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Top 10 Fun Attractions Nearby in Jinzhou - 2023

Updated May 2023
  • No.1

    Qipan Mountain

    631 Reviews
    229.4km from downtown
    "The Qipan Mountain Scenic Area is a temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate, with clear seasons, large temperature difference and semi-humid water conditions. The Qipan Mountain is a structural denuded hilly landform, with an altitude of between 100-266 meters, and a terrain slope of 10-30 degrees. The average slope is about 15 degrees, which is northeast to southwest. The Qipan Mountain Scenic Area is mainly composed of Huishan, Qipan Mountain, Dayang Mountain and Xiuhu Lake. The main attractions are Huishan Qingxue, Ancient Qipan Site, Yangshan Diecui and so on."
    Highlights: Qipan Mountain is located approximately 30 km northeast of downtown Shenyang. The natural scenery is absolutely beautiful. At Qipan Mountain, you can experience a variety of recreational activities including mountain climbing, paintballing, and mountain sliding. During winter, Qipan Mountain becomes a world of ice and snow. Come admire the ice sculptures and play in the snow. In addition to the natural scenery, come appreciate the cultural landscape in the scenic area, such as the Guandong Film & TV Town.
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  • No.2

    Chengde Mountain Resort

    12,851 Reviews
    268.1km from downtown
    "The service attitude of the staff is average, and the service needs to be improved. The most commendable is the cleanliness of public health, and individual bathrooms also provide free hot water, which is worthy of praise and promotion."
    Highlights: Construction of the resort began in 1703 and took 89 years to complete, spanning the reigns of the Qing emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong. This was the second political center apart from Beijing during the Qing dynasty. The mountain resort is divided into four major areas. On the south side are the palace and lake areas, and on the north side are the mountain and grassland areas. The palace and lake areas house the essence of the mountain resort. The lake area contains many examples of architecture from China’s Jiangnan region just south of the Yangtze River. These are a result of the love the emperors Kangxi and Qianlong had for the Jiangnan scenery.
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  • No.3

    Benxi Water Caves

    4,030 Reviews
    Benxi County
    248.3km from downtown
    "Nature's ghostly work, online are packages, I only want to see the water hole, self-driving from Shenyang is very convenient, the parking lot is about the exit is the entrance of the water hole, there is no need for a battery car. The trip on the entire water cave boat is 30 minutes. At first, I didn't feel that it was getting colder and colder behind. It was still necessary to bring a blanket to cover the legs. Next to it is a big lake, there is a cruise ship, but unfortunately I have time to sit."
    Highlights: The Benxi Water Caves are partially submerged karst caves formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. The caves are divided into a wet cave and a dry cave. The many stalactites of every form shine in a variety of colors under the cave lights. A long underground river runs through the caverns that you can ride a boat through. You will feel the air get colder the deeper you go into the caverns.
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  • No.4

    Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo

    2,821 Reviews
    232.1km from downtown
    "Shenyang Qipanshan Zoo is very convenient for transportation. We are traveling by car to avoid the weekend peak. There are many parking spaces in the scenic area. There is no need to queue up. I bought a package ticket on in advance. After I went, it was very convenient to scan the code directly into the park. There are many animals in the park. You can visit them one by one. The day coincided with the time of the breeder's feeding. I saw a lot of cute animals. The baby also likes it very much. I hope to have the opportunity to play again."
    Highlights: Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo is located in Shenyang's Qipan Mountain Scenic Tourism Development Area. Visitors can take a sightseeing bus to enjoy a wide variety of uncaged animals such as Siberian tigers, bears, sika deer, African lions, Mongolian horses and yaks. Inside the zoo is also an area with cages where visitors can meet wild animals. The rare species breeding base and crane artificial breeding research base are also located here.
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  • No.5

