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    Local History in Bagan

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    That Bin Nyu

    78 Reviews
    462m from downtown
    "Atop the 7-story tower tower, the whole of Sugan has a panoramic view, whether it is sunrise or sunset, is a great place. His Bingyu Tower, built in 1144, is located in the middle of the Suganta group, up to 60 meters, is the highest Buddha tower in Suganta. Very beautiful and spectacular!"
    Reasons to Recommend: He Bingyu Pagoda is the tallest pagoda in Bagan, the landmark of Bagan, and its figure can be seen everywhere. It used to be a good place to watch the sunrise and sunset, but now tourists are no longer allowed to climb to the top, so only the exterior of the tower can be seen.
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    Shwegugyi Temple

    50 Reviews
    277m from downtown
    "Ruigu Yita Temple is a Buddhist building in the middle of Sugan. It was built in 1140 during the reign of Aronzedu King. Ruiguyi means "Jindong" because it is very close to the ancient palace, called the pre-palace pagoda. The tower is built on the 3.6 meter-high brick platform base. It is said that this is the tower temple platform formed by the king's End creation and a huge brick emerged from the ground. According to historical records, the king was dragged out of the palace and moved to the tower temple when he was old, and was later dragged. Four statues and two monuments are still preserved inside the temple. The viewing platform of the pagoda temple can be seen nearby."
    Reasons to Recommend: The Ruiguyi Pagoda is located 200 meters northwest of the Dabin Nyu Temple. It was built by King Alaungsithu in 1311 and is known as the Golden Cave Temple. It is a representative of the middle period of Bagan architecture. Although it is similar to the Mon temple architecture of the early temples, it is built on a high platform with very exquisite reliefs. Due to its close proximity to the ruins of the Royal Palace, it is considered a royal pagoda. The second-floor platform can overlook the panorama of old Bagan and take pictures of the surrounding pagodas from a head-up angle. It is also a good place to watch the sunset.
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    Bagan Nan Myint Tower

    38 Reviews
    4.4km from downtown
    "This should be the tallest building in Sugan. You can watch the sunrise and sunset here. But generally everyone will go to the pagoda to see the sunset. When the weather is good, there will be hot air balloons. But now the local government does not give the pagoda very much, afraid of damage."
    Reasons to Recommend: The Bagan Sightseeing Tower is a taller antique and modern concrete skyscraper on the Bagan plain. Standing on the panoramic viewing platform at the top of the tower, you can see all the large and small pagodas in Bagan. Until then, you can experience the shock.
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    Bagan Archaeological Museum

    37 Reviews
    632m from downtown
    "Opened at 9:30 in the morning, because of early arrival, I had to go to the stupa opposite the entrance first. I couldn’t think of finding unexpected beautiful spots. I climbed the second floor tower and looked at many stupas from a distance. It was a good place to take pictures. The building space is grand, but the collection is not as much as expected. There are sculptures and Bagan photographs on the first floor, and models of ancient kingdoms. On the second floor, there are many sculptures of Buddhas, which can be seen at a time. Interestingly, I don't know if I entered too early, the lights in the museum didn't have time to open, the exhibition room was dark, and I had to turn on my mobile phone to see the work clearly. The toilet was not located in the same building, and it was not until I left the building to find it."
    Reasons to Recommend: The Bagan Archaeological Museum is a museum that displays the history and archaeology of Bagan. It is large in scale and has a distinct Bagan architectural style. The museum has a rich collection of Buddhist artworks such as Buddha statues and sculptures. It mainly shows that Bagan, a small town with a long history, has left a splendid culture for future generations, which is completely the epitome of Bagan from ancient times to the present.
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    Tharabha Gate

