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Top 9 Amazing Natural Scenery in Dongguan - 2023

Updated May 2023
  • No.1

    Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park

    2,675 Reviews
    39.4km from downtown
    "Overall, it is worth going. There are many play items on the way, but I didn’t play. There are also many places to rest. There are food and drink every other way, but the price is more expensive, the higher the more expensive."
    Highlights: The Guanyin Mountain Forest Park is located near Zhangmutou Town in Dongguan, not very far from Shenzhen and Huizhou. The park area is widespread with many beautiful sites. It is a good place to get away to pray, meditate, or just relax. The scenery is very good with lush trees, fresh air, and many small waterfalls. Scenic spots within the park include a 33-meter tall basalt Bodhisattva statue, a sight not to be missed. Standing in Guanyin Square, one not only can look out over the town of Zhangmutou but can also catch glimpses of Huizhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan in the distance.
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  • No.2

    Songshan Lake

    649 Reviews
    19.2km from downtown
    "Parent-child 🚲 tour, 26 kilometers around the lake, riding for more than three hours, challenging the physical limit. It is a famous wetland park, feeling the exclusive winter fall cedar, looking at Huawei's European town from afar."
    Highlights: Songshan Lake covers a large area Dongguan's Technology Park and is known for its beautiful natural scenery. The main attractions of Songshan Lake include Songhu Yanyu, Taoyuan Park and Songhu Huahai. It’s the perfect place for taking a relaxing stroll, enjoying flowers, or a riding a bike. Because the park is very large, there are dedicated bike lanes for taking a leisurely ride to see the park.
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  • No.3

    Fantasy Baihuazhou

    1,536 Reviews
    16.4km from downtown
    "Many projects have been added more than before, rainbow slides, jungle crossings, etc. It is a rare place for children to walk in Songshan Lake. I hope to continue to work hard to become a tourist card in Songshan Lake! Tickets have not increased prices, conscience scenic spots"
    Highlights: Fantasy Baihuazhou is located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. It has landscapes such as Peony Garden, Rose Garden, Flower Sea World, Butterfly Valley and Baihua Valley, as well as other garden pieces such as “Ruyi Flower Gate”, “Dutch Windmill” and “Flower Grand View”. In addition to admiring the flowers, Fantasy Baihuazhou has BBQ facilities, bicycle rental shops and other activities to indulge in, making it a good place for weekend leisure.
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  • No.4

    Shuilian Mountain Forest Park

    127 Reviews
    10.4km from downtown
    "After ten years, I came to climb Shuiyu Mountain again. Go up to the Shuiyu Pavilion and climb the stairs. It takes about forty minutes to go up from the parking lot. Then when you go down the mountain, you can go to the Yuquan Pavilion by the way, and there is a garden in the garden. It takes about two hours to play. Climbing the stairs is really tired haha, very suitable for exercise. Going to Guanyin Mountain did not sweat so much."
    Highlights: Shuilian Waterfall is situated in Shuilian Mountain Forest Park in the south of the city center. The Shuilian Mountain was formerly known as Pengtong Mountain, a radius of more than ten miles long, with continuous rolling hills and rocks. Because Penggong House was hidden here, it was named Pengtong Mountain. It was one of the eight views of Dongguan of the Ming Dynasty. There are springs in the mountains, and the water is clear and sweet. There is the Gutong Mountain Temple. The scale is grand and the sites are well preserved. There is a Guanyin Temple in the middle of the mountain and you can drive up to the temple.
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  • No.5

    Yinping Mountain(Silver Bottle Mountain)

