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Top 10 Great Urban Parks in Dongguan - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    Tangxia Sightseeing Park

    115 Reviews
    42.1km from downtown
    Highlights: Tangxia Park is free and open to the public. The environment in the park is excellent. There are sightseeing cable cars, you can see the scenery of Tangxia, there are animals, and you can go boating. It is suitable for adults and children to go together. It is a more leisure place.
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  • No.2

    Chang'an Park

    94 Reviews
    23.4km from downtown
    "In the summer, Chang'an Park is green and shaded, especially suitable for play, there is less traffic from Monday to Friday, but there are crowds on weekends. Tickets are free, there are some play facilities inside, and you like to choose to consume."
    Highlights: Chang'an Park is located in the central area of Chang'an Town, covering an area of 22 acres. It was officially opened in the Spring Festival of 2001. In the park, there are main attractions such as pavilions on the top of the mountain, garden pavilions, square pavilions, flower halls, etc. There are more than 200 kinds of ornamental plants.
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  • No.3

    Qingxi Forest Park

    48 Reviews
    45.4km from downtown
    Highlights: Qingxi Forest Park is an area of Yinpingshan Forest Park in Qingxi Town. There are dense forests, vertical and horizontal streams, and the majestic Huangmaotian Waterfall. In March and April every year, when the sparrows bloom, people will linger. Along the hiking trail, there are many trees and flowers and plants along the way. If you want to appreciate the magnificence of Huangmaotian Waterfall, you need to go up Qinghu Road to the waterfall attraction, then return to the main entrance square, and then go up the stairs along Qingyuan Road in the other direction. When you reach the top, you can see an octagonal loft. , This is Ziyan Pavilion. From the top of the pavilion, there are continuous peaks in the distance, misty clouds and mist, and the scenery is very beautiful.
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  • No.4

    Songshan Lake Park

    108 Reviews
    16.7km from downtown
    "The European town Huawei built in the European town should have 2,000 mu. It is really happy to work in Huawei. There are small trains of different styles and afternoon tea. On weekdays, the internal staff can lead in. It is recommended to enter the park at 2:00 every week. There is more time to play and take pictures."
    Highlights: Songshan Lake Central Park is located on Cotton Tree Drive, near Baihuazhou. Hundreds of tall trees, green mountains and green trees, clear water and blue sky are planted in the park, which is an ideal resort for leisure, entertainment and sightseeing. Suitable for weekend family trips, there is also a barbecue in the park.
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  • No.5

    Foling Lake Country Park

    55 Reviews
    11km from downtown
    "[Transportation] Located in the Laoshan Scenic Area, it is relatively remote, and it is generally self-driving here. Parking charges five yuan once. It is a citizen park that does not charge tickets, which is as "country" as the name. There are some park landscapes inside, there are more green plants, climbing the dike is the Buddha Lake, people who go are generally taking children for parent-child outings, the mountain wind is very cool, and the summer is good."
    Highlights: Foling Lake Country Park is located in the south of Liaobu Town, next to the Southwest Highway, and is close to the newly planned Dongguan New City Center, Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park and Tongsha Reservoir Tourist Area, and is naturally connected with the above areas to form an ecological tourism landscape belt. quite superior. Foling Lake is also close to the Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway, only a 15-minute drive from the downtown area of Dongguan, and a 10-minute drive from the town center. The transportation is very convenient. Here mountains and rivers are integrated, the water quality is clear, the waves are shining, surrounded by mountains, wild birds play, green mountains and green waters complement each other, and it is known as "an emerald inlaid in the earth of Dongguan". The area is rich in vegetation, green trees, elegant environment and fresh air. It is a rare natural oxygen bar. There are thousands of high-quality lychees and longan trees for viewing and tasting. A 20,000-square-meter water park has now been built, with beaches, standard swimming pools, children's swimming pools, diving platforms, barbecue fields, etc. It is a good place for leisure.
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  • No.6

    Dongguan People's Park

    160 Reviews
    2.3km from downtown
    "Dongguan People's Park should be one of the oldest parks in Dongguan. The park is located in the center of Tongcheng. The transportation is convenient but there is a bit of traffic jam. The park area is still quite large, and there is an interesting monkey mountain at the door."
    Highlights: The People's Park in Guancheng District was built in 1913. It is located in the bustling and noisy urban area of Dongguan City. Therefore, there are many bustling scenes in the park. The amusement facilities in the park are complete, there are many plants and trees for viewing in the green belt, and the beautiful elements of Lingnan such as pavilions and pavilions are also readily available. It is an ideal place for tourists to rest after leisure and entertainment.
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  • No.7

    Railroad Park

    45 Reviews
    27.5km from downtown
    "I went to this railway track. I am very happy that the railway park did not disappoint me. The track is very long and there is a train. It is very suitable for taking pictures. It happened to rain the day before yesterday. There were many falling flowers and yellow leaves on the road, which was quite poetic. Compared with other parks, it is very good."
    Highlights: Changping Railway Park is a new place to play with railway as the main landscape. The park is located at the confluence of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Line and the Beijing-Kowloon Line, creating this characteristic cultural landscape according to the terrain. At present, many modern and artistic entertainment facilities have been added to the park, such as fountains, small bridges, pavilions, lakes, and squares.
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  • No.8

