In the morning, the fog is faint, and the mountains are like mountains. Later, the mist gradually spreads out and the sun shines. Furong Town Tujia Diaolou Building is like a landscape painting with vines and trees. The ancient town of Yongshun County in Xiangxi is famous for its Xie Jin movie "Furong Town" and has become one of the most popular ancient towns in Hunan. Xizhou Tongzhu, Tuwang Bridge, Tuwanghang Palace, Wangcun Waterfall, Wuli Shiban Street, Xiangxi Folk Customs Museum are all worth visiting. Especially recommended Wangcun Waterfall and Tuwang Palace, the former It is magnificent, and the latter is magnificent, overlooking the town of Furong and the Great Falls. The stone street in Furong Town is very historical, and it is also the location of the film. m tofu is a well-known food in the town and it is worth tasting!
Posted: 21 Dec 2018
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Furong Town

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