    140 Reviews
    50.5km from downtown
    "Located at the junction of Xiegang Town and Huizhou City, Dongguan City East, 55 kilometers south east of Yicheng District, east and Baiyunxuan in Huiyang County, an area of 5,000 mu. Known as "Xiao Jiuzhaigou". The main peak of Yinpingzui Mountain is 898 meters, which is named after a silver bottle from a distance. Yinpingshan Forest Park is composed of Xiegang Scenic Area, Qingxi Scenic Area and Zhangmu Scenic Area."
    Highlights: Yinpingshan Forest Park is located in the east of Dongguan City, within the territory of Xiegang Town, with a total area of 2518.3 hectares. Yinpingzui Mountain in the southeast of Yinpingshan Nature Reserve is the main mountain of Tojo northbound. There are 5 peaks above 700 meters in the area, which are quite rare natural resources in Dongguan City, which is dominated by plains and terraces. The Yinping Mountain Nature Reserve is rich in animal and plant resources, with lush and green forests, charming scenery, birds chirping and cicadas everywhere, and waterfalls rushing down, which constitute the unique natural landscape of the reserve. With the addition of local folklore, it is full of color and beauty. charm. Entering the reserve from Nanmian Village and looking at Yinpingzui Mountain from a distance, it looks like the head of an orangutan looking to the east. Looking at Yinpingzui Mountain from the dam of the reservoir or on the way to the management station of the reserve, it is like a "fairy monkey looking at the moon" , forming a characteristic "fairy monkey looking at the moon" landscape. Shigu Reservoir runs through the middle of the reserve, and the water is as clear as a mirror. There is a reflection of the mountains on the opposite side, and there is a feeling of "high gorge out of Pinghu". If the breeze blows, the lake is sparkling, and the fresh mountain wind blows on the faces of tourists, making people feel relieved and refreshed from the fatigue brought by city life. From February to March every year, the "chunlaihong" (safflower lotus) blooming all over the mountains looks like a green safflower, and the golden barley flowers of the mountain cangzi are also embellished, which is extraordinarily enchanting. From April to May, the capsula tree blooms, and the beautiful white capsula flowers adorn the green bushes; in autumn, the red tallow and maple leaves make the forest completely dyed, which is another scene; in winter, clouds and mists linger in Yinpingzui. Between the mountains and the white clouds. In addition to the "Fairy Monkey Mochizuki" and Shigu Reservoir, there are also scenic spots such as Alienkeng Peacock Waterfall, Shuangdie Waterfall Group, Baizhang Waterfall, and Lingnan Jiaguoyuan.
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  • No.6

    Dalingshan Forest Park

    149 Reviews
    16.3km from downtown
    "Dalingshan Forest Park is located in Dongguan City, surrounded by Daling Mountain, Humen, Dalang and other towns, 530 meters above sea level, there is a pavilion on the top of the mountain, because the tea trees are all over, the famous tea fun."
    Highlights: Dalingshan Forest Park is located in the southwest of Dongguan City, surrounded by green forests and mountains. There are many hiking trails to the main peak—Dalingshan—which offers a terrific view of the Pearl River and rolling hills below. A golden statue of Maitreya, or future Buddha, stands in the park, as well as a nearby temple where the faithful go to pray. The park is divided into six main areas, including Shidong Scenic Area, which features a serene, comfortable environment. Huaihu Reservoir is also a gem in the area, featuring a 7-kilometer, tree-lined trail around the lake, perfect for a leisurely bike ride.
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  • No.7

    Dapingzhang Forest Park

    105 Reviews
    36.6km from downtown
    Highlights: Dapingzhang Forest Park is located in the southeast of Dongguan City, with a total area of 26.7 square kilometers and a forest coverage rate of over 96%. The ring-shaped mountains and medium-high hills in the park are like a natural barrier. The main peak is about 348.3 meters above sea level, so it is named "Dapingzhang". Two entrance and exit squares covering an area of 125,000 square meters, 27.8 kilometers of road around the mountain and 40 kilometers of hiking trails have been built. The park is divided into seven functional areas: forest bathing area, mountaineering sightseeing area, plant landscape area, leisure agriculture area, forest ecological conservation area, hydrophilic activity area and administrative service area. The five main scenic spots with distinctive features are Guanyin Mountain, Dapingzhang Secondary Forest, Cuidingshan Bamboo Trail Fitness Walking Trail, Leigong Mountain Mountaineering Trail, and five golf courses of the world's largest Mission Hills Golf Club. The ecological environment in the park is beautiful, with many valleys, streams, and diverse plant species. There are ancient trees such as Castanopsis chinensis that are over 100 years old, highlighting the ancient quietness of the mountain.
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  • No.8

