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Phuket Island attractions check-in: 🔸Phuket Old Street: It's very suitable for strolling here, the houses are all macaron-colored, there are many old Thai restaurants, you can check in the same scene in the BKPP drama. 🔸 Fairy Peninsula: Located at the southernmost point of Phuket Island, it is an excellent viewing point for watching the sunset, and it is the location of the BKPP drama. 🔸 Chalong Temple: The architectural style has a strong typical Thai style, it is golden and brilliant, and it is very photogenic. 🔸 Jungle Leap: Wearing a rope like a monkey, shuttling through the tropical rainforest, it is very exciting and fun. 🔸 Nemo Dolphin Pavilion: You can get close to dolphins, watch wonderful dolphin performances, very cute and wonderful. 🔸 Fantasea Park: Thailand's dream carnival, showing unique Thai culture through song and dance shows. - Surrounding islands: 🔸Similan Islands: Open only five months a year, with jelly-like gradient seas, you can check in a lot of overhead views on the 8th island, very beautiful. 🔸 Racha Island: Like Similan, it is open for a limited time every year, the sea has 7 colors, the marine life is rich, the fish and corals at the bottom of the sea are clearly visible, and it is a diving paradise. 🔸 Coral Island + Emperor Island: The classic combination of island hopping, the sea is clear and green, there are many sea projects, and there are many swing check-in points that are very photogenic. 🔸 Phi Phi Island + Egg Island: It is also a very popular island hopping route, very suitable for parent-child travel, the island facilities are complete, you can clearly see the small fish in the shallow water area, very leisurely. 🔸 Phang Nga Bay: The location of the Hollywood 007 series of movies, the mountains are towering, the sea view is picturesque, you can take a raft to explore the caves, the playability is very high
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Posted: Jan 26, 2024
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