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Top 10 Urban Attractions in Singapore - 2023

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    Clarke Quay

    1,996 Reviews
    1.3km from downtown
    "Clarke Quay is Singapore’s historic riverside pier, located at the mouth of the Singapore River and upstream of the barge pier. Clarke Quay is also the name of a road along the pier, part of which has been converted to a pedestrian street. Clarke Street was officially named in 1896. Similar to Clarke Quay, Clark Street was later converted into a pedestrian street."
    Highlights: Clarke Quay is a riverside entertainment destination known throughout the world. It hosts shopping, endless dining and even bungee jumping for a perfect night on the town. Most visitors head to Clarke Quay in the evening to sample Singapore’s famous chili crab dishes and later hit the riverside bars for a drink with friends in the vibrant Singapore nightlife.
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    Orchard Road

    1,737 Reviews
    2.8km from downtown
    Highlights: Orchard Road is located in the heart of Singapore's tourist shopping streets. It is a very large, bustling market environment. Orchard Road was once full of fruit orchards and plantations. Today it bears a different kind of fruit in the form of luxury shopping malls and tourists. Everywhere you look you will see all kinds of department stores, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. It is known as Singapore's shopping and entertainment paradise.
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    Little India

    1,053 Reviews
    2.9km from downtown
    "Singapore is a multi-ethnic country, made of different ethnic structures such as Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian people, and also developed the small Indian area. The street scene color is so rich."
    Highlights: Located in the northeastern part of Singapore, Little India is the must-visit attraction if you want to experience local Indian culture. In the mid 19th century, Little India was a spot where Indian trade took place. Traders hired Indian migrant workers to manage goods and services and subsequently, the area grew into a buzzing district for local Indians to hangout. Today, there is a mix of Hindu and Chinese temples, mosques and churches located in Little India. It has developed into an epitome of Singapore’s vibrant culture. In this historic district, olden-day trades sit next to newer businesses. You can find flower-garland vendors, modern eateries, boutique hotels, as well as arts groups. You are also able to observe the joyous celebrations if you visit during the festive season: Deepavali (usually October or November) and Pongal (Mid-January). Don’t forget to shop as well! The 24-hour shopping mall Mustafa Centre offers everything from electronics to groceries at a cheap and reasonable price.
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    1,205 Reviews
    699m from downtown
    "There are a lot of food, it's delicious, but some famous restaurants have to queue up for a long time."
    Highlights: Legend has it that because Chinatown Singapore lacked running water in its early days, residents had to haul water in on ox carts, thus the area’s Chinese name translates to “Ox Cart Water”. Here travelers have the opportunity to taste a vast variety of delicacies and browse all kinds of affordable souvenirs. There are also tons of traditional-style buildings, like the Sri Mariamman Temple, Masjid Jamae and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.
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    Haji Lane

    408 Reviews
    2.5km from downtown
    "Hazhi Lane (Haji Lane) is known as "Singapore Rainbow Lane", and this colorful hotel has a variety of specialty shops, including young designers Shantou, Wenqing cafe, specialty bars, etc."
    Highlights: Haji Lane is the heart of Kampong Glam. This laid-back street is full of exquisite shops and literature and art cafes. The old houses on Haji Lane were used as wartime warehouses, and the old architecture still retains the style of the British colonial period. Today, there are many specialty shops and designer shops, selling all kinds of unique products like clothing, boutique furniture, etc.
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    St Andrew's Cathedral

    379 Reviews
    1.4km from downtown
    "[View] St. Andre's Church is the largest church in Singapore. It is a white Gothic church with white walls and blue sky, and it is very beautiful. [Fun] There is a three-sided stained glass window behind the screen, showing people the exquisite and gorgeousness of this church. [Cost-effective] This church is currently free to visit, and the price is super high 👍 worth a visit."
    Highlights: St. Andrew's Cathedral is a well-known Anglican church in Singapore, designed and built by Colonel Leonard McPherson. The building is part of an early English Gothic building. The high spires lead straight into the blue sky. The pure white exterior is made of a mixture of shells, lime, sugar, egg whites and coconut shells, making it exceptionally smooth and shiny. The church is magnificent and holy, and many locals in Singapore will choose to take wedding photos here.
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    Sri Mariamman Temple

    349 Reviews
    710m from downtown
    Gerald K.
    "Yesterday morning (12 Feb 2023) the Sri Mariamman Temple at South Bridge Road had its once in twelve year’s consecration ceremony. It was a most joyous occasion attended by thousands of Hindu devotees who highly regard it as a place to fulfill their religious aspirations and needs. Granted that it is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, it is a precious national monument whose existence is tied intimately with the development of Hinduism here and which is familiar to many locals regardless of language, race or religion. The fact that a Buddhist temple and a Muslim mosque are its neighbours attests to the healthy interreligious relations we enjoy."
    Highlights: Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple, built in 1827. The temple's main gate cascades with carvings of colorful Hindu gods, animals and people. The gopuram (entrance tower) just inside the main gate is heavily decorated with six tiered layers of statues. Inside the temple, the air is thick with the scent of burning incense. Throughout the year there are all sorts of festivities and events. Once a year, Thimithi or Kundam—the fire dancing festival—is held and the holiday celebrations are lively. The temple is also a popular venue for many Hindus to trade their wedding vows.
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    Thian Hock Keng Temple

    85 Reviews
    402m from downtown
    "Singapore's oldest Fujian temple, Tianfu Palace, is located on the busy Ayer Telok street. Every day around noon, there are many couples to take wedding photos, and the antique architecture is really distinctive. Of course, there are many devout believers and tourists coming to the temple."
    Highlights: Tianfu Temple is a Taoist temple built in 1841 by overseas Chinese from Fujian, China, with statues and sculptures brought from China. The temple is dedicated to Mazu, who blesses voyagers. Materials for the construction of the temple came from all over the world, including iron from Scotland, bricks from England and Delft, and Panlong stone pillars from China. After the temple was built, the crew members came to worship here before sailing to bless them with safety. Many ancestral monuments stand in the courtyard of Tianfu Palace, and the temple gate is guarded by a huge stone lion. This quiet and peaceful monastery is full of incense all day long, and it is common to see devoutly praying Chinese. As a spiritual support for people, it has existed for 150 years, which shows its heavy history.
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    Peranakan Museum

    81 Reviews
    1.6km from downtown
    "Newly reopened 3 floor museum with lots of exhibits all related to Peranakan. You can learn a lot more about the origins, their home and style and more. Very informative visit."
    Highlights: The Peranakan Museum is located at the former site of Daonan School at No. 39 Armenia Street. It displays the life and cultural history of "Baba Nyonya" (Peranakan). Cultural relics such as golden hanging baskets and bead embroidery learned about the origin of native culture and traditional customs.
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  • TOP 10

    Bugis Village

    93 Reviews
    2.2km from downtown


What are some Urban Attractions in Singapore?
Some Urban Attractions in Singapore include:Clarke Quay|Orchard Road|Little India|Chinatown|Haji Lane
What are some highly-rated Urban Attractions in Singapore?
Some highly-rated Urban Attractions in Singapore include:Clarke Quay:4.6|Orchard Road:4.7|Little India:4.4|Chinatown:4.5|Haji Lane:4.6
At what locations in Singapore can Urban Attractions in Singapore be found?
The Urban Attractions in Singapore are mainly located in:Clarke Quay:Singapore|Orchard Road:Singapore|Little India:Singapore|Chinatown:Singapore|Haji Lane:Singapore