    Qingxi Forest Park

    48 Reviews
    45.4km from downtown
    "Qingxi Town, Dongguan City Economic Assistance Key Township, naturally, the forest park development area here is not bad, the park does not need tickets, it is a good choice for hiking, the mountain road is 18 bends, slow safety first."
    Highlights: Qingxi Forest Park is an area of Yinpingshan Forest Park in Qingxi Town. There are dense forests, vertical and horizontal streams, and the majestic Huangmaotian Waterfall. In March and April every year, when the sparrows bloom, people will linger. Along the hiking trail, there are many trees and flowers and plants along the way. If you want to appreciate the magnificence of Huangmaotian Waterfall, you need to go up Qinghu Road to the waterfall attraction, then return to the main entrance square, and then go up the stairs along Qingyuan Road in the other direction. When you reach the top, you can see an octagonal loft. , This is Ziyan Pavilion. From the top of the pavilion, there are continuous peaks in the distance, misty clouds and mist, and the scenery is very beautiful.
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  • No.9

    Lianhu Park

    85 Reviews
    35.7km from downtown
    "Qiaotou Lianhu Park is a lotus pond in summer and rape blossoms in winter. This park is very suitable for girlfriends or parents and children to go together. The focus is on free tickets. Take a walk on the bridge inside. You can shoot in the lotus pond. It is recommended to start playing here at four o'clock in the afternoon. There is a low tower peak next to it, which can be climbed to overlook the entire Qiaotou town."
    Highlights: The construction of Lianhu Park draws on the essence of gardens in Suzhou, Hangzhou and other places. It is antique and mainly composed of classical archways, more than 600 climbing stone ladders, half-mountain pavilions, mountainside winding paths, calligraphy and painting corridors and seven-story sightseeing towers. The names of "Lianhu Park" and "Songshan Tower" were inscribed by Guan Shanyue, a famous calligrapher and painter. On both sides of the gate arch are reliefs of lifelike white marble "Eight Horses" and "Nine Dragon Wall". The calligraphy and painting corridor is built along the ridge, with flower and bird paintings, landscape paintings, genre paintings, ancient figure paintings and so on. At the peak of Songshan Mountain, which is 60 meters above sea level, the Songshan Tower stands majestically, with an octagonal body and a height of 38.8 meters. The handrails around the bottom of the tower are all embossed patterns of white marble, and its exquisite craftsmanship is breathtaking. Climbing to the tower, the mood is suddenly enlightened, and the mind is elegant. Looking down on the world, thousands of scenes can be seen, and a picture of a peaceful and prosperous world is nostalgic and full of emotion. Walking through the pavilions, corridors and pavilions of Songshan Mountain, you will feel comfortable and content; The beautiful scenery of the park has attracted countless tourists to come and watch, especially on holidays, thousands of tourists in the park, singing and laughing everywhere.
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What are some Amazing Natural Scenery in Dongguan?
Some Amazing Natural Scenery in Dongguan include:Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park|Songshan Lake|Fantasy Baihuazhou|Shuilian Mountain Forest Park|Yinping Mountain(Silver Bottle Mountain)
What are some highly-rated Amazing Natural Scenery in Dongguan?
Some highly-rated Amazing Natural Scenery in Dongguan include:Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park:4.5|Songshan Lake:4.5|Fantasy Baihuazhou:4.2|Shuilian Mountain Forest Park:4.6|Yinping Mountain(Silver Bottle Mountain):4.3
At what locations in Dongguan can Amazing Natural Scenery in Dongguan be found?
The Amazing Natural Scenery in Dongguan are mainly located in:Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park:Dongguan|Songshan Lake:Dongguan|Fantasy Baihuazhou:Dongguan|Shuilian Mountain Forest Park:Dongguan|Yinping Mountain(Silver Bottle Mountain):Dongguan