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Top 10 Can't-Miss Landmarks in Osaka - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    Universal Studios Japan

    13,799 Reviews
    7.1km from downtown
    "This is the newly opened Mario of Universal Studios Japan. It stimulates childlike hearts when you climb. When I entered, it felt like I was looking at cg with my bare eyes."
    Highlights: Universal Studios Japan is located in Osaka and is the world's third Universal Studios theme park after Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida. Visitors can go on exciting rides, watch performances and shows, and new attraction launches each year, attracting a large number of visitors.
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  • No.2


    3,223 Reviews
    2.4km from downtown
    "In addition to visiting the scenery, shopping is not absent. There is Shinjuku in Kanto, and Shinsaibashi in Kansai. Shinsaibashi is developed with the center of Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street with arcade facilities. It is north to Changjue Tongnan to Dotonbori. There are many specialty shops. Of course, there are also large shopping malls, such as New World Department Store, there are many delicious foods, there are many specialty gourmet shops. I found that the most popular place for domestic tourists to visit is the huge Uniqlo, in addition to various drugstores. Shinsaibashi must come at night, there is a unique Japanese psychedelic similar to cyberpunk at night."
    Highlights: Shinsaibashi is a well-known commercial shopping district in Osaka. It is centered on Shinsaibashi Commercial Street. It has a variety of boutiques, specialty stores, and department stores, as well as a variety of shops where you can buy Japanese groceries. Of course, you can also shop big brands. It is a must-visit shopping paradise. You can also find food from all over the world as well as local speciality such as Okonomiyaki, fried skewers, takoyaki, and ramen.
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  • No.3

    The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

    491 Reviews
    7km from downtown
    "It is recommended to go before the sun goes down and enjoy it until it gets dark! The atmosphere is so good both day and night, and enjoying the dark color unique to Harry Potter seems to be the most important point! You can buy a glass of butter beer with the smallest cup!"
    Highlights: Located at Universal Studios Japan, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a theme park based on the stories and characters of the well selling Harry Potter series. Visitors must walk past gigantic rocks and follow a path lined with trees three storeys high before the great doors to this magical world spring into sight. Besides housing many attractions and games related to the Harry Potter movies, the park also features many sites found in the books, including restaurants and shops. All of these help make visitors feel as if they have truly walked into a world of magic.
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  • No.4


    1,974 Reviews
    2.8km from downtown
    Dr Nas
    "Dotombori of Osaka.really miss this busiest street . Back to realistic world , Osaka city and it is a time to enjoying foods , shopping and others."
    Highlights: Located at the southern end of Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori is a well-known and bustling business district, famous for its neighboring theaters, commercial and entertainment venues, and as the birthplace of Osaka cuisine. Japanese people often say "eat in Osaka", which shows that there are many restaurants here. There are huge billboards on both sides of the river with exaggerated and attractive shapes. Among them, the big crab signboard of Glico's signboard and Kani Dōraku's crab are the places where tourists take photos of the most. At night when the neon lights are flashing, you can also take a sightseeing boat and enjoy the night view of the city.
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  • No.5


    253 Reviews
    4.7km from downtown
    York San
    "A slide which drops one down from 22 meters above ground without stopping.Riders swirl once around the new landmark Tsutenkaku cylindrical elevator tower as they speed down the 22 meter drop in a 60 meter tube."
    Highlights: Shinsekai is Osaka's famous old neighborhood that encompasses Tsutenkaku Tower and many historical shops. Many iconic scenes are found here, and it is especially known for the image of puffer fish lanterns set off against the tower. The area has also appeared in many films and television programs. The grassroots sentiment of this district has not changed much over the years, and this is a good place to discover the past prosperity of Osaka, with the communal atmosphere of the city fully reflected here.
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  • No.6

    Umeda Sky Building

    686 Reviews
    1.7km from downtown
    "Next to this building is the old Osaka Station. The building is luxurious and the interior decoration is also very eye-catching. It is also very interesting to see the architectural humanity around the building, and the various illustrations in the tunnel are very interesting. Overall satisfaction."
    Highlights: The Umeda Sky Building is located in the Umeda district of north Osaka. A rather uniquely designed building, it consists of two towers that are connected at with a rooftop observatory deck, from which visitors can view the dazzling streets below. The building has become a landmark in Osaka, with visitors coming to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
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  • No.7

    Osaka Castle Main Tower (Osaka Castle Museum)

