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Top 12 Museums & Galleries in Singapore - 2023

If you want to really understand a place, take a look around its museums and galleries. The artifacts on display at these grand buildings provide endless information about a destination's culture and history.
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  • TOP 1
    1,007 Reviews
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    "Nice place to visit with many exhibitions, most of the exhibits were fun and interactive."
    1.9km from downtown
    Highlights: Within this quintessential example of a neoclassical-style building, you can explore the history and culture of Singapore.
  • TOP 2
    779 Reviews
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 1696 reviews
    "We visit Future world. It's beautiful art inside.great place for taking picture"
    1.2km from downtown
    Highlights: Designed to resemble a lotus flower blooming at the water's edge, this museum hosts exhibitions that showcase some of the world's more valuable collections.
  • TOP 3
    664 Reviews
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 1291 reviews
    "The National Gallery was photographed at different times and angles in two days. The first night was shot: I saw the solemn Parliament in the white state when I passed by, and I saw the art gallery on the top of the building when I continued to walk. I thought it was the city government building. 😁 The second day was taken: Positive vision and close-up. Until I got closer and saw the big words that stood on the floor, I knew I had mistaken 😋"
    1.1km from downtown
    Highlights: This renovated building showcases Singaporean and Southeast Asian art from the 19th century onwards.
  • TOP 4
    693 Reviews
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    "The Singapore Science Museum is a paradise for children. Most of the settings for learning technology here are interactive games. Learning the technology of nature is an interesting activity. Although you need to buy tickets for the entry, it is still worth the money. Here you can feel the typhoon, understand the risk of natural disasters, children can also watch the 3,500 watts of electricity safely, they can also create clouds. Bring children to the science museum to play and learn together."
    14.1km from downtown
    Highlights: You'll find countless interactive features to engage with at this modern ode to science. The IMAX dome theater in particular offers unparalleled visual feasts.
  • TOP 5
    195 Reviews
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 240 reviews
    612m from downtown
    Highlights: During the daytime, art lovers can revel in the cultured atmosphere, while the nighttime is perfect for a few drinks along the seaside promenade.
  • TOP 6
    211 Reviews
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 1130 reviews
    "Although the 3D Art Museum has seen a lot, but this one in Singapore can also be visited, basically there are some, the area is relatively large, the scene is more, for the lizard likes to take pictures or attractive, suitable for a few friends to play together"
    5km from downtown
    Highlights: Step into a world of visual wizardry and witness images come to life in front of your eyes thanks to skillful 3D effects and trompe l'oeil techniques.
  • TOP 7
    240 Reviews
    "Overall it eas a wonderful experience. The display and figurines were awesome. Totally enjoyed our trip there."
    4.7km from downtown
    Highlights: Take selfies with impressively realistic waxworks of all of your favorite celebs. There's also a thrilling 4D cinema.
  • TOP 8
    155 Reviews
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 269 reviews
    "Although the toy museum has five or six floors, it is not very big in general. In addition, you need to charge tickets here, and the price is OK. You can visit a lot of mini gadgets and small crafts."
    1.8km from downtown
    Highlights: Embrace your inner child and marvel at over 50,000 vintage toys of every imaginable kind.
  • TOP 9
    123 Reviews
    "It mainly talks about some religions, cultures and history in places like Southeast Asia (India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia). Individuals are not interested in religion in these places, but if there are interested people, they should like it. Very high language requirements! ! ! There are many, many, many English-specific nouns in the museum, and only English interpretation, the language does not have a comparable level of direct persuasion of the general science content as shown in the figure."
    824m from downtown
    Highlights: A pioneering museum that takes a multi-dimensional approach to its depiction of Asian culture and civilization. There's a wide range of handicrafts to explore.
  • TOP 10
    95 Reviews
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 172 reviews
    "The Malays are one of the main ethnic groups in Singapore, and the cultural museum has introduced us to the situation of the Malays in Singapore in great detail. It is a very good museum in a land that has lived earlier than the Chinese."
    2.7km from downtown
    Highlights: Built over 150 years ago, this Malay palace has had a tumultuous history. It features 9 exhibition halls, where guests can learn about Malay culture and heritage in Singapore.
  • TOP 11
    40 Reviews
    taCommentScoreUrlbased on 145 reviews
    "The Natural History Museum is located within the National University of Singapore, named after Lee Kuan Yew, the father of Singapore. The History Museum is very large, there are many fossils to visit, and it is more scientific."
    9km from downtown
    Highlights: As well as featuring several thousand specimens of plants and animals from throughout Southeast Asia, this museum also boasts 3 dinosaur fossils from the United States.
  • TOP 12
    51 Reviews
    "Love the revamp SDC. iwerks theatre shows the latest blockbuster at only $7."
    20km from downtown
    Highlights: This museum, which showcases the history of the Singapore Armed Forces, features an interactive exhibition center, 3 exhibition halls, and a large movie theater.


What are some Museums & Galleries in Singapore?
Some Museums & Galleries in Singapore include:National Museum of Singapore|ArtScience Museum|National Gallery Singapore|Science Centre Singapore|Red Dot Design Museum
What are some highly-rated Museums & Galleries in Singapore?
Some highly-rated Museums & Galleries in Singapore include:National Museum of Singapore:4.7|ArtScience Museum:4.6|National Gallery Singapore:4.7|Science Centre Singapore:4.7|Red Dot Design Museum:4.4
At what locations in Singapore can Museums & Galleries in Singapore be found?
The Museums & Galleries in Singapore are mainly located in:National Museum of Singapore:Singapore|ArtScience Museum:Singapore|National Gallery Singapore:Singapore|Science Centre Singapore:Singapore|Red Dot Design Museum:Singapore