    Shenyang Expo Park

    3,337 Reviews
    225.8km from downtown
    "Because of the self-driving tour of the three provinces in the northeast, I am afraid that some cities have limited motor vehicle tail numbers, so I called the hotel phone consultation. The front desk Xiaomei answered the phone. I was very patient and meticulous to reply to many questions I consulted, and introduced the advantages of your hotel. You can also visit Shenyang's famous night market, etc., The service is really good. I also contacted me in advance to help me arrange the room and upgraded it. I heard that I took the elderly and took the initiative to help me arrange the room on the same floor. It is convenient for me to take care of my family. The service of all departments of the hotel is particularly good. Traveling with your family is really assured to live in this five-star hotel. , I will stay here next time I pass by. By the way, the slightly fat gentleman who directed the parking at the door was also very good. He helped us take it off the car and pushed the box to the hotel lobby. The concierge's Kobayashi service was also very good, warm and thoughtful service, and sent the room card to the drop-off. Thank them again! The breakfast room service is also very good, there is a seat, the waiters are also very fast after the meal plate, the chef is also very fast, unlike some hotels, often dishes and food are empty, and there is no filling for a long time. Breakfast is both Chinese and Western. If there are more varieties, it will be better. There is a small suggestion. The bottle of air fresh water in the hotel corridor and room is still something. It really smells bad. The three rooms and the family feel that the smell is unpleasant. I smell dizziness and put this bottle of water in the bathroom. Close the door, when you check out, you will take it out and return it to your place. This is just the opinion of a few people in my family, talking about it."
    Highlights: Shenyang Expo Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Shenyang, adjacent to the Fuling Tomb and Qipan Mountain Scenic Area. It was formerly known as the Shenyang Botanical Garden. In 2006, it was chosen to hold the World Horticultural Exposition and therefore expanded into the Expo Park. The park is full of trees and all kinds of flowers. Walking here itself is a pleasure. It is also a good place to get close to nature. The Expo Park is very large and takes about 4 hours to walk around. You can also take a sightseeing bus if you prefer.
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  • No.6

    Pigeon Nest Park

    9,147 Reviews
    194.7km from downtown
    "Time is too tight, not playing well, but the tickets are very cheap, just don't have time to see the sunrise, a little lost, but still very good, beautiful, happy, hahahahahahahahahahaha"
    Highlights: Pigeon Park is a famous attraction in Beidaihe. The park has great sight lines to the ocean. Watching the sunrise in Pigeon park is a can't-miss activity for all visitors! Migratory birds pass through here every year in the Spring and Autumn, so it's an ideal place for bird-watchers to visit! The park's rocky beachers are also amazing as well!
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  • No.7

    Royal Ocean Park

    3,047 Reviews
    234.2km from downtown
    "Feeding pigeons, sika deer, alpacas, ostriches, black bears, especially good! When you have food, they are close to you. There are polar bears, penguins, various fish and animals in the polar world, going inside the city of SeaWorld, there are jellyfish performances in the aquarium, it is very beautiful, watching jellyfish will be very relaxing. There are many amusement facilities suitable for children in the Ocean Park, which can be played without a long queue, and all amusement items are free. The carousel, Ferris wheel, small train, etc., can have a good time with children. Tired and pleasant, a special experience!"
    Highlights: Located in the Gaowan Economic Zone in Fushun near the border with Shenyang, Royal Ocean Park includes the main themed areas of “Royal Polar Ocean World,” “Century Jungle,” “Hawaii Surfing Beach,” “Hawaii Happy Island,” and “Poseidon's Fun Park.” Here, you can interact up close with all sorts of adorable sea creatures and see over one hundred exotic animals. Alternatively, you can swim in the ocean wave pool and enjoy other water amusement activities.
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  • No.8

    Qianshan (Qian Mountains) National Park

    3,433 Reviews
    168.2km from downtown
    "The beauty of Qianshan needs to be appreciated slowly to experience it, otherwise there is only one feeling, Qianshan is too big, really tired. In the past two days, you can walk to most of the attractions. The focus is that Qianshan Scenic Area is very user-friendly. Tickets can be processed at the entrance of the tourist center of the scenic spot for a second entry. Lingyan Temple, the yellow exterior wall, feels aura. Longquan Temple, the ancient temple is built on the mountain, scattered and scattered, is a good place to gather gas in the Tibetan wind, the endless view of Dongge and Xige is a great place to enjoy the beauty of Qianshan. All in all, Qianshan is beautiful!"
    Highlights: The Qian Mountains face the Bohai Sea on the south and connect to the Changbai Mountains in the north. They are a famous Taoist site. The mountains are named for the thousands of rocky peaks that look like lotus flowers. The many strange rock shapes are a unique sight of nature and create a beautiful setting. The naturally occurring Qianshan Maitreya Buddha is a sight you can’t miss: the string of naturally formed prayer beads around the Buddha’s chest are remarkable.
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  • No.9

    Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park

    7,136 Reviews
    192.3km from downtown
    "Great, the best zoo experience, it is the largest safari park in Asia, a perfect day, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise, praise,"
    Highlights: Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park is a beautiful, natural zoo located in the Beidaihe Waterfront Area. The zoo fully protects and utilizes all of its resources. It uses large rings to separate different kinds of wildlife in order to simulate natural conditions as closely as possible. The park contains over 5000 animals, representing over 80 different species. This includes level 1 and 2 international endangered species and level 1 and 2 national endangered species, such as the Northeastern Tiger,
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  • No.10

    Lao Longtou

    5,593 Reviews
    168.2km from downtown
    "The scenery is very good, the Great Wall by the sea is very special. There is also Wenchuang ice cream, that is, there are a lot of people during May Day. It is more fun than the first level in the world. If the time is not very abundant, it is recommended to only come to the old faucet."
    Highlights: Lao Longtou is located on Shanhaiguan's Southeastern Bohai Sea. It is 4 km away from the Shanhaiguan Scenic Area. The eastern starting point of the Ming Great Wall, is ia magnificent fortress. The Great Wall is like a dragon, traversing the land of China. The east end is inserted directly into the sea to the south of Shanhaiguan City. It is like a dragon head, so it is called the “old dragon head." The Chenghai Building, the tallest building in the scenic spot, is a great location to watch the sunrise on the sea.
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  • No.11

    Qingyan Temple

    667 Reviews
    59km from downtown
    "Booking is convenient and fast. Other roads up the mountain except Jiudao Bay are not too steep. The scenery is good and the service is much improved than in the past, but the service attitude of individual personnel still needs to be improved and will go in the future."
    Highlights: Qingyan Temple is south of Yiwulv Mountain in Beining City. The temple is popular, and there are upper and lower courtyards. The Qingyan Temple in Shanmen has inscriptions by Zhao Puchu. Qingyan Temple has several large halls, such as Daxiong Hall and Heavenly King Hall. During the traditional temple fair, it is quite lively. Walking through the upper house and continuing to climb to the summit, Dazhi Manjushri was enshrined in the Wenshu Monastery. At Zhangyingtai, the summit of the mountain, get a wide view of the charming scenery.
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  • No.12

    Yalu River Broken Bridge

    No comments yet
    296.4km from downtown
    Highlights: The Yalu River Broken Bridge is a bridge on the Yalu River. However, repeated bombings during World War II have left this bridge devastated up to this day. The Yalu River Broken Bridge is one the featured landmarks in Dandong. Several bridges on this side of Dandong will be lit up with neon lights. It is a great place to walk walk up and down the river and view the nightscape on the frontier.
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  • No.13

    Luanzhou Ancient City

    1,016 Reviews
    250.7km from downtown
    "Today's first stop in the ancient city of Zhangzhou: the early birds have insects to eat, as expected, there are not many vehicles on the high-speed, less than nine o'clock to the ancient city of Zhangzhou, the ancient city of Zhangzhou is an antique block, the scenery is good, there are rivers to add a little bit of flexibility, the commercial atmosphere is stronger, the street on both sides of the chess biscuits, All kinds of barbecues, serious homogenization, new ideas and preferential treatment, the sanitary environment of the ancient city needs to be improved, although there are staff cleaning up, but the effect is not obvious, from another perspective, the overall quality of tourists should be improved. I visited the Confucian Temple in the ancient city, watched the shadow play, and ate the fire of the family. The overall feeling was good (later, I ate breakfast at a roadside snack bar in Tangshan. It also tasted better than this. There were more meat and the price was the same). Some people said that tourism is from a city you are familiar with. To a city that others are familiar with, think about it, happy is good."
    Highlights: Luanzhou is a famous ancient city of northern China. Today's Luanzhou Ancient City has been rebuilt on its previous remains, and its antique style and elegant scenery make it a great place to take pictures. There are many shops in the city and all kinds of activities to try. Visitors who come here can stroll the streets, browse specialty shops, and sample local delicacies.
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  • No.14