    1,380 Reviews
    2.3km from downtown
    "About seven or eight years ago, a hand tour from Japan swept across China, called Traveling Frog. Traveling frogs to the people of the country popularized many famous attractions in Japan, but also completed a misunderstanding for many people, so that many people thought that the castle that appeared in it was Osaka Castle, in fact, the game is not reflected in the same as one of Japan's three famous cities, Nagoya City. But you must go to Osaka Castle to go around Osaka Castle (my head is always the girl who has the daughter of Daegu City, two eyes are beautiful). Osaka Castle was the residence of Toyoson Sugichi in the Taoshan era, and it has now become the Osaka Castle Park open to the public. The core of Osaka Castle is the Tianshou Pavilion, which was originally built by Toyoson Sugiyoshi in the 16th century. Now Osaka Castle Park is free, but Tianshou Pavilion will charge additional tickets."
    Highlights: The Main Tower of Osaka Castle is a key landmark building of Osaka that was built in 1583 and is also known as "Hideyoshi Castle". The castle interior has now been transformed into a museum that provides information on Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the castle's history, while the floor offers great views over Osaka. The castle is built on an elevated platform and features white walls with green tiles, while the end of each flying eave is adorned with a magnificent tiger or shachi formed out of gold foil . Every spring and autumn, the ancient charm of the castle is ever more prominent against the cherry blossoms or red maple leaves.
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  • No.8

    Shitennoji Temple

    422 Reviews
    4.6km from downtown
    "According to the Japanese Book Chronicle, before the war, the St. Dev Prince who practiced Buddhism and the anti-Buddhist Ministry of Things, the St. Dev Prince who was in a bad situation made a wish to the four-day king of the Fa god, and after defeating the Ministry of Things, a monastery will be established for the four-day king. In 593 AD, the victorious Prince Satoshi established the Shitennoji in Osaka, a representative temple building in the era of Japanese birds. The middle gate, tower, golden hall and lecture hall of the four-tennoji temple are arranged in a straight line from north to south, this galan layout is modeled on the architectural style of China at the time, and the Nara World Heritage Falong Temple is listed as a representative of the Bird-era monastery buildings built from the end of the 6th century to the first half of the 7th century. At the beginning, the monastery was also committed to good and good, and it was divided into Xerox Hospitals for the elderly and young children, giving medicine to poor patients, and pioneering the cause of social welfare in Japan."
    Highlights: Osaka's Shitennoji Temple is said to have been constructed under the auspices of Prince Shotoku. With red pillars and white walls, the buildings are unified in style and feature religious characteristics from the Chinese Northern and Southern Dynasties. This does not, however, diminish the elegant style of the Asuka period. The distinctive stone birds outside the temple are very rarely found in Japan. The turtle pond in the middle of the temple features a stone stage in its center, which was used as a sacred place for offering sacrifices and dancing in ancient times.
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  • No.9

    Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

    476 Reviews
    7.7km from downtown
    "Came on June 6, 2013. The Tianbaoshan Ferris wheel was once the largest and most advanced Ferris wheel in the world. Since you are coming to Osaka, you will come and see it. Take the subway central line to "Osaka Port" and walk a few steps. Take a circle Ferris wheel for about 20 minutes. The Ferris wheel is on the edge of the harbor, and it is in broad daylight when it comes, so there is nothing to look at. When you arrive at the highest point of the Ferris wheel, the scenery you see is more general, and the view may be better at night."
    Highlights: Located next to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel features a spectacular "skyrocket fireworks" lighting effect at night, in which the Ferris wheel is colorfully lit with beautiful patterns. These lights also act as a real-time weather forecast for the next day's weather. At the visitors can look over the busy Osaka Port and gaze far into the distance to Kansai International Airport in the south and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the west.
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  • No.10

    Abeno Harukas

    184 Reviews
    5.4km from downtown
    "Located in the Abeno Building near Nishi Tennoji, it is also very distinctive from the appearance. You will see it when you take the subway to and from Osaka Airport. You will visit Shitennoji in the afternoon. It is still very smooth to come here at night. The viewing platform needs to buy tickets. There is about four floors of space. There is a restaurant, it is very beautiful to see outside in the evening, and it is also crowded at night, especially suitable for summer festivals to see fireworks in the distance!"
    Highlights: Abeno Harukas is a 300-meter-high building in Tennoji, completed in 2014, and is now the tallest building in Japan. The building integrates various facilities such as department stores, hotels, restaurants, museums, observation decks, etc. It can be described as a comprehensive "three-dimensional city". The basement of the building is Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi Station, which is also connected to Tennoji Station on the subway and Tennoji Station on the JR Line. From B2 to the 14th floor is the super-large Kintetsu Main Store, with a complete range of products, whether it is luxury goods or daily cosmetics. The art gallery on the 16th floor adds a bit of artistic flavor to this modern building with a reinforced concrete and glass curtain wall. From time to time, some modern and contemporary art exhibitions are displayed here, and you can slowly appreciate these masterpieces in a quiet environment. The 19th, 20th, 38th-55th and 57th floors are the floors of the Marriott Hotel, and both restaurants and guest rooms can enjoy the splendid street view of South Osaka. The observation deck Harukas300 on the 58th-60th floor can be described as the highlight of the whole building. The 58th floor is a restaurant, which provides some light meals, beer, drinks, etc. You can also choose a seat by the floor-to-ceiling windows and sit down with the open scenery in front of you. Dine. On the 59th floor is the exit of a special souvenir shop and viewing platform, where you can buy souvenirs limited to Abeno Harukas. The all-round viewing corridor on the 60th floor is the essence of the viewing platform. Walking along the fully transparent corridor, you can enjoy the scenery of the south, south, and northwest of Osaka.
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  • No.11

