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Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Locations in Dongguan - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    Longfeng Villa Resort

    2,661 Reviews
    56.7km from downtown
    "I have to go and see it every year. This is my favorite parent-child playground! Anyway, every time I go, I feel that a day is not enough to play! Especially now there is a baby, the children's amusement park is designed very well, the baby and I like it very much! We played from day to night, watched the performance of the big theater, took a cruise, watched the horse and heard the concert, and the lights were super beautiful at night! Sorry, I haven't taken much pictures recently, I will take a good photo next time."
    Highlights: Longfeng Villa Film Resort is located in Fenggang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong. The resort is divided into a wedding photography area, a culture and science area, an interactive play area, a performance and entertainment area, a water amusement area, a barbecue picnic area, and a seasonal fruit and vegetable area. In the evening, the beautiful Hakka style night market and the night scene of “Nanguo never night” are not to be missed.
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  • No.2

    Fantasy Baihuazhou

    1,542 Reviews
    16.4km from downtown
    "Many projects have been added more than before, rainbow slides, jungle crossings, etc. It is a rare place for children to walk in Songshan Lake. I hope to continue to work hard to become a tourist card in Songshan Lake! Tickets have not increased prices, conscience scenic spots"
    Highlights: Fantasy Baihuazhou is located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. It has landscapes such as Peony Garden, Rose Garden, Flower Sea World, Butterfly Valley and Baihua Valley, as well as other garden pieces such as “Ruyi Flower Gate”, “Dutch Windmill” and “Flower Grand View”. In addition to admiring the flowers, Fantasy Baihuazhou has BBQ facilities, bicycle rental shops and other activities to indulge in, making it a good place for weekend leisure.
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  • No.3


    213 Reviews
    2km from downtown
    "Still worth going! When you are in a bad mood, choose one of them to sit quietly, order a special cup, and life is also very good! Friends who have not been to can punch in on weekends, the night view is very beautiful!"
    Highlights: Xiabafang is a famous historical and cultural village in Guangdong Province. It is also a cultural and art district combining the Lingnan Water Township with art. It houses a number of Ming and Qing Dynasty residences and preserves the folk customs of Qingming Festival and Dragon Boat Festival. Other traditional folk customs, as well as cultural and art shops, creative restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc., will be very lively at night.
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  • No.4

    Yaxiang Street

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    14.2km from downtown
    Highlights: Yaxiang Street is a national intangible cultural heritage old street. Yaxiang Street has many incense cultural knowledge museums, including one of the top ten incense museums in China, "Yuhao Incense Museum", "Dongguan Agarwood Association", "Incense God Culture" There are more than 30 shops with different styles, including the Plaza, the Memorial Stone of the Ancestral Source of Incense, the Ancient Well of Daughter Fragrance, the Incense Workshop and the Fragrant Agarwood Museum.
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  • No.5

    Railroad Park

    45 Reviews
    27.5km from downtown
    "I went to this railway track. I am very happy that the railway park did not disappoint me. The track is very long and there is a train. It is very suitable for taking pictures. It happened to rain the day before yesterday. There were many falling flowers and yellow leaves on the road, which was quite poetic. Compared with other parks, it is very good."
    Highlights: Changping Railway Park is a new place to play with railway as the main landscape. The park is located at the confluence of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Line and the Beijing-Kowloon Line, creating this characteristic cultural landscape according to the terrain. At present, many modern and artistic entertainment facilities have been added to the park, such as fountains, small bridges, pavilions, lakes, and squares.
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What are some Instagram-Worthy Locations in Dongguan?
Some Instagram-Worthy Locations in Dongguan include:Longfeng Villa Resort|Fantasy Baihuazhou|Xiabafang|Yaxiang Street|Railroad Park
What are some highly-rated Instagram-Worthy Locations in Dongguan?
Some highly-rated Instagram-Worthy Locations in Dongguan include:Longfeng Villa Resort:4.4|Fantasy Baihuazhou:4.2|Xiabafang:4.3|Railroad Park:4.2
At what locations in Dongguan can Instagram-Worthy Locations in Dongguan be found?
The Instagram-Worthy Locations in Dongguan are mainly located in:Longfeng Villa Resort:Dongguan|Fantasy Baihuazhou:Dongguan|Xiabafang:Dongguan|Yaxiang Street:Dongguan|Railroad Park:Dongguan