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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Rong County [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Rong County. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
  • No.1
    57889 Review
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    "Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, China, is a vast wildlife theme park featuring diverse animal exhibits, interactive experiences, conservation efforts, and educational programs. Visitors enjoy safaris, animal shows, and opportunities to learn about and engage with wildlife."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: Bringing together rare animals from all over the world
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  • No.2
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    "How can I not go to see the big circus when I arrive in Chimelong? The 90-minute performance is wonderful and worth seeing. Chimelong International Circus is located in the first batch of 5A-level scenic spots in Guangzhou Chimelong Tourism Resort. It has the largest circus performance venue in the world, which can accommodate nearly 7,000 spectators at the same time. Chimelong International Circus is performed by more than 300 circus elites from more than 20 countries, spanning Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: The Chimelong International Circus is the crown jewel of Guangzhou Chimelong. It showcases a wonderful circus performance that should not be missed. With a huge forest-like stage layout and a world-class team, more than 400 animals perform in realistic forests, hills, streams, and boats. There are also acrobatics and float parades to see. It is definitely an unforgettable entertainment experience.
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  • No.3
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    "It was a fun day although it was rainy throughout the day. NB: The Sky Drop is not for the faint hearted"
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: Chimelong Paradise has a wide range of amusement facilities. Whether you are looking for attractions that are exciting, of higher difficulty level or something more comforting, Chimelong Paradise has it all installed for you. It is suitable for tourists of all ages. There are several large amusement instalments in the park, and there are also exciting performances and parades all day round. Many theme events are held here during the holidays. These events are rich in content and highly popular.
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  • No.4
    13848 Review
    "It is worth a visit in Nanning. Here, you can enjoy the style of Southeast Asia and relax. The entertainment facilities here are all large playgrounds. It is a good Nanning punch card."
    Nanning.International Exhibition Center/Wanxiang Mall
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: An amusement park that is infused with ASEAN styles
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  • No.5
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    "The environment is good, there are activities after the evening performance, everyone dances together. The performance scene is lively and spectacular, using high-tech means and the actors' live performance, the story is moving, the time is 1 hour, the fare is a bit expensive."
    Yangshuo.Songcheng Eternal Love Scenic Area
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: The Guilin Eternal Scenery Area, jointly built by Songcheng Performing Arts and Guilin Travel Group, reproduces the history, culture and ethnic customs of Guilin, and is suitable for all ages, rain or shine. Everything in the scenic spot is tourist-centered, with tens of thousands of square meters of the No. 3 secret tourism complex and wind and rain gallery with full indoor air conditioning. The giant singer statue is magnificent and integrated with the landscape of Guilin. High-tech and children's experience projects such as Haunted House, Qingming Shanghetu Movie Hall, and Wonderful Street are full of fun. "Eternal Love in Guilin" uses advanced sound, light, electricity and other high-tech means and stage machinery, in the three-dimensional space of water, land and air, and sings the legend of the truth, goodness and beauty that the land of Bagui travels through time and space. The Bagui culture has been brought into everyone's field of vision, reproducing a period of unrequited love in Guilin for three lives and three generations. There are also wonderful performances and technology shows such as "The Great Earthquake", "Guozhuang Carnival" and "National Flash Show".
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  • No.6
    7102 Review
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    "Very pleasantly surprised, it is worth visiting if you take the children... The children played in it for more than four hours and were unwilling to come out. Run back and forth. The biggest problem is that it is not convenient to go up and down the stairs and walk back and forth several times! Mermaid show feels that the place is almost the same, few people can punch in, there are too many people during May 1st..."
    Beihai.Beihai Old Street/Golden Beach
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: Beihai Undersea World, located in Beihai Waterfront Park, is one of the original aquariums in Beihai. It features a wide variety of marine wildlife, living coral, sharks, turtles, amphibious snakes and lizards, and even some rare biological specimens. The exhibit also features a long underwater viewing tunnel, and a selection of incredible performances like "Man-Shark Wars", making it a great destination for family outings.