    LEGOLAND Discovery Center Osaka

    253 Reviews
    7.8km from downtown
    "The Lego Discovery Center is also a large Lego theme exhibition hall. This place has a large number of Lego displays, all of which are hand-spliced. The exploration center is also very rich in Lego theme pictures inside and outside. Many children play here."
    Highlights: Legoland Discovery Center Osaka, located in Mount Tenpo, is an indoor amusement park ideal for children. The park makes use of Lego bricks to recreate well-known attractions and street scenes around Osaka, such as Tsutenkaku, Dotonbori, and Hanshin Koshien Stadium. Tired visitors can also watch a 4D movie or grab some food from the park's restaurant.
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  • No.12


    247 Reviews
    2.4km from downtown
    "The American village is located near Shinsaibashi, which is actually a product of the peak period of pro-American Japan. The specific formation time is about the 1970s. The young people's cultural imitation activities are mainly used. The merchants make decorations and changes that meet the needs, and gradually form this area with American street style."
    Highlights: America Mura refers to the area near Shinsaibashi in Osaka. It takes on a very different style from the adjacent popular Shinsaibashi Shopping Street and the elegant Midosuji Boulevard. The area is filled with hundreds of boutique stores, restaurants, and special hotels, and the American style of the pedestrians will make you feel like you are walking the streets of America.
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  • No.13

    HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

    378 Reviews
    1.1km from downtown
    "Tap Five Department Store? It's located on the roof of the building. I didn't expect much before riding, but I was satisfied as soon as I got on! The red Ferris wheel adds a Christmas atmosphere, and the night view taken from the top is truly spectacular. It was Christmas season, so there was a pretty Christmas tree in front of it, so it was very nice to take pictures. There are many places to shop around, such as GU, Unicro, Don Quixote! The location is also very good because it is right next to Umeda Station where many subway lines are transferred! Those who want to take a life shot are very recommended ㅎㅎ !!! Don't forget to turn on the fres and take pictures for life shots~~~ 🥰😽"
    Highlights: Mounted on the roof of the HEP FIVE shopping mall, the red HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel has become a landmark of the northern Umeda district of Osaka. The Ferris wheel is equipped with air conditioning, and visitors can plug in their phones or music players to listen to their own music while enjoying commanding views of Mount Ikoma, Osaka Bay, and the entire city.
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  • No.14

    Ebisu Tower ferris wheel

    157 Reviews
    2.7km from downtown
    "Built in 2005, the Ferris wheel of the God of Wealth stands on the north bank of Dotonbori and the south facade of the Don Quixote Dotonbori store building; with its unique shape, bright colors and joy, it has become the landmark of Dotonbori and the landmark of Osaka. In the center of the tall Ferris wheel, there is a 17-meter high and 15-meter wide statue. The handbag and smile look like the god of wealth in China; and the salmon indicates that it is the god of commerce in Japan/God of wealth-Ebisu; The right hand holding is the mascot of the Don Quixote chain brand "Penguin Jun". The real name of the Ferris wheel : Ebisu Tower( Huibishou Iron Tower); for the above reasons, there is a nickname that Chinese tourists like: the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is 77 meters high, and the U-shaped running track is different from the traditional circle; there are 32 hanging baskets for 4 people and 1 row. About 12 minutes of running time, sitting south, feet - clear Doton - sparkling, before you - the surrounding scenery is unobstructed, and there is no charm."
    Highlights: The Ferris wheel attached to the Don Quixote Dotonbori store is commonly known as the "God of Fortune Ferris Wheel". In the center of the 77-meter-high Ferris wheel, there is a "God of Wealth" with a length of 17 meters and a width of 15 meters. There are 32 gondolas for 4 people in a row, and it takes about 12 minutes to make one rotation.
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  • No.15


