It takes about seven hours to drive from Wakkanai to Sapporo, so we set off early in the morning, plus the time for lunch, it will take a day. Fortunately, the scenery on the road is particularly beautiful. We drive the RV again and stop and go all the way. There are three beautiful things on the road. The first beauty is the little Mount Fuji. As for the specific place, I dont know what the name is. In short, there are many such mountains. If you can see them, you will see the fate. The second beauty is this sly or straight road, crossing the jungle! The third beauty is the house here, the little one, covered with thick snow, like the world of fairy tales. We also spent a lot of money on the ski slopes. We hired Jianwang International Ski School, which is affiliated to Jianwang International Co., Ltd. and JWG Jianwang Contract Club. The first Chinese sports team established in Hokkaido, the first Chinese sports club, established the first Chinese ski school in Japan in Niseko two years ago. It is currently the only designated Chinese language agency of the Japanese Professional Coaching Federation. Many stars and directors. The host is a student of this school. The coaches are super greasy, and they promise that the average student can learn within four hours and can slide on the junior track. I have learned a few times before, and under the guidance of the coach, I can slide smoothly. In particular, the principal of the school, Wang Jianyong, many Japanese media have rushed to report on his deeds and have taken many first Chinese in Japan.