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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Hanchuan [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Hanchuan. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
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    "Combining the garden and the natural museum, it feels strong to see. More suitable for students to visit and study. Convenient transportation and convenient food, but the standard is not high. The overall feeling: small scale, not obvious enough characteristics."
    Wuhan.Hankou Railway Station/Fanhai CBD/Garden Expo Park
    36.2km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: Wuhan Garden Expo Park is located in the East-West Lake region. It was the location of the 10th Chinese International Garden Expo, and has now become a city park where residents and tourists alike go to relax and unwind. The Garden Expo is expansive and features many distinct sections including the rebuilt Wuhan Old Street in Hankou, where visitors can get a taste of traditional Wuhan living and traditional snacks. The Yangtze River Civilization Hall allows visitors to experience the high-tech 4D interactive Yangtze River Tour, while the International Garden Art Center features ornamental garden art for visitors to appreciate.
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    "[Cost-effective] All-round clean without dead ends, super cost-effective, it is recommended to elegant environment with soothing music, friendly and considerate service, I hope to keep it as always"
    Wuhan.Hankou Railway Station/Fanhai CBD/Garden Expo Park
    42km from Hanchuan
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    159 Review
    "The environment is good, but there is no restaurant inside, the children are hungry, there is nothing to eat, and it is not convenient to have a restaurant to eat out of the scenic spot. The scenic spot is very good and relatively large, that is, the ski area is not big, the children and adults are all sliding, this is not humane."
    Wuhan.Jiedaokou /Wuhan University/South Lake Area
    50.2km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: WS Hot Snow Miracle covers an area of ​​about 25,000 square meters and is located in Area A on the L8 floor of Wushang Dream Times, Wuchang District, Wuhan City. It is an indoor ski resort in the center of Central China. It integrates ice and snow sports, leisure entertainment, and new retail, and strives to build a nationwide "The most joyful and connected ski resort". The park includes four themed areas: Finnish Resort District, Fantasy Ice Workshop, Fairy Tale Snow Kingdom and Swiss Snow Mountain Area. Among them, the fairy tale Snow Kingdom and Swiss Snow Mountain Area maintain a temperature of -4°C~-6°C all year round, providing you with four seasons. Ice and snow experience.The Finnish resort is designed and built with the theme of Rominerva Village in Finland, creating a unique ice and snow cultural block. The Fantasy Ice Workshop is set on the Baikal Glacier Lake in Russia, where visitors can freely experience the fun of skating and playing on the ice. The Fairy Tale Snow Kingdom integrates world-famous ice and snow landscapes such as Viking ships and New Zealand castles, and customizes snow play projects for parent-child families aged 3-12 years old, allowing parents and children to spend a joyful and unforgettable holiday parent-child time in ice and snow games. There are 1 junior and intermediate ski trails in the Swiss Snow Mountain Area with slopes of 7° and 11°. At the same time, the ski trails also reserve terrain parks with advanced skills for ski enthusiasts, fully stimulating the vitality and enthusiasm of sports competitions.WS Hot Snow Miracle provides tourists with a series of ski clothing, snow equipment and other equipment free of charge, providing one-stop service for those who are new to snowboarding. Ski enthusiasts can also bring their own snowboards and snow clothing to show their individuality. Whether you are enjoying family time in the snow, taking photos and checking out the ice and snow landscapes around the world, or enjoying skiing that combines skills and passion, you can enjoy the unique charm of ice and snow sports here 365 days a year!
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    "The collection is rich and free. All kinds of cultural and creative are also very beautiful. The Yue Wang Goujian sword is still cold and bright for thousands of years. There are also clock-making performances. It is very good. It is that there are many people in the museum who are not ventilated, the light is dark, and the friends with low blood pressure and low blood sugar suggest to bring some sugar to prevent fainting. Don't ask me how I know."
