Stay up late to sort out the must-see comparison of the 4 popular sailing ships in Phuket

Catamaran The boat speed is slow, the operation is stable, it is the best choice for Phuket sea trip. But which sailboat should you choose among so many? Today, let's compare the current mainstream 4 popular sailboats👏, to help you quickly choose the boat you like⛵ - 1⃣Elizabeth 💠Type: Twin-sail power yacht 🈵Load: 45 people 💡Highlights: Unique central rose swimming pool + rain curtain design, S-shaped sea view dining corridor, bow photo C position, three-layer sail photo C position, the designer considered many shooting needs from the beginning of the shipbuilding 🉑Leisure and entertainment: ✔Snorkeling equipment ✔Hand silk line sea fishing ✔Transparent kayak ✔Paddle board ☕Catering: Drinks + seasonal fruits + Thai set meal 🔎Route: Emperor Island + Coral Island - 2⃣Miss Red 💠Type: Twin-sail power yacht 🈵Load: 55 people 💡Highlights: New type of double-hull double-deck sailboat, full transparent sea view, good space utilization, larger activity space, effectively alleviate seasickness. The service is also very good, there are Chinese guides throughout the journey, communication is unimpeded 🉑Leisure and entertainment: ✔Water floating mat ✔Slide ✔Transparent kayak ✔Paddle board ✔1 snorkeling ☕Catering: Breakfast + lunch + afternoon tea (sushi cocktail) + fruit drinks 🔎Route: Emperor Island + Coral Island - 3⃣Black Pearl 💠Type: Twin-sail power yacht 🈵Load: 80 people 💡Highlights: Old popular sailboat, the ship is huge and luxurious, the atmosphere on the ship is also very high. The key is that the itinerary is easy, lazy people don't have to get up early and don't have to rush, the whole journey is for enjoyment 🈶Equipment: Snorkeling equipment + life jacket| DJ + lighting equipment| 200 square meters of ship activity space| Open-air shower + 2 toilets ☕Catering: Buffet lunch + welcome wine on board 🔎Route: Emperor Island + Coral Island ❣-ps: There are more foreign tourists on the ship, using English guides (pay attention to the language difference), because it is a popular ship that became famous earlier, so there is often no position, if you want to book, you must book in advance - 4⃣Lobster (Black Pearl's flat replacement version) 💠Type: Twin-sail power yacht 🈵Load: 80 people 💡Highlights: Luxury double-deck double-hull large sailboat, equipped with comfortable lazy reclining seats, there is also a large bar DJ station on the ship, the whole journey is in the disco. You can enjoy the sunset at sea on the return journey, if you love lively, choose this boat 🈶Equipment: Resident DJ and LED lighting equipment| Sound system| Leisure net pocket| Independent toilet (male 1 + female 2)| Shower ☕Catering: Thai lunch + fruit, soft drinks, mineral water 🔎Route: Emperor Island + Coral Island ❣-ps: New popular ship, Chinese guide, communication is unimpeded - 🔊Final price Elizabeth ≈ Miss Red <Black Pearl ≈ Lobster - 👇👇👇 Detailed itinerary, top right corner➕view✅ 🉑Pre🈯 🉑Inquiry🈯 More surprise experiences, anytime📩👏👏👏 Emperor Island Coral Island Phuket·Phuket Prefecture
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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