    23 Reviews
    452m from downtown
    "Taraba Gate (Tharabha Gate) is the only one of the 12 gates in the ancient city of Gangan that has remained to this day. The builder of the Talaba Gate began with Kyiso and Nangong, the son of Kyiso and Nangong, the son of Kyiso and Nangong, the son of Kyiso and Nangong, the son of Liang Wusulohan, the usurper, who took the throne from the usurper Liang Wusulohan (Nyaung-u Sawrahan) and the wife of Liang Wusulohan. (Sokkate), they became the adopted sons of Ginger Biao, and the Queen of the North Palace gave birth to Anulotto with Ginger Biao. Kisseau and the siblings grew up in a coup and deposed Miyaru Ginger, who became king after completing construction work in the city of Taraba, including the Gate of Talaba, and died in a hunting accident (which became the stuff of countless Burmese folktales). Kisseau's successor is his half brother, Gede, who is aiming for his biological father, Liang Wu Suluhan, and stepfather Gong Mi Jiang Chuo, the widow of the two, the mother of his righteous brother Anulotuo. . . - This royal relationship is called a mess! The Magde's imagination eventually killed himself in the hands of Anurota."
    Reasons to Recommend: Built in 1050 by Bagan kings Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu and Kyiso, Taraba Gate is the only remaining city gate in Bagan's city walls. When Bagan City was built, there were 12 gates, and now only the east gate and the remaining city walls are left. There is a Buddhist shrine on each side of the city gate, and there are Buddha statues enshrined in it, which are easy to be ignored if you don't pay attention.
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    Bagan Palace Site

    11 Reviews
    340m from downtown
    "In Laoqigan, then next to the bridge, is the wooden bridge, walking on the bridge to visit, like visiting cultural relics, not particularly large, but too sun during the Spring Festival. We watched for five minutes and left."
    Reasons to Recommend: The site is located in old Bagan, and the former palace is now in ruins, which makes people sigh. However, through the efforts of archaeologists, the style and scale of the palace at that time can be roughly seen. Tourists can visit the wooden bridge.
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    Nat Hlaung Kyaung

    10 Reviews
    430m from downtown
    "In the main entrance of the temple, you can see the complete Big Benu Temple, and the angle is beautiful, it is a good place to take pictures. In literal meaning, "Nathlaung Kyaung" is interpreted as "the god of captivity." The temple is a traditional Indian grotto with a large column in the middle, all up and down the wall are frescoes or sculptures. The temple is carved in plaster, so the work is fine, Vishnu carved Vicho. In addition to plaster sculptures, there are still a small number of murals on the walls."
    Reasons to Recommend: Founded in the 11th century AD, the Nasrom Temple is the only remaining Hindu temple on the current Bagan plains. The temple is dedicated to Vishnu, one of the three main gods of Hinduism. There were originally 10 Vishnu gods enshrined in the Nasrung Temple, and now there are only 7 left. As it is a Hindu temple, the maintenance and restoration of Nasloun Temple is also not taken seriously. Many of the original buildings were destroyed, leaving the central main tower.
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    Nan Hpaya Temple

    20 Reviews
    2.2km from downtown
    "Opposite the large Shwensandaw tower is a hall with huge statues of the sleeping Buddha. Before that, many souvenir dealers lurked eager tourists. The reclining Buddha symbolized the way into Nerrv and overcome low emotions such as greed, greed, jealousy. That suits our traveler, doesn't it? After all, we've just flown halfway around the world and finally attached Sugan to our belt as another trophy. Are you upset about this contradiction? Oh, where it comes from! Let's be frustrated with the "disadvantages" of services that are available at ridiculous prices."
    Reasons to Recommend: Nam Paye Temple is a Hindu temple, its architectural structure is very special, the inner wall is paved with fired bricks, and the outer wall is built with sandstone. It is also one of the four historical sites built of sandstone in Bagan. Among the other three is the famous Shwesh Palace Pagoda. The four stone pillars inside the temple are carved with Bharat around intricate floral designs, while the temple's outer walls are carved with knights (the Burmese patron saint) around the windows. It used to be the place where Manuha, the king of the Mon people, was imprisoned, so the interior was dimly lit, like a prison.
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    Bagan Golden Palace

