Dim Sum Restaurants
Dim Sum Restaurants
Top 12 Dim Sum Restaurants

Top 12 Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore - 2023

Discover an array of bite-sized delicacies perfect for sampling and sharing
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Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1
    80 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 108
    "Liyuan has also eaten in China. I don't know if it is the same brand, but it is all Cantonese cuisine. I ordered Cantonese dim sum. The taste of the called is particularly good. It is similar to the snack I said that I have eaten in Guangzhou. The price is small and expensive."
    1.6km from downtown
  • No.2
    21 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 14
    "Ruichun is a time-honored snack restaurant in Singapore. The business here is really super good and there are queues almost every day. I ate a bowl of fried noodles here. The taste is really great. The noodles q pops hard and the taste of miscellaneous sauce is also very good. It is really worth recommending to everyone."
    3.1km from downtown
  • No.3
    17 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 78
    "This dish is not only beautiful, but delicious. Recommend the famous Cigar Roll, a fried spring roll with snow crab meat, foie gras, shrimp and truffles. The double-brought wild fungus soup is very gratifying. This apple wood smoked charcoal tastes great and is caramel-colored. Marble shrimp tigerfish and ginger flowers. The pungent pineapple sauce is refreshing. Combining Cantonese cuisine with visual theater, each dish is a work of art, and it feels like walking through an exhibition. Can't wait to taste other signature dishes."
    1.3km from downtown
  • No.4
    12 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 211
    Allen Zhang SG
    "The magnificent hall is decorated in oriental style such as Chinese artwork and antiques, full of strong Chinese colors; the spacious environment gives diners a quiet and comfortable dining space. The restaurant serves rich and varied classic Cantonese cuisine and a variety of exquisite snacks. There are also dishes launched in response to the season, fresh and excellent ingredients. The signature dishes include Hundred Flowers and Apricot-flavored pig pieces, sauce crocodile meat and Haibao Gold Melon."
    4.1km from downtown
  • No.5
    1 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 19
    "Have a snack with three friends. One of the girlfriends is a regular visitor, so she orders food. The first one is a quicksand bag, so ugly. It is said that it is the best crisp top quicksand bag in Singapore. The outer skin is crispy, and when it is bitten, the yellow stuffing slowly flows out, and it is full of sweetness. It's delicious. I don't like fried food very much, but this salty spicy noodle cake is delicious. The fresh fungus crystal ball is very special, full of fillings, I like it. My friend ordered a lot of snacks twice, too much food, I only picked a few."
    2.7km from downtown
  • No.6
    5 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 16
    "This small shop selling Hong Kong-style snacks is open 24 hours a day. The snacks in the store are varied and not expensive. In addition to locals, there are many foreigners who take taxis to eat. In the weekend morning and evening peak hours, guests must queue up to wait for a seat. There is air conditioning in the store, and the place is very noisy when there are many small guests, but the food is fast. I eat less in the store, and I usually pack it away. The snacks taste good, some local snacks may not be eaten by foreign tourists, you can try them. I often buy a dozen roasted buns and walnut dumplings, coconut towers, curry corners and shrimp cakes, all of which my family and I love."
    4.7km from downtown
  • No.7
    81 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 130
    "Hand torn bread tuna salad, really general, tuna and bread are also very dry, ate two. Fried tuna cheese ball with Spanish ham, is there any raw material that can be written on the name of the dish? It is delicious, there are a lot of tuna meat in it, seriously suspect that the cheese is a few ~ underneath."
    3.2km from downtown
  • No.8
    9 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 106
    "It is also a famous Cantonese cuisine. It is located on the 2nd floor of Orchard Hotel. There are many hotels on Orchard road. This orchardhotel is not particularly tall. But the Huating Chinese Restaurant on the second floor has been known for a long time. Just like not afraid of the deep alley, there are many diners. The decoration is very atmospheric, like its log-color design, exquisite and pleasing tableware, food waiting time is slightly longer, but it is worth it. There is no old feeling. In terms of dishes, the local circle is small and famous, especially the fried snacks, the taste is very good! We booked a package for a private room, mainly seafood, and meat only tasted barbecued pork and beef. First class! *Huajiao soup * is different from what we usually drink, relatively light, quite like it! *The roasted flavor platter* is first-class,* foie gras dumplings* must be recommended,* fried pho powder* is very authentic and the same as the local restaurant in Hong Kong. The beef is very smooth and tender, especially recommended! * foie gras dumplings* taste super delicate and delicious! Finally, the key is to mention that this restaurant is very necessary to book a seat before coming, otherwise you have to wait! The restaurant must also wear formal clothes for dinner during the week, and the foot drag will be refused!"
    4km from downtown
  • No.9
    4 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 158
    "The previous style was dark, the decoration was very modern and bright, the new interior design, inspired by classical landscape painting, there are six boxes to switch at will. After upgrading, I tried his new menu. The dishes were even more delicious. I liked his steamed carp shellfish. The fresh carp shellfish spread out on the plate with garlic and bean root. Shunde soy sauce tastes fine and slippery, adding fragrant fresh shellfish steamed just right Signature Australian heart 10 dried abalone Signature Australian heart 10 dried abalone, chef more than ten years of experience in cooking abalone shark fin bird nest, this dish from rehydration to stew preparation time more than a week, Abalone fresh sweet sauce rich seafood lobster soup rice The ravioli lobster soup is soaked in rice grains, tapes and crab meat, sprinkled with soul mate crispy rice can't stop every bite"
    3.5km from downtown
  • No.10
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    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 60
    3.1km from downtown
  • No.11
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    Southeast Asian
    Average price per person: 45
    17.1km from downtown
  • No.12
    3 Reviews
    Cantonese Cuisine
    Average price per person: 37
    "Tung Lok Teahouse belongs to the more beautiful place at night, the environment is great, the surrounding security is good, the place is very easy to find, quite a good choice! You can come and see ~"
    4.5km from downtown


What are some Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore?
Some Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore include:Lei Garden Restaurant(Chijmes)|Swee Choon Main Branch (Jalan Besar)|Peach Blossoms(Marina Mandarin)|Summer Palace|Dim Sum Haus
What are some highly-rated Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore?
Some highly-rated Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore include:Lei Garden Restaurant(Chijmes):4.6|Swee Choon Main Branch (Jalan Besar):4.3|Peach Blossoms(Marina Mandarin):4.3|Summer Palace:4.1|Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi:4.8
At what locations in Singapore can Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore be found?
The Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore are mainly located in:Lei Garden Restaurant(Chijmes):Singapore|Swee Choon Main Branch (Jalan Besar):Singapore|Peach Blossoms(Marina Mandarin):Singapore|Summer Palace:Singapore|Dim Sum Haus:Singapore
What are some specialty dishes found at Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore?
Specialty dishes at Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore include:Lei Garden Restaurant(Chijmes):Cantonese Cuisine|Swee Choon Main Branch (Jalan Besar):Cantonese Cuisine|Peach Blossoms(Marina Mandarin):Cantonese Cuisine|Summer Palace:Cantonese Cuisine|Dim Sum Haus:Cantonese Cuisine
What's the average price per person at Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore?
Average price per person at Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore:Lei Garden Restaurant(Chijmes):Average price per person: SGD108.00|Swee Choon Main Branch (Jalan Besar):Average price per person: SGD14.00|Peach Blossoms(Marina Mandarin):Average price per person: SGD78.00|Summer Palace:Average price per person: SGD211.00|Dim Sum Haus:Average price per person: SGD19.00
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