    139 Reviews
    1.1km from downtown
    "The Osaka Midosuji Street light show, which starts in November and December, gives this busy commercial street a warm charm at night. It is the ginkgo season and Christmas season, and the avenue is decorated bright and warm. It feels good to hear "Osaka Romance" walking north and south along Midosuji Street."
    Highlights: The Midosuji Street, which stretches from the north of Osaka to the south in the Namba area, is one of the bustling main roads in Osaka that is loved by the public. Elysees". In summer, there are green trees, and in autumn, ginkgo biloba is used as a street tree, with yellow leaves intertwined, stretching for several miles. The yellowed leaves cover both sides of the road, full of romance. It is one of the very famous street scenes in Osaka. On Christmas and New Year's Day, the whole avenue is filled with a strong festive atmosphere under the lantern decoration. And every autumn, the float parade in Midosuji attracts thousands of spectators. There are many specialty stores of international big brands along the street of Midosuji, which can satisfy your shopping addiction. The Daimaru Department Store has a wide variety of products, and there are various coffee shops on each floor. There are also many delicious restaurants on the first and eighth floors of the basement of the main building and the 13th floor of the north building.
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  • No.16

    Expo ’70 Commemorative Park

    114 Reviews
    13km from downtown
    "Please visit if you are in Osaka for cherry blossom! Many locals also come here. Do drop by the mall nearby. It may seem ordinary but the shops arent! You can easily spend half a day here!"
    Highlights: The Expo'70 Commemorative Park was renovated on the site of the 1970 Osaka World Expo. The park is very large and is divided into several main parks, including a classical and quiet Japanese garden, a natural and cultural park with flowers blooming in four seasons and colorful, as well as an ethnology museum and a folk art museum. You can take the forest sightseeing train in the park to traverse it. The most striking building in the park is the Sun Tower in the Natural and Cultural Park. It can also be said that the Sun Tower is the soul of the park concept. The Sun Tower is the landmark building of the World Expo that year. The main body in the shape of a red and white triangular cone has a pair of open white wings, which symbolizes the never-ending development path and tenacious and positive vitality of mankind. The uniquely shaped Sun Tower has 3 totem-like "faces" that symbolize the past, present and future. The "Golden Face" is facing the entrance of the park, shining towards every visitor entering the park, indicating a bright future. Just below the "Golden Face" is the "Sun Face" made of concrete, representing the present, while the black sun behind the tower is a symbol of the world gone by.
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  • No.17

    Kyocera Dome Osaka

    38 Reviews
    3.6km from downtown
    "This time I came to Osaka mainly because my daughter wanted to watch the concert at the Osaka Dome. A concert for the 20th anniversary of a five-person group was simply a week in advance for the whole family to come to Japan for a holiday. Although it was already a revisited place, the Dome was really the first time. As soon as I got out of the subway, I was amazed by everything in front of me. The concert started at 6 o'clock in the evening, and it was already bursting at less than three o'clock. The age of the fans can be said to be the size of the food. It was originally all for queuing up to buy the surrounding area. The daughter actually spent more than 30,000 yen. It was also said that this was less bought, so she was happy, anyway, she came to vacation. I accompanied the child to buy things and prepare to go to the toilet in the mall next to it. I was shocked by the scene in front of me. The team took a full picture of hundreds of meters. Although so many people gathered in the dome, they once again felt the good order and civilization of Japan. Everyone was in order and there was no noise. The venue did not see the police and police cars. Only the staff were guided in an orderly manner, even if they wanted to buy a refund. It is also standing at the subway entrance with a sign, like a pick-up station. I was worried that so many people would go to the concert. My daughter and a few friends were not at ease. We saw it. It is really in an orderly place. There is no need to have so much worry."
    Highlights: The Osaka Dome has a silver dome and a wavy edge. The hollow part is the stadium. The outer floors are divided into nine floors. There are many shops and restaurants on the second, third and fifth floors. Watch the ball game while you dine, and you can buy stationery, clothes and even cookies in the shape of a dome at the Dome's souvenir shop. This huge building can accommodate 55,000 people. In addition to baseball games, many large-scale performances are held every year, including world-renowned entertainers such as Tetsuya Komuro, Diana Rose, Domingo, and Carreras. A concert was held here.
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What are some Can't-Miss Landmarks in Osaka?
Some Can't-Miss Landmarks in Osaka include:Universal Studios Japan|Shinsaibashisuji|The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter|Dotombori|Shinsekai
What are some highly-rated Can't-Miss Landmarks in Osaka?
Some highly-rated Can't-Miss Landmarks in Osaka include:Universal Studios Japan:4.8|Shinsaibashisuji:4.6|The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter:4.7|Dotombori:4.7|Shinsekai:4.5
At what locations in Osaka can Can't-Miss Landmarks in Osaka be found?
The Can't-Miss Landmarks in Osaka are mainly located in:Universal Studios Japan:Osaka|Shinsaibashisuji:Osaka|The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter:Osaka|Dotombori:Osaka|Shinsekai:Osaka