    Putuo Zongcheng Temple

    2,412 Reviews
    267.8km from downtown
    "When I played, it happened to be snowing. The scenery was very beautiful. When it was snowing, it was very slippery and easy to fall. The construction was very grand and fully reflected the greatness of ancient humans."
    Highlights: The Putuo Zongcheng Temple is located on the north side of Shizi Valley in Hebei's Chengde City. Built in the form of Lhasa's Potala Palace by Qianlong to celebrate the life of his mother as well as his own, people still call it "Little Potala Palace." The whole temple complex is divided into two parts, front and rear. The main structure of the temple is the Dahongtai, with the Wanfa Guiyi Hall inside the primary hall of the temple. Putuo Zongcheng Temple is a gate to the mountains behind it. A mix of Qing- and Tibetan-style architecture, there is a Tibetan-style, three-round-door white entrance building upon which a five-gated, yellow-glazed tiled pavilion is built.
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  • No.15

    Puning Temple

    1,040 Reviews
    266.3km from downtown
    "Book with in advance, no need to show tickets, swipe your ID card to enter the scenic spot, very convenient and fast. The Grand Place of Puning Temple is spectacular and majestic, with wooden carvings and thousands of hands and thousands of eyes. The temple is imitated in Tibetan architectural style, very beautiful."
    Highlights: Puning Temple, also known as Big Buddha Temple, is on the north side of Chengde Mountain Resort. It is a large Tibetan Buddhist temple in northern China. It was built during the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty by the Emperor Qianlong for the king of Mongolia. The temple is magnificent and elegant. Tourists can visit and take photos of it. Many monks visit the temple. It is an ideal place to pray for happiness.
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  • No.16

    North Putuo Mountain

    571 Reviews
    10.6km from downtown
    "Not far from the city, it takes more than 10 minutes to drive. The car can drive into the scenic spot. It takes 20 yuan. It is very big. As a Jinzhou person, I have been to N times. Today, I have developed a place I have not been to. There is no cave, but it is not recommended to go up. The road is very steep and narrow. There is nothing on it, there is only a wooden pavilion, and the safety factor is very low. Beishan Putuo Mountain is worth a walk"
    Highlights: North Putuo Mountain has lush forests and beautiful scenery. Structures in the scenic area include the North Putuo Zen Buddhist Temple Lower Court, the Upper Court and Guanyin Cave. Some of the interesting landscapes that can be enjoyed at North Putuo Zen Buddhist Temple include the Yinniu (Drinking Cow) Spring and the Shouzi (Long Life) Rock. The main peak of Jiguan Mountain is more than three hundred meters above sea level. Up on top of the mountain, stands a statue of Laotse. In good weather, visitors can get a panoramic bird's-eye view of the entire scenic spot from here. Sometimes the urban districts of Jinzhou City can even be seen in the distance. Guanyin Cave is also a spot in the park that is not to be missed. It is a temple built into the cliff face. Inside the temple is a shrine to the Bodhisattva Guanyin. Close to Guanyin Cave is also the Yuelao Temple, along with ancient monuments such as a pagoda built by eminent monks of years past.
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  • No.17