    21 Reviews
    364m from downtown
    "On the last day, a few friends rode around aimlessly on small electric donkeys, and stumbled upon the palace. It was spectacular from the outside, and it should be the place for local festivals."
    Reasons to Recommend: The Bagan Golden Palace is located in the northwest corner of the Bagan Plain, opposite the real palace, and opened to the public in 2008. The building itself does not retain much of the style of the original palace building, but it is still the spokesperson of the Kingdom of Bagan on the plain.
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    Temple of the Four Faces

    7 Reviews
    4.5km from downtown
    "Limi Na Temple is indeed a relatively biased location, generally riding a small motorcycle, come to play sporadic tourists, very quiet place. The white tower looks very pure. On the side of the broken wall, we found the only one we could walk up the stairs, in a higher point to watch the sunrise, too difficult."
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    Thatbyinnyu Pahto

    17 Reviews
    475m from downtown
    "[Destination Raiders] Prepare for: Bagan is Myanmar's most elite historical ancient city, Buddhist cultural sites, and tourist attractions, personally think of as the best place in Myanmar. A lifetime must come. Traffic Raiders: Bagan is located in central Myanmar, located on the left bank of the middle of the Irrawaddy River. The traffic is not particularly convenient. It is definitely no comparison with the domestic. If you go from Mandalay, it is cheaper to take the bus but it takes a long time. It takes four or five hours to go one way. It takes more than 600 guns, three or four hours. There is a plane each in the morning and evening. It is not expensive to discount. It is more than 300 RMB per person. It is estimated to take more than three hours to go to the airport and on the plane. The disadvantage is that the time is fixed. When you arrive at the Bagan Bus Station, if you go to the hotel, there is another payment, basically taxis do not hit the watch, more than 10,000 local currency can be done. Local must punch: hundreds of Bagan Fota, really if you visit the main Buddha Tower, also take two days, tourists may not remember to live. Better to pick some highlights, such as Damayangjita (the largest brick tower), Ananda Temple (the most beautiful), Dabin New Temple (the highest), Ruishan Tota (this can climb up to see the sunset, but now not allowed to climb), there are many unknown towers, different styles, like Longmen Grottoes, There are various Buddha statues, there are standing Buddha, sitting Buddha, lying Buddha, some are brick towers, some are stone towers, some are big golden towers. All these tower temples, you have to take off your shoes, go to the countryside as the custom. It is a little painful to step on your feet. Food Raiders: The local dishes are more oily, to be honest, there is nothing recommended, and Thailand can't compare. Shopping Raiders: The most famous local are puppets, lacquerware and sand paintings, and there are shopping spots in front of each major temple. You can also buy them in the hotel, but it is not expensive. Travel Feeling: It is said that this four hundred and eighty temples in the Southern Dynasty are very magnificent. Now there are only a few left when I go to Nanjing. At this time, there are still more than 4,000 pagoda temples. They are of different sizes. Most of them are heritages from the 10th to 12th centuries. Many years have been in disrepair. Visitors can climb the tower to watch the sunrise. In recent years, government management has been strengthened. Don't climb the tower, although lost some scenery, but did protect the World Heritage Site small Tips: Tangan is a great place, never seen so many towers, very sacred, although the locals are poor, but people are good, maybe Buddhist country, people are very simple. Be sure to respect the locals' habits and prepare to write a local currency of 1000 denominations. There is no problem with tipping."
    Reasons to Recommend: The temple is located less than 800 meters southwest of Ananda Temple. It was built in the 12th century by the then king Alaungsithu. It is one of the earlier buildings within a building in Bagan, and it is also the tallest of all buildings. Together with Ananda Temple, it is called "Bagan Twin Pagodas". The tower is divided into five floors, with monks living on the first and second floors. The third floor is for monks to meditate, the library is on the fourth floor, and the fifth floor is for Buddha statues. There is a huge brick Buddha statue in the tower, and there are also stone carvings in Pali script, all of which have their own unique style. Tourists can only visit it on the ground floor because it is a listed building, and it used to be a good place to watch the sunrise.
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