Shiroi Koibito Park
Sweet world, Hokkaido White Lovers Park ~ White Lovers Chocolate factory is the production and display of white lovers chocolate. Its central building is a European classical castle with an English atmosphere. White Lovers Factory, unlike the conventional factory, is like a beautiful fairy tale world, antique conjoined English castle, small bridge between green trees, timed bell tower performance, will turn The dancing "chef", the wonderful music box music, and various rides bring the tourists back to the pure fantasy of childhood. The architectural charm of the factory comes from its beautiful style and exquisite construction. All the building materials are imported from the UK. The interior furnishings, lighting and various small details are very elegant, giving elegance and elegance. Visual enjoyment. The white lovers factory not only has a dream park to attract tourists, but also a factory line that is actually producing products. Visitors can watch the whole process of production through the glass window. The retro design makes the production room full of fun. Employees skillfully add chocolate to the biscuits on the conveyor belt, then cool, pack, and produce in an orderly manner. In addition to watching the "White Lovers" production line, there is also a "Chocolate Time Tunnel" in the castle, which recreates the scene of the 19th century British chocolate factory, as if it were placed in the kingdom of chocolate.