Head to Osaka - this hotel is a must-stay!

Osaka Hotel is a must-stay for transportation, shopping, and convenience with the opening of Japan's independent travel. More and more Chinese tourists are flocking to Japan, and Osaka is often the first choice for Chinese tourists visiting Japan for the first time. It is not only extremely convenient to travel to famous attractions such as Kyoto and Nara. As Japan's second-largest commercial city, whether it's SHOPPING or gourmet food... it can fully meet your needs in all aspects. As a blogger who often travels to Japan, I am here today to recommend a place to stay in Osaka - I call it one of the best hotels for shopping, transportation, family, and gourmet food in Osaka. No matter what kind of family trip you are on, Osaka Nikko Hotel can meet your needs. 🐈【Special Cat Room】: The first choice for families and couples or best friends! It's really great to stay in such a dreamy cat-themed room with children! Surrounded by cats, the details of the elements are very in place (cups, cushions, and decorations, etc... are all cat-themed). If you are a girl who loves to take photos, you will definitely be satisfied with all kinds of photo opportunities here. Moreover, compared to accommodations in Japan, the rooms are really luxuriously large. I also recommend their VIP suite. If you like quietness and high-floor views, you can choose this room type. The entire bathroom is as big as a separate room. In the evening, you can overlook the beautiful scenery of Osaka. Even if you buy a lot of things, you don't have to worry about the room being too small to fit them. The details of the bedding are very in place, and your sleep will be greatly improved. 🏨【Hotel Gourmet Food】: First of all, you must enjoy their breakfast when staying at the Nikko Hotel. Because this is almost the most distinctive breakfast I have had in Osaka. Whether it's octopus balls or buckwheat noodles... they are choices comparable to regular meals. In short, you must choose breakfast at Nikko. Both Western and Japanese styles are fully considered, and even breakfast is carefully designed. Hotel Restaurant - Teppanyaki - Ginkgo: It's really a challenge from the top-level KOBE BEEF. You can choose it in the form of a set meal, so you can avoid the embarrassment of not knowing which one to choose the first time you come here. The side dishes in the set meal are carefully designed for you, so don't worry about making a mistake! From appetizers to the last main course. All are quite characteristic of Osaka. When the chef starts cooking teppanyaki in front of you, you can smell the aroma and the sizzling sound of the iron plate mixing. It's like enjoying a double feast of taste, vision, and hearing. It is important to note that the beef here can have the highest grade black-haired Wagyu label! The marbling is really super beautiful~ The taste is really amazing. Hotel Restaurant - Benkei: Coming to Japan to taste authentic Japanese high-end cuisine is a must. Because the kaiseki cuisine served one after another can give you one surprise after another. Each dish can be called a masterpiece. At Benkei, Japanese chefs will design each dish around the theme of each set meal. It can be said that the dishes are appetizingly connected, but they are not the same and still reflect Japanese characteristics. Whether it's sushi or sukiyaki, the ingredients are very exquisite. What I can't forget is the beef in the sukiyaki, it seems that the milky fragrance is still unforgettable. If you want to taste Japanese banquet cuisine, you must choose here. You won't be disappointed! 🚇【Transportation】: There is a bus from the airport, and the subway Osaka Metro - Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 8. It's very close to walk. It's just across the road from Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. It only takes a 7-minute walk to Dotonbori, and the whole way is from Shinsaibashi Shopping Street, which is not boring at all. Since the subway is right next to it, it is extremely convenient to go to any attractions such as Shinsekai, Umeda, and Universal Studios. In short, if Osaka asks me to recommend the most convenient hotel for travel, Osaka Nikko Hotel is the one~ Remember to save it!
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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