World's Most Beautiful Small Towns

Far from the hustle and bustle of big city life are places where history and culture seamlessly blend with incredible natural scenery. These are the world’s best small towns. Spending your vacation among the beautiful scenery and friendly local people will bring joy to your heart.
Santorini Popular Travel Guides Photos


Visit Oia, the beautiful pearl on Santorini Island,See what is arguably the world's most famous sunset
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Interlaken Popular Travel Guides Photos


Incredible beauty with the Jungfrau as a background,Enjoy a fairytale world in the lakes and mountains
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Lijiang Popular Travel Guides Photos


Visit this lovely UNESCO World Heritage Site,Find romance after dark on the cobblestone streets
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Colmar Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 4


A second Venice with romantic French architecture,Roam the town that inspired "Howl's Moving Castle"
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Wuzhen Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 5


Experience serenity in the Venice of the East,Enjoy spring in a beautiful ancient water town
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Yangshuo Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 6


Guilin's landscape ranks among the world's best,The Lancang River scenery seems cut from a painting
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Lake Tekapo Popular Travel Guides Photos
One of only four international dark sky reserves,Gaze upon the emerald lake and dreamy landscapes
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Zhouzhuang Popular Travel Guides Photos
See great architecture in China's first water town,Like a traditional Chinese painting brought to life
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Ronda Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 9


Hemingway said this is the perfect place to elope,A town with Roman roots and Spain's oldest bullring
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Fenghuang Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 10


Visit the most beautiful village in Hunan Province,Let Fenghuang's charm ease your worries and cares
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