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Top 5 Great Urban Parks in Jinzhou - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou

    255 Reviews
    22.1km from downtown
    "The scenery is good, the garden is very big, I rented a bicycle, about two hours just walked around, the dinosaur hall was not opened, many amusement facilities were not opened, there was no place to eat in the park, only two small supermarkets, some depression feeling"
    Highlights: The World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou is the park where the "World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou China" was held. The exposition broke the Guinness world record, creating the longest tulip flower valley in the world. The tulips flower in May. In addition, some of the park's original landscapes, venues and facilities have been developed. The Taiwan Grand Garden has been updated to house a folk museum that explores Taiwanese folklore, giving tourists a different experience.
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  • No.2

    Guta Park

    52 Reviews
    1.6km from downtown
    "" Guta Park " also known as " Guta Historical and Cultural Park ", located in Guta District, Jinzhou City, is a commanding height of the Millennium Liao Tower as the center, and takes the ancient buildings of Daguangji Temple as the scene, reflecting the characteristics of the combination of the historical context of Jinzhou Ancient City and the concept of modern garden scenery. It has become a leisure place rich in the regional culture and customs of Liaoxi, which was built in 2000. Among them, the early years of " ancient tower dim jar " became one of the famous eight scenes in Jinzhou, and the present " ancient tower " is one of the new ten scenes in Jinzhou. " Guta Park " is divided into cultural relics tourist area, elderly activity area, ornamental plant area, leisure rest area, children's activity area and stone forest viewing area. The park is mainly plant gardening, supplemented by building gardens. The millennium ancient tower and modern gardens are combined as one. With its unique garden style, it has become a tourist attraction in Jinzhou."
    Highlights: Guta Park is mainly composed of botanical gardens and supplemented by architectural gardens. The terrain is high and the environment is winding and secluded. It is divided into six main functional areas: cultural relics sightseeing area, senior activity area, ornamental plant area, quiet rest area, children's activity area, and stone forest viewing area. The garden design style of the ancient pagoda historical and cultural park inherits the essence of traditional Chinese gardening, uses the design methods of modern landscape gardens, draws on the successful experience of European and American gardens, and fully expresses the characteristics of the times and the local characteristics of western Liaoning. The thousand-year-old pagoda and modern gardens are integrated into one, and the history and culture are integrated with modern civilization. With its unique garden style, it has become another tourist attraction in Jinzhou and even Liaoning Province, especially the wood fossil forest, which is very unique. The ancient pagoda park has a thousand-year-old cultural accumulation. It is a decisive battle against the Liao Dynasty. It integrates the scenery of northern Saibei and the beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River. Sui Temple, Liao Pagoda, and Biwa Cloud Wall complement each other. It has become a cultural and tourist attraction in western Liaoning. landscape.
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  • No.3

    Linghe Park

    80 Reviews
    1.6km from downtown
    "" Jinzhou Linghe Park " built on the left bank of Xiaolinghe River, is a transformation of the middle section of the riverside belt park, east take off Yun Street, west to Renmin Street. Built in 2000, the total area is about 12 hectares, the whole park includes four gardens in the European love garden, Yuehuayuan, Sunlight Garden and Waterscape Garden, each garden style is a combination of Chinese and Western walls, layout and creative north-south blend. The park has the largest and only waterscape project in Asia and the largest in the northeast. The lind square in the park can accommodate thousands of people. The music fountain in the river has become a dazzling pearl in the Chinese fountain project. 286 nozzles are like spit beads and dragons. 800 colored lights are like flying phoenix. Visitors enter the park as if they have entered a kaleidoscope-like world. " Linghe Park " is a good place for people to entertain, walk, relax and exercise."
    Highlights: Linghe Park is a good place for entertainment, walking and fitness. Here, you can enjoy flowers in spring; folding willows in summer; fishing in autumn; ice skating in winter! Its water park is also a beautiful scenery of Jinzhou. Linghe Water Park thrives on the left bank of the Xiaoling River. It is formed by transforming the middle section of the riverside belt park. A pulse of water, meandering to the east. It starts from Yunfei Street in the east and reaches Renmin Street in the west, with a total length of 1,500 meters and an area of about 12 hectares. There is a well-known waterscape project "Sundial" in the park. There are four parks in the park, and there are hundreds of wonders in the scenery. The tree-lined square in the park can accommodate 10,000 people. The musical fountain in the river has become a dazzling pearl in the Chinese fountain project. Spread your wings and fly.
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  • No.4

