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Seafood Restaurants
Top 11 Seafood Restaurants

Top 11 Seafood Restaurants in Singapore - 2023

Get your fill of seafood at these unique restaurants that put freshness first
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Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1
    11 Reviews
    Average price per person: 88
    "The best spicy crab, even the shell wants to be clean after eating, and no one can escape. With meat crabs supplemented with onion, ginger, pepper, dried pepper and other dishes ~ When crab shells are carefully injured, don't shoot crab tongs too broken, just break it a little."
    4.5km from downtown
  • No.2
    56 Reviews
    Average price per person: 120
    "Of course, what you can't miss is the signature sand stew meat, sweet, and tender meat. ​​​ Then I was planted with sand stew-flavored fish fillets and skewers. The sweet taste, plus the taste of fish, can be said to complement each other, one bite is very satisfying!"
    664m from downtown
  • No.3
    367 Reviews
    Average price per person: 198
    "The treasure crab is a standard Sri Lankan crab, because the daily consumption is very large, to ensure freshness. The sauce is unified by the treasure's central kitchen, so each branch maintains a consistency of taste. Although it is called chili crab, it is not very spicy. The taste is sweet and spicy. Compared with the domestic spicy crab, although it is not so heavy and has impact, it better retains the original flavor of the crab."
    1.2km from downtown
  • No.4
    206 Reviews
    Average price per person: 85
    "This store was introduced by a friend, and the online evaluation is also very good, so I will try it. It is really good. The seafood is big and fresh, and the price is right. It is really worth eating many times. Eat all kinds of dishes on the menu."
    9.9km from downtown
  • No.5
    113 Reviews
    Average price per person: 130
    "This restaurant in Singapore is a restaurant specializing in seafood. It covers a large area and can accommodate several tables of guests to dine here at the same time. It is recommended that you can taste the black pepper and crabs in this store. The taste is great."
    9.1km from downtown
  • No.6
    25 Reviews
    Average price per person: 65
    "One of many old-fashioned brands in Singapore, Michelin Biden for many years, mainly seafood cooking, this whole layer is full of their moonlight river powder SGD 6 signature dishes, thrown down the fire until charred, river powder with lard, Chinese sausage, prawns, salmon and black sauce fried together, The country is full of sputum. Add egg yolks in the middle, mix them with pho powder when you eat, and the more smooth and tender coffee ribs SGD12 This is a must-order dish with a signature. When the table is served, the coffee is rich in aroma. There is butter and coffee powder on the pork chops. There is a little caramel aroma coffee. The taste is very good. The Pearl Roll SGD 12 is also their signature dish. The crisp tofu skin is stuffed with a lot of salted egg yolks, shrimps, ham, mushrooms, etc. It’s full after a bite, it’s very full if you eat one."
    5.4km from downtown
  • No.7
    32 Reviews
    Average price per person: 107
    沁沁 沁沁
    "Colony is located in 7 Raffles Avenue Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore | The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, Singapore 039799, Singapore, the service is very good, the food is fresh and delicious! I like oysters very much. Whether it is a single meal or a lemon, the taste is great. Ribeye is also very recommended. The truffle mashed potatoes next to it are not too good. I really want to taste tomato soup. The most unexpectedly delicious, very fragrant and smooth. Thank you Nina for your service. It is very intimate and attentive. I am very patient to help us order food. I will explain when serving, give you a compliment!"
    1.4km from downtown
  • No.8
    295 Reviews
    Average price per person: 76
    "There is no signboard, No Signboard, overjoyed. I heard the waiter say that there is only one in China now. Very Singapore style, I feel back to Singapore. "Granite milk shrimp" is very delicious, cereal crispy and delicious "Hainan chicken meal" ginger juice is a bit salty "grain juice big yellow croaker" fish meat is very tender"
    4.9km from downtown
  • No.9
    43 Reviews
    Average price per person: 540
    "This restaurant is a restaurant that a friend introduced me and my husband, and it really didn't introduce me wrong, it won't disappoint. The food prime is good and the environment is beautiful! It always maintains good service and elegant food. The details are well planned so you don’t feel like you’re over-eaten like in many other star restaurants. Staff service is attentive and friendly."
    846m from downtown
  • No.10
    4 Reviews
    Average price per person: 54
    "Standard Greek cuisine, the big carp inside looks very good, full of plates, the octopus legs are very thick, the Greek lamb chops are also special, delicious, feel better than French vanilla lamb chops."
    613m from downtown
  • No.11
    6 Reviews
    "The nightingale stalls next to the street, from the afternoon until the early morning of the next day, many locals come here to eat. The style of the restaurant combines Chinese and Singaporean cuisine. The taste is very good and the price is reasonable. It is a good choice for nightingale. Recommended chicken porridge. If you order seafood, per capita consumption is very expensive."
    4.2km from downtown


What are some Seafood Restaurants in Singapore?
Some Seafood Restaurants in Singapore include:Sessions|Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant|JUMBO SEAFOOD(RIVERSIDE POINT)|Mellben Seafood|Long Beach UDMC
What are some highly-rated Seafood Restaurants in Singapore?
Some highly-rated Seafood Restaurants in Singapore include:Sessions:4.8|Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant:4.5|JUMBO SEAFOOD(RIVERSIDE POINT):4.7|Mellben Seafood:4.6|Long Beach UDMC:4.4
At what locations in Singapore can Seafood Restaurants in Singapore be found?
The Seafood Restaurants in Singapore are mainly located in:Sessions:Singapore|Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant:Singapore|JUMBO SEAFOOD(RIVERSIDE POINT):Singapore|Mellben Seafood:Singapore|Long Beach UDMC:Singapore
What are some specialty dishes found at Seafood Restaurants in Singapore?
Specialty dishes at Seafood Restaurants in Singapore include:Sessions:Buffets|Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant:Seafood|JUMBO SEAFOOD(RIVERSIDE POINT):Seafood|Mellben Seafood:Seafood|Long Beach UDMC:Seafood
What's the average price per person at Seafood Restaurants in Singapore?
Average price per person at Seafood Restaurants in Singapore:Sessions:Average price per person: SGD88.00|Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant:Average price per person: SGD120.00|JUMBO SEAFOOD(RIVERSIDE POINT):Average price per person: SGD198.00|Mellben Seafood:Average price per person: SGD85.00|Long Beach UDMC:Average price per person: SGD130.00
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