Enjoy Luxury in the World's Great Cities

It's said in life you can be impulsive only twice: once for love, and once to take that trip of a lifetime. Visit the world’s most expensive cities, sample the exquisite cuisine and fine wines at Michelin-starred restaurants, experience the finest hotels, and shop the most exclusive boutiques. Or maybe your dream is to finally slow down and truly appreciate nature. No matter the desire, it’s possible to find your lavish ideal with these luxurious destinations.
Dubai Popular Travel Guides Photos


A city synonymous with wealth and luxury,Marvel at the Luxurious Wonders of Dubai
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Tokyo Popular Travel Guides Photos


A fashionably modern city with traditional charm,Stay at the AMAN Tokyo, the standard in elegance
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Hong Kong Popular Travel Guides Photos

Hong Kong

Visit one of the world's great financial centers,Hustle, bustle, and neon lights in Tsim Sha Tsui
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Singapore Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 4


Rated the world's "most expensive" city,Enjoy 198m infinity pool in the Marina Bay Sands
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Paris Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 5


Enjoy Elegant European Art, Romance, and Luxury,French cuisine and Michelin-starred restaurants
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New York Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 6

New York

Experience the luxury in the city that never sleeps,Shop the world's fashion capital along Fifth Ave
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London Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 7


Experience the elegance of the London aristocracy,Visit world class museums and galleries for free
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Sydney Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 8


Visit the New York of the Southern Hemisphere,Experience the Sydney lifestyle on the beach
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Zurich Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 9


An affluent city known for its high cost of living,Experience Zurich's beautiful lakes and mountains
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Oslo Popular Travel Guides Photos
No. 10


Visit the city with the highest averages wages,Known as Europe’s safest and happiest city
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