    Wuhan.Chuhehan Street/East Lake/Hubei Provincial Museum
    51.5km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: Marvel at the treasures of the museum and immerse yourself in the ancient Chu culture
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    "Take a 1 and a half year old baby to see the fish, the baby is very happy, although many animals do not understand. Fish, turtles, corals, jellyfish, Arctic animals have been seen. The entire aquarium is not big, but seeing all kinds of fish and animals is really beautiful, lamenting the magic of the creator. The baby strolled all afternoon, we went to the East Lake at 14:00, and the aquarium closed at 17:00. Overall it's ok."
    Wuhan.Chuhehan Street/East Lake/Hubei Provincial Museum
    52.6km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: Wuhan East Lake Ocean World is located on the shores of Donghu Lake. It consists of nine exhibition areas, including Tropical Forest Hall, Deep Sea Tunnel, Living Sea Creatures Hall, Dream Jellyfish Hall, Seal Performance Hall, Education Hall, and Specimen Hall. The perfect place for families, you can see the natural beauty of jellyfish up close, observe the penguins eating, sleeping, and playing through the floor-to-ceiling glass, take photos with sharks in the Deep Sea Tunnel, and much more.
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  • No.6
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    "The park is in the East Lake. It is very easy to find. There are always guide cards. There are many small animals in it. Every stop has surprises. After shopping, you can also ride an eDonkey along the East Lake Greenway. It is very comfortable. Spring trip is a good choice."
    Wuhan.Chuhehan Street/East Lake/Hubei Provincial Museum
    52.7km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: The Donghu Warcraft Castle covers an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters. There are 12 theme areas and 1 theater in the park, namely the Prehistoric Tribe, Grassland Pulse, Longevity Town, Midnight Elves, Desert Adventure, Rainforest Secret, Exotic Reptiles, Colorful Parrot Palace, Fairy Tale Paradise, Butterfly Valley, Insect Kingdom, and Children's Castle. The Children's Castle area has a high-altitude climbing area and interesting amusement facilities, which not only allows Residents and tourists to feast their eyes but also satisfy their outdoor play experience. It is a family travel destination.
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  • No.7
    11003 Review
    "Maya Beach Water Park, summer resort, tropical water park, various slides bring infinite joy, wave pool let you experience the thrill of surfing. Surrounded by green trees, water mist, it seems to enter a mysterious tropical rain forest. This is the ideal choice for family play, full of laughter and fantasy water world."
    Wuhan.Wuhan Railway Station/Qingshan Industrial Zone
    53.8km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: Wuhan Playa Maya Water Park is a big water theme park in Central China. It merges ancient Mayan civilization and modern water amusement experience. It is an exotic water theme park. The Maya Beach Water Park in Wuhan is themed with Mayan culture. It has a Mayan temple-style restaurant and a Maya tower formed like a pyramid. It lets people experience the charm of mysterious Mayan civilization while having fun with the water park. This is a dream amusement park, and numerous water entertainment rides make people want to keep going. Every summer, there is a grand carnival that makes it a dream paradise for tourists.
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    "I came to play for a day, there were not many people in the queue, I experienced many projects, recommended speed flying cars and big pendulums, very exciting and fun, the staff is very warm, the service is superb"
    Wuhan.Wuhan Railway Station/Qingshan Industrial Zone
    53.7km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: Located near Donghu Lake, Happy Valley Wuhan is a famous theme park in Wuhan. There are hundreds of amusement rides in the park. You can try the Speeding, Twin-Tower Heroes, and Flying Chairs rides to experience a stimulating feeling of extreme speed and weightlessness. You are also advised to watch the acrobatics and 4D movies, or one of the many daily exciting performances, such as the Samba Parade and the Music Summit.
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    "The hydrangea at Wuhan Botanical Garden is currently in the ornamental period, which has become a highlight of the park. According to the recent update, the hydrangea flower show is particularly beautiful. The central flower garden has been transformed into a hydrangea garden, which is colorful and dreamy, fully showing the gorgeous and colorful summer flowers. In addition, the hydrangea in Wuhan Botanical Garden is not only numerous, but also with carefully designed landscapes, such as retro small red brick houses, European-style Roman columns, iron tables and chairs and other elements, creating a unique viewing artistic conception, attracting a large number of tourists to watch and take pictures."
