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Nature Attractions
Top 11 Nature Attractions

Top 11 Nature Attractions in Singapore - 2023

From rugged mountains to sparkling lakes, embrace the beauty of nature at these dazzling destinations
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    Lavender and Sun
    "Southern island of Singapore. Located 500 meters south of Singapore's main island, it is 4 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide from the east to the south, and the area is 3.47 square kilometers. It is the third largest island outside Singapore's main island. During the colonial rule of Sentosa Island, it was the British naval base. The old name of the island was changed in 1972."
    4.1km from downtown
    Highlights: The preferred getaway for locals, this tropical paradise boasts lush forests, sparkling waters, and spectacular mountaintop views.
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    Sine Nucha
    "Very good, if you come to Singapore, you must come here. Lots of photo angles and various plants"
    1.4km from downtown
    Highlights: Singapore's famous green paradise. Head here during the day to discover the huge range of exotic plants, or wait for nightfall and go marvel at the magical light show.
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    "The wing of time is very wonderful, and it is very convenient to buy tickets online. Liguang Technology, combined with sound and photoelectricity and water injection, combines these two very perfect, a real visual feast"
    4.9km from downtown
    Highlights: An immersive show which skillfully blends a range of spellbinding visuals, including lasers, water fountains, fireworks, and 3D effects to create a fantasy world of light and shadow.
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    "The Singapore River runs from the source of the Jinsheng Bridge to the Marina Bay, and since 2008, the Singapore River has become a Vale after being built on the South Marina dike. The mouth of the Singapore River is the old port of Singapore, which originally developed around the port, so the mouth became a trading, commercial and financial center."
    773m from downtown
    Highlights: Go on a relaxing cruise down the Singapore River and watch the bustle of urban life unfolding on both banks. This is also a great way to see some of the city's many famous landmarks.
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    "Merlion Park is a landmark and major tourist attraction in Singapore, located in the Marina Bay, in the heart of Singapore. The Merlion is a symbol of Singapore. The Merlion statue was struck by lightning between 4pm and 5pm on February 28, 2009. Staff nearby said they heard explosions and then shattered debris fell to the ground, and repairs were completed in March that year."
    843m from downtown
    Highlights: Snap a cheeky selfie with the famous Merlion statue - one of Singapore's most recognizable landmarks! Tip: Try to make it look as though you're catching the water that flows from the legendary creature's mouth - this water symbolizes wealth, after all!
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    "enjoy 360 degrees view over the rooftop, must see destinations at Singapore. Prepare your camera, get your best fashion and let’s go."
    964m from downtown
    Highlights: A well-known landmark of Singapore that is a wonder of modern architecture. Head to the rooftop garden for some magnificent city views.
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    "Clarke Quay is Singapore’s historic riverside pier, located at the mouth of the Singapore River and upstream of the barge pier. Clarke Quay is also the name of a road along the pier, part of which has been converted to a pedestrian street. Clarke Street was officially named in 1896. Similar to Clarke Quay, Clark Street was later converted into a pedestrian street."
    1.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Sample the chili crab at Jumbo Seafood, check out the open-air stalls and roadside games, then head to the riverside bars to experience some of the local nightlife. You won't find many places livelier.
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    "Bala Bay Beach is the favorite to walk the white cable bridge, swinging left and right, the best fun. This is the southernmost land in Asia. After the white cable bridge, board the two linked chat pavilion is the best place to enjoy the scenery."
    4.7km from downtown
    Highlights: From Palawan Beach, head across this spectacular suspension bridge to a tiny islet - the southernmost point of continental Asia. From here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the South China Sea.
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    "Be sure to visit Cloud Forest. The recommended waterfall is very impressive. The plants are well maintained. There is also an experience form in the middle (current avatar experience)"
    1.6km from downtown
    Highlights: Imitating a mountaintop forest, this attraction features a 35m-high waterfall covered by lush greenery. This magical alpine world, wreathed in mists, is a must-see for nature lovers.
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    "ALWAYS a fun time chilling with my best friends at the Siloso Beach. Despite being crowded, there was still space to play a myriad of games such as Frisbee & Volleyball.Downside is Singaporeans in general are not very friendly, hence we received several glares and scowls while playing despite not being in anyone’s way."
    5.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Beach volleyball fans, assemble! This clean sandy cove with turquoise waters offers a huge number of outdoor activities for beachgoers.
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    "East Coast ParkAwesome place to visit for some nature and peace. Greatly maintain trails, separate trails for jogging/biking and walking. Clean beach and water but plenty of ships parked in a distance.Lots of trees around, bbq pits, etc. There are food/drink stalls and bike rentals. As well as, children playground areas. You can do wind surfing, swimming, sailing, enjoying beach volleyball, fishing, etc."
    7.2km from downtown
    Highlights: This stunning seaside getaway has a huge range of activities on offer, making it an ideal spot for families.


What are some Nature Attractions in Singapore?
Some Nature Attractions in Singapore include:Sentosa|Gardens by the Bay|Wings Of Time|Singapore River|Merlion Park
What are some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Singapore?
Some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Singapore include:Sentosa:4.8|Gardens by the Bay:4.8|Wings Of Time:4.7|Singapore River:4.7|Merlion Park:4.6
At what locations in Singapore can Nature Attractions in Singapore be found?
The Nature Attractions in Singapore are mainly located in:Sentosa:Singapore|Gardens by the Bay:Singapore|Wings Of Time:Singapore|Singapore River:Singapore|Merlion Park:Singapore