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Top 10 Water Parks in Dongguan - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    Palm Valley Water City

    308 Reviews
    4.6km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "Not bad, children like it, artificial waves have characteristics. Close to the hotel, just go to play. There is a fun big horn because the child is not old enough to play, a little regret"
    Highlights: Located next to the Royal View Bay Hotel, Palm Valley Water City is very exotic, with fresh air and green grass. The Palm Valley Water City combines the natural environment and ingenious design concepts. There are several swimming areas inside. The beach is also equipped with realistic beaches for those who like sunbathing, and beach chairs under the palm trees. The Circulation River has a surrounding surf trail that provides a fun and exciting entertainment environment.
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  • No.2


    12 Reviews
    6.9km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "Overall it is fun and worth the fare. The only thing is that it is too early to go, some of the outdoors are not open, and the sun is too sun, so you can only play indoors. The underwater floor tiles are not very good and easy to get hurt. The mat on the stairs was too pierced and hurt. Nothing else, adults and children can play all day without problems!"
  • No.3

    Lemin Water Park

    57 Reviews
    9.7km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "It is still possible to play happily on weekends, don't expect too much. Otherwise, there will be a big gap. Bring the children to play. The children have fun and don't want to go home. It is still possible to play occasionally!"
    Highlights: The Lemin Water Park is an exquisite large-scale water park inside Lemin Recreational Park. It consists of a large interactive water village, a super wave pool, a competitive type multicolored slide, an open spiral slide, a restful massage pool, a children's paddling pool and an adult swimming pool. This is a place to enjoy the excitement and pleasure of water. Integrating a variety of equipment, this is a full-featured site suitable for visitors of all ages. It is especially good for the whole family to come visit together.
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  • No.4

    Jinzhuwan Water Amusement Park

    10 Reviews
    32.5km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "It feels very fun, a must-have punch card attraction in summer!"
  • No.5

    Lemin Gala Park

    58 Reviews
    9.7km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "Lemin Recreation Park is in Shuiyushan Forest Park, opposite the parking lot, which is quite conspicuous. There are many projects in this Lemin Recreation Park, such as wax museums, carousels, ice and snow world, sea world, etc., which are basically more common on the world."
  • No.6

    Xinlong Water Amusement Park (dongguanqiaotou)

    17 Reviews
    34.4km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "A good place to cool off on a hot day, the water is also very clean, if you can, it is best to bring your own swimsuit and swimming cap, because the price sold inside is quite expensive, everyone knows this"
  • No.7

    Xinlong Water Amusement Park

    1 Reviews
    43.4km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "The pool water is clean and clear, a good place for children to play and big friends to decompress"
  • No.8


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    23.8km from downtown
    Water Parks
  • No.9

    Jiankanghuoshui World (nancheng)

    19 Reviews
    3.4km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "The facilities are quite complete, and there are various swimming pools, convenient for the elderly and young, that is, the parking space is not enough. Every time I go, I have to wait for a long time to park. It is recommended to expand the parking space. Everything else is fine"
  • No.10

    Jintaifeng Binfen Shui Amusement Park

    5 Reviews
    47.1km from downtown
    Water Parks
    "The water park is not very big, but it is very fun. The surrounding environment is general, the parking lot is also free parking, the family size is suitable to play, the ticket discount is better, and I will go there later."