    Wuhan.Chuhehan Street/East Lake/Hubei Provincial Museum
    57.4km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: Wuhan Botanical Garden is located in Hongshan District, Wuchang, Wuhan City. It has a large aquatic plant resource garden and has collected more than 350 species of aquatic higher plants, including almost all rare and endangered species in China.Wuhan Botanical Garden has many unique botanical gardens, including the Lotus and Water Lily Variety Display Area, Chrysanthemum Garden, Kiwi Garden, Peony Garden, and Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse Exhibition Hall. Especially when you come to the Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse Exhibition Hall, you can see the beautiful tropical and subtropical scenery. There is also a science museum in the garden, which is one of the landmark buildings in the garden. The theme of the museum is to explore the origin of plants and explore the origin and evolution of plants.There are different flower shows in each season in the botanical garden, including tulip and alpine azalea shows in spring, aquatic flower shows in summer, chrysanthemum treasures shows in autumn, and tropical orchid shows in winter. There are also various gardens in the garden: the Japanese courtyard is quiet and far-reaching, the European lawn is simple and neat, and the bluestone paths and gurgling water in the Chinese garden.In order to allow the rare and precious plants unique to the Three Gorges, known as the "giant pandas of plants" - endangered plants such as the sparse-flowered water cypress and the lotus-leaved maidenhair fern - to settle down in Wuhan, a Three Gorges flood and ebb zone like a river beach was built in the park. According to the changes in the water level of the Yangtze River, the park simulates "high tide" and "low tide" in summer and autumn, and winter and spring respectively, allowing the plants to "live" comfortably between the 70-centimeter water level difference.
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    "Closer, there are more small animals inside, it is still very good to take children to play, that is, when the weather is hot, the animals are on lunch break, and they come out in the middle of the afternoon. It is still worth visiting."
    Wuhan.Guanggu Science and Technology Exhibition Centre
    64.7km from Hanchuan
    Highlights: Wuhan Jiufeng Forest Zoo is built in Jiufeng National Forest Park and is located in the new center of Optics Valley with convenient transportation. It covers an area of ​​800 acres and has more than 8,000 square meters of wildlife cages. The forest coverage rate of the park reaches more than 85%, which is similar to a "natural oxygen bar". There are more than 10 animal ecological viewing areas including animal kindergarten, tiger garden, lion garden, wolf garden, bear garden, red panda hall, alpaca hall, zebra hall, and bird singing forest.There are many animal intimate interaction areas such as the White Pigeon Square, the Peacock Garden, the Swan Lake, and the Herbivorous Animal Area. You can be a breeder yourself, feed them, take photos, and feel the harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.After years of tourism development and construction, it has been rated as "Hubei Province Science Popularization Education Base", "Hubei Province Ecological Civilization Education Base", "Hubei Province Minor Ecological Moral Education Base" and many other honorary titles.Since its opening in 2004, the park has become a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating animal viewing, breeding and breeding, scientific research, forest leisure, amusement, catering, etc., with an annual reception of more than 500,000 people, and has been rated by the Municipal Tourism Bureau Wuhan City's designated reception unit for science and education tourism. It is an ideal place for people to go out for leisure, travel and sightseeing during festivals.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Hanchuan?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Hanchuan include:Wuhan Garden Expo Park, Wuhan Polar Ocean World, WS BONSKI, Hubei Provincial Museum, Wuhan East Lake Ocean World
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Hanchuan?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Hanchuan include:Wuhan Garden Expo Park:4.6, Wuhan Polar Ocean World:4.6, WS BONSKI:4.8, Hubei Provincial Museum:4.7, Wuhan East Lake Ocean World:4.6
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Hanchuan located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Hanchuan are mainly located in:Wuhan Garden Expo Park:Wuhan, Wuhan Polar Ocean World:Wuhan, WS BONSKI:Wuhan, Hubei Provincial Museum:Wuhan, Wuhan East Lake Ocean World:Wuhan