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Top 5 Ancient Towns and Villages in Dongguan - 2023

Updated May 2023
  • No.1

    Nanshe Ming and Qing Ancient Village

    623 Reviews
    16.4km from downtown
    崇尚自然 知行合一
    "The ancient village of Nanshe Ming and Qing Dynasty in Chashan Town has a deep humanistic heritage and talents. The ancient village is large in scale and coordinated in layout. The residential buildings, temples, academies, shops, temples, ancient temples, pavilions, village walls, ancient wells, lanes, arches..... The scenery is beautiful, and the photos are all tastes of ancient style and ancient charm."
    Highlights: Nanshe Ming and Qing Ancient Village are distinctive destinations in the Pearl River Delta, offering an opportunity to experience the architectural style and traditional culture of the Ming and Qing eras. The centuries-old villages of Nanshe were forced out during the expansion of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but experts and scholars have joined forces to protect and maintain culturally significant carvings and valuable relics, as well as edifices from the era which have managed to remain intact to this day. Their heroic efforts are responsible for the continued existence of the Xie’s Ancestral Hall, which was constructed from clay with red stone running along the base of its walls. Additionally, a masonry building built with brick and a customary three-bay courtyard with triple entrances are sights worth seeing.
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  • No.2

    Tangwei Ming and Qing Dynasties Ancient Village

    33 Reviews
    18.9km from downtown
    "Although the village entrance guide icon shows the ticket office, in fact, you don't need tickets, you can enter the village at will. The village is full of old houses, no tourists, except for the old houses, ancient wells, stone floors, calligraphy in front of the door, village entrance ponds and big trees, there is nothing to look at."
    Highlights: Tangwei Ming and Qing Ancient Villages are the best and larger-scale ancient villages in Dongguan. The ancient buildings here have redstone seating walls, which are very characteristic. Because of the good atmosphere in the village, there are many academies. There are 19 academies and 21 ancient banyan trees in the ancient village. The Li's Ancestral Hall is majestic and has a long history; the wall built in the Ming Dynasty is the most intact ancient village wall in Dongguan City, and it is worth seeing.
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  • No.3

    Hengkeng Hengtang Ancient Village

    38 Reviews
    7.4km from downtown
    "Located in the depths of the mountains, the traffic is a bit inconvenient, and it is difficult for the ancestors to find this place. I guess it is because of avoidance. It did happen, and the whole village completely retained its shape. Of course, it also declined today, inevitable."
    Highlights: The Hengtang Ancient Village of Hengkeng was built in the Yuanyanyou period. The ancient village sits from northwest to southeast, and is built on the mountain. Conducive to ventilation and light transmission and drainage of rainwater and sewage. The ancient houses, ancestral halls, family ancestral halls and all the outer wall foundations, door foundations, door frames, sill foundations, and gate piers of the villages are all made of red sandstone. Ming Dynasty architectural style and characteristics. So far, the Zhong's ancestral hall still exists and is one of the four major ancestral halls in Dongguan. There are more than 10 first-class ancient trees with an age of more than 500 years by the Hengli Lake. One of them is a ficus ficus, which is 630 years old. It is called the "tree king" of Liaobu. vicissitudes.
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  • No.4

    Yulian Village

    19 Reviews
    35.1km from downtown
    "Today, although the ancient village is quiet, it still retains the ancient style and charm, attracting some TV dramas to come and shoot. Hong Kong wireless "Love Land" is also reported to have been filmed here, the play is starring Luo Jialiang, Zhou Haimei, Zhang Zhaohui and others. It is worth mentioning that Luo Jialiang's ancestral nationality is Dongguan, but not Qiaotou Town, but Hengli Town."
    Highlights: Jinglian Village is located at the foot of Pugua Ridge, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, covering an area of more than 114,000 square meters. The ancient village has beautiful scenery and antique flavor. The TV series "Love in the Earth", "Cold and Warm Hearts Knowing", and "Soul of the Army" have been filmed in this village. There is the "Jinshi Mansion" in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty; there is the former residence of Luo Shaoyan, the head of the propaganda section of the Political Department of the Red Seventh Army and the director of the Political Department of the Fourth Column. There is a gate to the east of the ancient village, and the stone steps at the gate are in the shape of fish gills. Along the east gate, there is an ancient alley extending to the north gate. The paved granite is 1.5 meters long and 0.3 meters thick. The bottom of Mashi Alley is not only the drainage culvert of the village, but also the road for the villagers to enter and leave. The stone alley is constructed due to the terrain, with twists and turns, and it has a feeling of winding paths leading to seclusion. The buildings on both sides of the ancient alley are of different heights, unified with blue bricks and red stones, red tiles and powder walls, and carved murals. The murals are mostly depicting historical allusions, opera scenes, landscape scenery, etc., forming a kind of exquisite and elegant architectural style like an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. . From the east gate, go north along Mashi Alley for about 150 meters. There is an ancient well beside the road with a diameter of about 1 meter. It is made of blue bricks. The well water is crystal clear, sweet and cool. There are three such ancient wells in the ancient village of Yilian, all of which were built in the Ming Dynasty and have a history of more than 400 years.
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  • No.5

    Li Ancestral Hall

    14 Reviews
    11.1km from downtown
    "Tengyong is a small village in Dongguan Yong, Guangdong. The folk customs are simple. Although it is a small village, it is one of the most prosperous in Guangdong. The paper factory in the village is the main source of wealth. Li is the village's family. The original residents of the village are all surnamed Li. There is a Li's big Ancestral Temple, which records the struggle of Lijia in Tengyong, free of tickets. The building inside is elegant and is a good place to visit."
    Highlights: Li's Ancestral Hall is located in Huangyong Village, Zhongtang Town. It was built in the ninth year of Gandao in the Southern Song Dynasty (1173). The layout of the ancestral hall takes the shape of turtles. The building is a three-entry courtyard and a quadrangle courtyard layout. There is a terrace in the front and wing rooms on both sides. 1337 square meters. In the ancestral hall, there are two inscriptions with ochre as the body and red stone as the base, which record the inscriptions written by six sages of Song, Yuan, and Ming Li Chunsou. Huangyong Village is the first of the four famous towns in Dongguan City, and the hometown of cultural relics in Zhongtang Town. Changes, the erosion of time, there are few relics that can be seen at present. In order to make this precious heritage permanent and relatively complete preservation, in recent years, Huangyong Village has increased the protection of cultural relics in the village. As early as 1993, the Ancestral Hall of Li's Family was already a city-level cultural relics protection unit in Dongguan City. This year, after the inspection and evaluation by experts, the Ancestral Hall of Li's Family in Huangyong Village was rated as a cultural relics protection unit in Guangdong Province.
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Some highly-rated Ancient Towns and Villages in Dongguan include:Nanshe Ming and Qing Ancient Village:4.2|Tangwei Ming and Qing Dynasties Ancient Village:4.1|Yulian Village:4.4|Li Ancestral Hall:4.6
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