    Dongbeijiaotong University Ruins Park

    14 Reviews
    3.5km from downtown
    "" Former Site of Northeast Jiaotong University - Memorial Site of the War of Resistance Against Japan " is located in Renmin Street, Guta District, Jinzhou. It was founded in 1927, and was first named " Jinxian Jiaotong University ", and was renamed " Northeast Jiaotong University " in 1929. Zhang Xueliang was also president in 1930. After the September 18th Incident in 1931, the Northeast Government moved to Northeast Jiaotong University. In January 1932, the Japanese army entered Jinzhou and established the Japanese Kanto Army in Jinzhou Command. On the evening of November 22, 1932, the anti-Japanese Volunteer Army attacked the university, which is a glorious page in the history of the anti-Japanese war in Jinzhou and even Liaoxi. After the Kuomintang army entered Jinzhou, this is the reserve site in the Tiebei area. On October 15, 1948, the Northeast Field Army captured the stronghold of Jiaotong University. Today, it is designated as the " Northeast Jiaotong University Ruins Park ", becoming a quiet and green space in the city."
  • No.5

    Cuiyanshan Forest Park

    8 Reviews
    20.4km from downtown
    " Cuiyan Mountain is located 17 kilometers northwest of Jinzhou City. At the end of the flat earth, a group of peaks rise up, the stone walls are like a knife, a sloping, steep and beautiful, like a large bonsai specially made by nature. The peaks are green and picturesque, worth watching."
    Highlights: Cuiyan Mountain, a national AAA-level scenic spot, was originally called Wuya Mountain. Because there are two small peaks on the mountain, which are located on both sides of the main peak, shaped like two Yaba, so the locals call it Yaba Stone Mountain. Cuiyan rocks are brown-green, and in summer and autumn, moss is dense, the peaks and peaks are green, and the scenery is picturesque. Because Cuiyan Mountain is empty, quiet and beautiful, it has always attracted the attention of people who cultivate and refine Qi, so it has become a good place for monks to build temples and devote themselves to cultivation. As early as the Han Dynasty, there were tenants who built temples at the eastern foot of the mountain. Later, they were repeatedly attacked by soldiers, and the temples were all destroyed. After renovations in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the incense in the temple continued year after year and gradually prospered. In the early years of Liao Daozong, there were years of wars, and there were no peaceful days. The temple fell into disrepair for many years and was in ruins. In the tenth year (1084) of Dakang, Daozong of Liao Dynasty, the old monk Zhixun from Daguangji Temple in Jinzhou rebuilt the temple at the foot of the mountain and named it Qingjing Temple, which was later Cuiyanshan Temple.
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What are some Great Urban Parks in Jinzhou?
Some Great Urban Parks in Jinzhou include:World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou|Guta Park|Linghe Park|Dongbeijiaotong University Ruins Park|Cuiyanshan Forest Park
What are some highly-rated Great Urban Parks in Jinzhou?
Some highly-rated Great Urban Parks in Jinzhou include:World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou:4.1|Guta Park:4.6|Linghe Park:4.5|Cuiyanshan Forest Park:4.6
At what locations in Jinzhou can Great Urban Parks in Jinzhou be found?
The Great Urban Parks in Jinzhou are mainly located in:World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou:Jinzhou|Guta Park:Jinzhou|Linghe Park:Jinzhou|Dongbeijiaotong University Ruins Park:Jinzhou|Cuiyanshan Forest Park:Linghai