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  • No.7
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    "Come to a trip that is just about to go, very good, very good, the children have a long experience, buy tickets is convenient and fast, it is worth a visit! There are a lot of knowledge in the Science and Technology Museum, and the children have a lot of fun! Very good, very good!"
    Guangzhou.Near Guangzhou University Town (Close To Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center)
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: Guangdong Science Center is located in Guangzhou University City. Its overall architectural structure seeks to embody "scientific aircraft carrier". From an aerial view, it looks like a kapok. Its shape is very unique. The museum has 12 permanent exhibition pavilions, 4 science and technology theaters, an outdoor science exploration park, and dozens of outdoor exhibitions. It is a scientific paradise that has always fascinated children.
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  • No.8
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    "There are more people on May Day, and the water is still a bit cold. When the temperature rises, the price rises again. After the temperature rises, people should be more. Overall, it's okay. After the temperature rises, people should be more. Overall, it's okay."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: Chimelong Water Park is only open during certain parts of the year, and is very popular in summer. The park environment is decorated with a lot of plants and flowers. They have a large variety of water rides, with the more famous rides being the 200 meter-long "Slide Wheel" and "Big Trumpet". You are sure to get wet and have fun here!
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  • No.9
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    "The surprise park, close contact with cockroaches, chameleons, and interaction are impressive. Free outdoor non-powered facilities for children playground. There are also a few performances, which are very playable. You can also feed the big hippo, feel the two-meter-wide vicious birds roaring past from above, don't miss the show at 3 pm."
    Guangzhou.Near Panyu Chimelong and Guangzhou South Railway Station
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: Chimelong Bird Park is a large-scale theme park set up by Chimelong Tourism Board. It houses tens of thousands of rare birds such as red-crowned cranes, flamingos, black swan, crown crane and white-faced spoonbill. You can interact with the birds here and enjoy the wonderful performances of the "Songs of a Hundred Birds" and "Hundred Birds Dance". The children can also go to the Amphibian and Reptile House to learn the secrets of the wetland animal kingdom.
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  • No.10
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    "The zoo in the city is large enough and there are enough animal varieties, but there are some shortcomings. For example, large animals such as elephants  and tigers and lions  look very thin, which may be due to poor breeding conditions in the zoo. In addition, the water quality of the zoo is not improved enough, and the water surface looks bad. However, the zoo's greening has done a good job, and a new toilet has been built, and many beautiful rose flowers have been seen at the door. If the zoo can improve the nutrition and water quality of the animals, it will be a better place. 12 Also, the zoo is conveniently located and the ticket price is reasonable, suitable for family play. The maps and instructions of the park can be seen everywhere, and the moving line is reasonable, but it is built on the mountain, so it is more laborious to climb the slope. In general, the zoo is a place full of memories and favorites."
    Nanning.Guangxi Universtiy/Guangxi Minzu Universtiy/Nannin
    >100km from Rong County
    Highlights: Nanning Zoo is located in Wuliting, the Western suburb of Nanning. It is also sometimes called Xijiao Park. The zoo has a gorgeous natural environment perfect for taking the kids to see and enjoy the wide variety of animals. The zoo offers not only a great view of animals, such as black langur monkeys, hornbills, giant pandas, white tigers and camels, but also a variety of rides and waterparks. The amusement park is right inside the zoo, and includes rides like a giant pendulum swing and drop tower. If you're craving an adrenaline rush, be sure to check it out.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Rong County?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Rong County include:Chimelong Safari Park, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Paradise, Nanning Fantawild Asian Legend, Guilin Romance Park
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Rong County?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Rong County include:Chimelong Safari Park:4.7, Chimelong International Circus:4.7, Chimelong Paradise:4.7, Nanning Fantawild Asian Legend:4.9, Guilin Romance Park:4.6
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Rong County located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Rong County are mainly located in:Chimelong Safari Park:Guangzhou, Chimelong International Circus:Guangzhou, Chimelong Paradise:Guangzhou, Nanning Fantawild Asian Legend:Nanning, Guilin Romance Park:Yangshuo