    Lingshan Scenic Area

    220 Reviews
    53.3km from downtown
    "The people in Lingshan are very simple and kind. The service staff from the vendors to the attractions are very patient and serious to answer questions. When we went, it was raining on the mountain. The fairy air was floating, and the clouds and mist were very fairy. During the epidemic, it was very good to have such a scenic spot in the Northeast. The air was good. It takes at least three hours to go up and down the mountain. There is a Lingshan Hotel at the entrance of the scenic spot. You don't have to worry about going in the afternoon. The ticket is 50. We drove there. The road to the scenic spot on the highway was a bit tortuous. Everything else was very good. It was not a happy trip!"
    Highlights: Located in the northwest of Huludao City, Lingshan Scenic Area is not far from the urban area and enjoys convenient transportation. The environment of the scenic area is very attractive with tall and beautiful peaks and dense trees. Lingshan Scenic Area integrates Buddhist culture, Taoist culture, Confucian culture and natural scenery. It is home to many Buddhist and Taoist statues and features traditional architecture from these cultures. People come to Lingshan Ancient Temple for blessings.
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  • No.18

    Kangxi Physiotherapy Hot Spring Resort

    137 Reviews
    219.2km from downtown
    "It is a very good place to play. On the way, I will pass the Benxi Water Cave Scenic Area. The hotel is well managed, the room is relatively clean and tidy, and the area is not small. Breakfast is not bad, the overall feeling is very good to recommend it."
    Highlights: Located in Xihu District, Benxi City, Liaoning Province, Kangxi Physiotherapy Hot Spring Resort has many hot spring pools with hot spring water coming from the deep crust. Featuring facilities such as hotels, hot springs for adults, a reception center and a children’s water park, the resort combines food, accommodations and entertainment and is a wonderful place to relax on weekends.
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  • No.19

    Crystal Sugar Valley

    633 Reviews
    185.3km from downtown
    ζั ^ 春末 ོ༻
    "Bingtanggu is a place worth visiting, with beautiful scenery and picturesque landscapes. The mountain is not high, and it is not tired to climb up. This season is just right. Tickets are not expensive, veterans have preferential treatment 👍, the tickets include sightseeing cars in the scenic area, one stop and one stop. Take the children to walk the glass plank road, take the slide down the mountain, and there is a small zoo at the door. Bring some food and water, you can have a day in it!"
    Highlights: The Crystal Sugar Valley is located in Daxinzhai Town, Funing County, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. Crystal Sugar Valley is a quiet canyon. What is amazing is that there is a magical scene here: in the end of April to the end of July every year, there will be cold air coming out from the ground, and the moisture will condense into ice on the ground, and it will become a "refrigerator" every summer. However, in the winter, the ice disappeared, but the warm moisture emerged from the ground.
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  • No.20

    Phoenix Mountain

    425 Reviews
    71.7km from downtown
    "The mountain climbing experience is average, and the tickets are slightly more expensive. You can choose to do a shuttle bus and walk up the mountain. There is no pressure to climb the mountain. The mountain is divided into Shang, Zhong and Xia Temple. The Buddhist culture is rich and there are many people in the fragrance."
    Highlights: Phoenix Mountain can be found just to the east of Chaoyang City, in western Liaoning province. It is bursting with lush forests and peaks. Not only is it a celebrated mountain in western Liaoning but it is also a famous Buddhist shrine. There are a number of natural landscapes to be seen such as the Golden Camel Looking up at the Moon, the Elephant Trunk Hill and the Natural Buddha as well as Buddhist temples such as Tianqing Temple and Yunjie Temple. The area is home to some very interesting natural landscapes. Furthermore, Phoenix Mountain with rich vegetation is also an important habitat for some of the country’s most endangered and rare black storks.
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What are some Fun Attractions Nearby in Jinzhou?
Some Fun Attractions Nearby in Jinzhou include:Qipan Mountain|Chengde Mountain Resort|Benxi Water Caves|Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo|Shenyang Expo Park
What are some highly-rated Fun Attractions Nearby in Jinzhou?
Some highly-rated Fun Attractions Nearby in Jinzhou include:Qipan Mountain:4.6|Chengde Mountain Resort:4.5|Benxi Water Caves:4.6|Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo:4.6|Shenyang Expo Park:4.6
At what locations in Jinzhou can Fun Attractions Nearby in Jinzhou be found?
The Fun Attractions Nearby in Jinzhou are mainly located in:Qipan Mountain:Shenyang|Chengde Mountain Resort:Chengde|Benxi Water Caves:Benxi County|Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo:Shenyang|Shenyang Expo Park:Shenyang