24m
    • G576

      08:50Suzhou North
      09:57Nanjing South
    • 45m Transfer
    • G1236

      10:42Nanjing South
      12:14Xuzhou East
    • 3h 28m
    • G576

      08:50Suzhou North
      09:57Nanjing South
    • 50m Transfer
    • G1806

      10:47Nanjing South
      12:18Xuzhou East
    • 3h 5m
    • G1826

      18:39Suzhou North
      19:47Nanjing South
    • 41m Transfer
    • G368

      20:28Nanjing South
      21:44Xuzhou East
    • 3h 35m
    • G676

      08:59Suzhou North
      10:20Nanjing South
    • 57m Transfer
    • G46

      11:17Nanjing South
      12:34Xuzhou East
    • 3h 40m
    • G1776

      15:42Suzhou North
      16:53Nanjing South
    • 59m Transfer
    • G1898

      17:52Nanjing South
      19:22Xuzhou East
    • 4h 25m
    • G1720

      14:20Suzhou North
      15:10Nanjing South
    • 1h 58m Transfer
    • G1822

      17:08Nanjing South
      18:45Xuzhou East
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