The romantic place called Venice

I visited Venice at the end of July 2023 with a friend. I flew from Stansted London and reached Venice at 8.30pm. Since it was already late, we had to find a restaurant to eat as we were starving. Took a water public transport from the airport and got off at the San Marco jetty. The ticket cost 19 Euro. It was a slow moving boat since it has to slow down everytime a small boat passed it. So we ended up travelling for 1 hour to the jetty. By the time we landed, it was close to 10.30pm and the whole city was quiet. It was easy to find our way around since we had a roaming network. At this time, most restaurants were closed and we had to find the ones still open. Had a quick dinner and head to the hotel. The next day, we venture to the San Marko square and it was crowded and it also coincide with the graduation of the graduates. All the people on the street were happy and singing it was like some kind of festival. We tried the local pasta and local beers like Birre Morrati. After a while, we also tried the chinese restaurants and was surprised with the quantity of dish they served which was enough for 2 persons and the price was very reasonable. Of course the taste was simply delicious. San Marco basilica was interesting to visit and see the interior. Of course we did it on the 2nd day and lined up an hour before it opened. The effort paid off as we only had to pay the entrance fee at a fraction of the price had we bought the "skip the line" ticket. We had an extra cash to pay for our birre morrati. For couples that come to visit Venice, it is a not to be missed experience to ride the Gondola and go through some of the tunnels and canals of Venice. After, Venice is a romantic city. But we decided to venture around the city and mingle with the locals there instead. Food was what I wanted to have experience of, so I ended up having lots of different kinds of food. Talk about bud taste explosion, I really had my fill of the day. On the last day, we took a train ride from Venice to our next destination, Florence. Something I find useful is thay, on the way to the train station, we had to ride the public boat transportation from where we stayed. When buying the ticket, it is advisable to just buy it from the counter instead of from the ticket dispensing machine. Because once you bought the wrong and expensive ticket, there is no way to get the refund. Simply buy the ticket at the counter and they could offer advise as well as the cheapest ticket. Also, once you bought the ticket, just go to the left side of the counter to wait at the jetty. The ticket is needed to scan to enter. Don't worry which side of the platform you enter because once the boat arrive, both platforms will be opened for people to enter the boat. We almost had to jump to go the the next platform thinking that we had been in the wrong platform. Luckily we didn't and when the boat came, both platforms door opened up to let all passengers to board the boat.
Posted: 12 Aug 2023
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