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Top 7 Important Religious Institutions in Jinzhou - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    North Putuo Mountain

    572 Reviews
    10.6km from downtown
    "Not far from the city, it takes more than 10 minutes to drive. The car can drive into the scenic spot. It takes 20 yuan. It is very big. As a Jinzhou person, I have been to N times. Today, I have developed a place I have not been to. There is no cave, but it is not recommended to go up. The road is very steep and narrow. There is nothing on it, there is only a wooden pavilion, and the safety factor is very low. Beishan Putuo Mountain is worth a walk"
    Highlights: North Putuo Mountain has lush forests and beautiful scenery. Structures in the scenic area include the North Putuo Zen Buddhist Temple Lower Court, the Upper Court and Guanyin Cave. Some of the interesting landscapes that can be enjoyed at North Putuo Zen Buddhist Temple include the Yinniu (Drinking Cow) Spring and the Shouzi (Long Life) Rock. The main peak of Jiguan Mountain is more than three hundred meters above sea level. Up on top of the mountain, stands a statue of Laotse. In good weather, visitors can get a panoramic bird's-eye view of the entire scenic spot from here. Sometimes the urban districts of Jinzhou City can even be seen in the distance. Guanyin Cave is also a spot in the park that is not to be missed. It is a temple built into the cliff face. Inside the temple is a shrine to the Bodhisattva Guanyin. Close to Guanyin Cave is also the Yuelao Temple, along with ancient monuments such as a pagoda built by eminent monks of years past.
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  • No.2

    Wanfotang Rock Cave

    129 Reviews
    53.7km from downtown
    "It is worth seeing the scenic spot. The earliest grotto statue group in the Northeast region. Although the scale is not large, it has a long history and a great cultural value. The service facilities need to be improved. It is currently continuing to be developed. Many workers in the yard are under construction. I believe it will get better and better in the future."
  • No.3

    Laoyeling Scenic Area

    5 Reviews
    63.9km from downtown
    "Laoyeling has two upper and lower courtyards, the upper courtyard has the temple, the Wu Temple, the Sanqing Temple, the nearby mountains are dangerous, the trees are green, standing in the upper courtyard overlooking, the peaks are undulating, fresh and pleasing to the eye. The lower courtyard of the Shengqing Palace is solemn, and the temple has 37 Buddha statues such as the king of color plastic medicine, the god of wealth, and the Guanyin. There is a pair of Sakai wells next to the temple that are inexhaustible for four seasons. The peak point will be the platform and the Yingzui Peak is daunting. The mountain and stone risk in the scenic area is beautiful, the scenery is dense, the forest is dense, and the flowers and trees are beautiful, which is refreshing."
    Highlights: Lushan National Forest Park - Laoyeling Scenic Spot is located on the west side of Yiwu Lushan, in Yixian County, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, with a tour area of 349 hectares. Laoyeling has two courtyards, the upper and lower courtyards. The upper courtyard has the Hall of Excursion, the Hall of Wusheng, and the Hall of Sanqing. It was built at the "mountain boundary" between Yixian County and Beining. Because of the statue of Guan Gong in the temple, it is called Laoye Temple, and the mountain is derived from the temple. name.
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  • No.4

    Guanyindong Sceneic Area

    50 Reviews
    10.8km from downtown
    "Of course it is worth a visit. This is the most worth a leisure and exercise place in Jinzhou City. I spend at least three times a week in spring, summer and autumn. Climbing the mountain, walking the plank road... and going to picnic on weekends, drinking tea, holding a book, and taking a mobile phone, you can stay here all day. Spring has wild flowers, summer has shade, autumn has fallen leaves, winter has snow, every season has the beauty of every season, don't say I didn't tell you oh!"
  • No.5

