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Top 8 Hot Springs in Osaka - 2023

Feeling stressed? Let your worries melt away as you sink into the waters of these relaxing hot springs. A treat for both body and mind.
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Updated May 2023
  • No.1
    139 Reviews
    "The hot spring is also a resource left by a volcanic culture in Japan. There are quite a lot of hot springs in this Osaka city. They are all very positive. In that Japanese soup spring, there are a lot of volcanic minerals. The color of the spring water is also relatively strong and very comfortable."
    4.9km from downtown
    Highlights: Situated in Shinsekai, Spa World is one of the largest hot spring complexes in the world. Open almost 24 hours a day, visitors can experience themed hot springs from different countries as well as enjoy the large indoor swimming pool. Spa World truly is a hot spring paradise, offering medicine and outdoor baths, in addition to a variety of spa activities from all over the world, including Asian and European baths, and even Micronesian hot springs.
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  • No.2
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    "The natural hot springs of Langsu Soo are located in the Tomei Ying Hot Spring Hotel in Osaka Valley. The hot springs are traditional Japanese style. In addition to the large indoor baths, there is a semi-open-air wind pool and a sauna."
    2.6km from downtown
    Highlights: The natural hot spring Naniwa-no-yu is located in Kita Ward, Osaka City. The subtropical plants cultivated in the house make it full of southern style. The hot spring water here is drawn directly from 659 meters underground, and the stratum belongs to 1.5 million years ago. The hot springs in Naniwa-no-yu are weakly alkaline. There are indoor and outdoor baths. There are many types of pools, and the water temperature is also very different. You can choose according to your own preferences. There is also an 18-degree ice pool indoors.
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  • No.3
    36 Reviews
    "No need to bring a swimsuit, because it is stripped to the hot spring, there is a kimono, there is a large and a small towel, the hot spring has an open-air, the glaze is standing out on a road, and the neighborhood is very lonely at night."
    16.4km from downtown
    Highlights: Minoh Hot Spring, named after Minoh City in the northwest of Osaka City, plays the role of a regional hot spring in the Osaka area. Because it is only a one-day round-trip drive from the Osaka metropolitan area, it attracts many residents of the metropolitan area to come to bathe here. A civilian-style hot spring. Health bathing parks and public baths are the two types of hot springs that are more popular here.
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  • No.4
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    "Osaka has a hot spring, there are restaurants, game areas, and there are quite a lot of punch cards. Children can go to the open-air hot springs to soak their feet. They can really play for a day."
    4.7km from downtown
    Highlights: Opened on February 26, 2019, Sotei Onsen in Osaka is a large hot spring theme park in Kansai. The hall is decorated with the theme of the Azuchi-Momoyama period when Hideyoshi Toyosu unified the world from 1573 to 1603. Here, you can rent ninja costumes, princess costumes, or cute yukatas from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to walk and shop in the building. Every corner is full of strong Japanese flavor. It is a new popular spot for punching in and taking pictures. In addition, there are many interesting and wonderful activities and performances to watch. In addition to the common male and female pools in Japan, there are also Imi-furo, open-air hot springs, and carbonic acid hot springs with a view of the garden. The characteristic hot springs and saunas that change every day, and the weak alkaline natural hot spring "Beautiful Skin No Yu" gushing out from 1,000 meters underground. In addition, there are rock baths, saunas, etc. There are 7 options for rock baths alone. There are also 15,000 manga magazines with a wide variety of books in the museum, and the sofa lounge with a personal TV can be used free of charge. In addition, there are many kinds of massages such as Thai and Japanese that you can enjoy at your own expense. Importantly, there are also izakayas, restaurants, and famous sake and Japanese souvenir shops from all over Japan.
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  • No.5
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    "Living in the natural open-air hot springs is at the living in the river park subway station, it is more convenient to take the subway. If you have to buy the Osaka Tour Card, you can enter for free. If you don't have it, you need to buy a ticket. Adults: 650 yen on weekdays and 750 yen on weekends and holidays. Opening hours: 10:00 - 02:00 the next day. Towels are not provided free of charge in hot springs in Japan, so towels need to be brought or rented from the counter. Shoes are stored and hot spring tickets are purchased at ATM. Hot springs in Japan are all naked, separate male and female soups. Bath first and then soak in hot springs. There are quite a lot of hot spring pools here, and the favorite is the jacuzzi. It is very comfortable to wash away the fatigue of the day."
    9.8km from downtown
    Highlights: You can experience the changing seasons of "Mori no Keto" and "Bamboo Forest no Yu", which interprets the style of the bamboo forest, which changes every week. There are also various bathrooms in the room, and there are various facilities for relaxation.
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  • No.6
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    GO/Travel life
    "Hot springs, bedrock baths, and relaxing spaces are available to watch TV, and there are many comics with a lot of quality ✨"
    7.2km from downtown
    Highlights: "Tsurumi Green Land Yumoto Suichun" in Tsurumi Ward, Osaka City is a hot spring facility popular with tourists, where you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor hot spring pools. There are also various facilities, including 13 types of baths, rock baths, sports gyms, and more.
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    1.3km from downtown
  • No.8
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    7.1km from downtown


What are some Hot Springs in Osaka?
Some Hot Springs in Osaka include:Spa World|Tennen Onsen Naniwanoyu|Ooedo Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kankō Hotel|Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower|Spa Suminoe
What are some highly-rated Hot Springs in Osaka?
Some highly-rated Hot Springs in Osaka include:Spa World:4.5|Tennen Onsen Naniwanoyu:4.7|Ooedo Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kankō Hotel:4.5|Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower:5.0|Spa Suminoe:4.8
At what locations in Osaka can Hot Springs in Osaka be found?
The Hot Springs in Osaka are mainly located in:Spa World:Osaka|Tennen Onsen Naniwanoyu:Osaka|Ooedo Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kankō Hotel:Minoo|Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower:Osaka|Spa Suminoe:Osaka