    Liuhua Park

    69 Reviews
    9.5km from downtown
    "Liuhua Park opened in 1999, covering an area of 31.5 hectares, located in Tongling, the intersection of Dongcheng, Shilong, Shiqiu Road, and the Qiu Road. Liuhua Park is a key cultural relics protection unit in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Now it is a garden ecological park in memory of the hero General Xiong Fei who led the Yimin against the Yuanjun's patriotic education in leisure and play. Liuhua Park is a collection of leisure and rich cultural connotations. A comprehensive garden ecological park combining amusement and patriotic education."
    Highlights: Liuhua Park has a long history. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the environment is very quiet. It is a very good leisure park. What is even more rare is that there are also rich legends and historical relics here, among which the more famous Liuhua Pagoda can be traced back to the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. Walking in the park, the mountains and rivers complement each other, which is refreshing. On both sides of the road, there are many famous sculptures from the Anti-Japanese War period, which are of red educational significance. Along the trail to the top of Tongling Mountain, you can feel the majesty of the Liuhua Pagoda at close range. The pagoda is based on red stone and built with blue bricks and gray sand. It was established by the people against the Yuan army.
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  • No.9

    Huangqishan Chengshi Park

    60 Reviews
    3.6km from downtown
    "Hey, it’s been so long here. The first time I came here, I felt quite fun. Then I liked to come here with a swimming pool and some children’s things. The children’s playground or something is better for Grandpa."
    Highlights: Dongguan Huangqi Mountain Park is located at the intersection of Dongguan Avenue and Dongcheng Middle Road. It covers an area of 243 hectares. There are scenic spots and historic sites such as Huangqi Mountain Lantern and Huangqi Ancient Temple, as well as new Qifeng Park Square, Gate Tower, Qifeng Lake Attractions, restaurants and other facilities. . The park is adjacent to Huying Park in the east, Huodongshu Management Area in the west, Lixin Management Area in the south, and Guancheng Forest Farm in the north. It is the first of the eight scenic spots in Dongguan and a symbol of Dongguan.
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  • No.10

    Yanhu Park

    57 Reviews
    55.4km from downtown
    "I went to the park a few years ago and felt that the park was very lively. Now Wuhu Park has added Wuhu Tower attractions, which makes people forget to return to the park. It is a good place for people to relax and exercise."
    Highlights: Yanhu Park relies on Phoenix Mountain, which is called "green lung" by local villagers. There is an antique archway at the main entrance of the park. Above the gate are the four characters of "Yanhu Park" written by Guan Shanyue, a contemporary Lingnan master of calligraphy and painting. Walking into the park, there are green grass, flowers and trees everywhere. In the center of the park is a man-made lake with an area of 10 acres. The arch bridge on the lake and the tourists rowing in the lake constitute a unique landscape in the park. In addition, the park also has basketball courts, tennis courts, ice skating rinks and fitness dance courts. Every holiday, everyone likes to gather here to carry out some healthy activities.
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  • No.11

    Lianhu Park

    85 Reviews
    35.7km from downtown
    "Qiaotou Lianhu Park is a lotus pond in summer and rape blossoms in winter. This park is very suitable for girlfriends or parents and children to go together. The focus is on free tickets. Take a walk on the bridge inside. You can shoot in the lotus pond. It is recommended to start playing here at four o'clock in the afternoon. There is a low tower peak next to it, which can be climbed to overlook the entire Qiaotou town."
    Highlights: The construction of Lianhu Park draws on the essence of gardens in Suzhou, Hangzhou and other places. It is antique and mainly composed of classical archways, more than 600 climbing stone ladders, half-mountain pavilions, mountainside winding paths, calligraphy and painting corridors and seven-story sightseeing towers. The names of "Lianhu Park" and "Songshan Tower" were inscribed by Guan Shanyue, a famous calligrapher and painter. On both sides of the gate arch are reliefs of lifelike white marble "Eight Horses" and "Nine Dragon Wall". The calligraphy and painting corridor is built along the ridge, with flower and bird paintings, landscape paintings, genre paintings, ancient figure paintings and so on. At the peak of Songshan Mountain, which is 60 meters above sea level, the Songshan Tower stands majestically, with an octagonal body and a height of 38.8 meters. The handrails around the bottom of the tower are all embossed patterns of white marble, and its exquisite craftsmanship is breathtaking. Climbing to the tower, the mood is suddenly enlightened, and the mind is elegant. Looking down on the world, thousands of scenes can be seen, and a picture of a peaceful and prosperous world is nostalgic and full of emotion. Walking through the pavilions, corridors and pavilions of Songshan Mountain, you will feel comfortable and content; The beautiful scenery of the park has attracted countless tourists to come and watch, especially on holidays, thousands of tourists in the park, singing and laughing everywhere.
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What are some Great Urban Parks in Dongguan?
Some Great Urban Parks in Dongguan include:Tangxia Sightseeing Park|Chang'an Park|Qingxi Forest Park|Songshan Lake Park|Foling Lake Country Park
What are some highly-rated Great Urban Parks in Dongguan?
Some highly-rated Great Urban Parks in Dongguan include:Tangxia Sightseeing Park:4.3|Chang'an Park:4.6|Qingxi Forest Park:4.7|Songshan Lake Park:4.5|Foling Lake Country Park:4.1
At what locations in Dongguan can Great Urban Parks in Dongguan be found?
The Great Urban Parks in Dongguan are mainly located in:Tangxia Sightseeing Park:Dongguan|Chang'an Park:Dongguan|Qingxi Forest Park:Dongguan|Songshan Lake Park:Dongguan|Foling Lake Country Park:Dongguan