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Venice - City of love !!

A quick day trip to Venice before disappear from this 🌎. Due to global warming and glaciers melting, water level is higher and higher day by day. Sooner or later , James Bond movies have to change locations 🤪🤪!! Venice is easy accessible from many locations by trian , bus , ferry and flights. For me , I took day trip from Milan . Since I have Eurail pass , I can Just use my pass to go there by train and it took less than 2:30hrs . I would say, Venice have two different face , one is touristy area and the other part of island is local fishing area . I explore the whole island by foot and have my lunch at one local place and it cost me 1/3 of normal tourist area charge 🤭🤭, but you need to prepare to walk when you are with me 😆!! San Marco Square area and Gondola ride areas are too crowded and the rest of the island are still adorable and enjoyable with small alley and lovely local shops . Once you are in Venice , try to walk around the other part and enjoy different side of Venice . See you all on the other side of the 🌎 !! #summerescape #solotravel #Europe
Posted: Sep 27, 2023
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