[2022]Multicultural Heritage Walking Tour

[2022]Multicultural Heritage Walking Tour

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[2022]Multicultural Heritage Walking Tour
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  • Its location alone may raise a few eyebrows – right next to Thian Hock Keng Temple, and that is still within Singapore’s CBD. “Chongwen Ge” is Singapore’s earliest Chinese school, said to be constructed in 1849.
  • The museum compound, Chong Wen Ge, together with Thian Hock Keng temple was awarded UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage 2001 Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.
  • Yueh Hai Ching Temple: A Heritage Site Also Known As “The Love Temple”
  • It is located at 140 Telok Ayer Street, in the historic Chinatown area.
  • It is the oldest and most important temple of the Hokkien (Hoklo) people in the country.


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