    Guangji Monastery

    55 Reviews
    1.8km from downtown
    "" Guangji Temple " is located in Jinzhou Ancient Tower Park. It was founded in the seven years of Yuan Daye (611 AD). The original name is Puji Temple. It was rebuilt in the Qingning years of Liaoning (1055 ~ 1064). After many maintenances in the Ming and Qing dynasties, most of the existing buildings were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties. " Guangji Temple " is the oldest and complete temple complex in Liaoxi Province. It is well preserved and rare in China. The temple is built with the tower as the axis, and there are Temple of Heavenly Kings, Guandi Temple, and Daxiong Temple. " Guangji Temple Building Group " is based on " Guangji Temple ", including " Guangji Temple " built in Liaoqingning three years (1057), " Tianhou Temple (Mazu Temple) " and qing Guangxu 24 years (1898) in the northern region founded in Qinghuizheng three years (1725) In honor of the sacrifices of the soldiers in the Sino-Japanese War, Zhaozhongxuan was built."
    Highlights: Guangji Temple is located in the ancient pagoda district of Jinzhou. Guangji Temple, formerly known as Puji Temple, is commonly known as the Great Buddha Temple. The monastery faces south, covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters, with two courtyards. In the temple, there are related buildings such as Emperor Hall, Tianwang Hall, Stele Pavilion, and Side Hall. The octagonal brick-shaped Liao Pagoda in the temple is 13 stories high. There are arch niches on all sides of the tower body, and there is a built-in seated Buddha. The top of the pagoda is gilded and dazzling. Guangji Temple Pagoda is located in Guangji Temple, which is also known as "White Pagoda" and "Shari Pagoda" in history. The existing Guangji Temple halls were rebuilt during the Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty, while the Guangji Temple Pagoda has been rarely repaired since its completion in the third year of Qingning in Liaoning (1057), and it has basically maintained its original appearance. The original height of Guangji Temple Pagoda is 63 meters, and it is 57 meters high. Guangji Temple, formerly known as Puji Temple, is commonly known as the Great Buddha Temple. The monastery faces south, covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters, with two courtyards. The main hall is in the style of double eaves and Xieshan, with seven rooms wide and three rooms deep. On the ridge of the roof, there is a brick inscription "Yangwenciyun Guangfu Huiri Changming".
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  • No.6

    Cuiyanshan Forest Park

    8 Reviews
    20.4km from downtown
    " Cuiyan Mountain is located 17 kilometers northwest of Jinzhou City. At the end of the flat earth, a group of peaks rise up, the stone walls are like a knife, a sloping, steep and beautiful, like a large bonsai specially made by nature. The peaks are green and picturesque, worth watching."
    Highlights: Cuiyan Mountain, a national AAA-level scenic spot, was originally called Wuya Mountain. Because there are two small peaks on the mountain, which are located on both sides of the main peak, shaped like two Yaba, so the locals call it Yaba Stone Mountain. Cuiyan rocks are brown-green, and in summer and autumn, moss is dense, the peaks and peaks are green, and the scenery is picturesque. Because Cuiyan Mountain is empty, quiet and beautiful, it has always attracted the attention of people who cultivate and refine Qi, so it has become a good place for monks to build temples and devote themselves to cultivation. As early as the Han Dynasty, there were tenants who built temples at the eastern foot of the mountain. Later, they were repeatedly attacked by soldiers, and the temples were all destroyed. After renovations in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the incense in the temple continued year after year and gradually prospered. In the early years of Liao Daozong, there were years of wars, and there were no peaceful days. The temple fell into disrepair for many years and was in ruins. In the tenth year (1084) of Dakang, Daozong of Liao Dynasty, the old monk Zhixun from Daguangji Temple in Jinzhou rebuilt the temple at the foot of the mountain and named it Qingjing Temple, which was later Cuiyanshan Temple.
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  • No.7

    Beiputuo Shan Chan Temple

    5 Reviews
    10.4km from downtown
    "Look at this temple on the mountain, stroll around, experience it. Especially focus on taking a look at the big first word on the mountain, ah, it is said to be a famous contemporary calligrapher. It took a big price to get it up!"


What are some Important Religious Institutions in Jinzhou?
Some Important Religious Institutions in Jinzhou include:North Putuo Mountain|Wanfotang Rock Cave|Laoyeling Scenic Area|Guanyindong Sceneic Area|Guangji Monastery
What are some highly-rated Important Religious Institutions in Jinzhou?
Some highly-rated Important Religious Institutions in Jinzhou include:North Putuo Mountain:4.6|Wanfotang Rock Cave:4.1|Laoyeling Scenic Area:4.8|Guanyindong Sceneic Area:4.8|Guangji Monastery:4.5
At what locations in Jinzhou can Important Religious Institutions in Jinzhou be found?
The Important Religious Institutions in Jinzhou are mainly located in:North Putuo Mountain:Jinzhou|Wanfotang Rock Cave:Yixian|Laoyeling Scenic Area:Yixian|Guanyindong Sceneic Area:Jinzhou|Guangji Monastery:Jinzhou