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Kentai Delicacies.

Located on the 3rd floor in the center of Mong Kok Right at Mong Kok Station Exit B There is a footbridge connected to the one mall The restaurant specializes in takeout However, if you want to enjoy hot and fresh food There are two small tables in the shop or a dining area in the corridor But remember to clean up the trash after eating Kentai Pork Neck Meat Lo Mein $38 A big plate that's satisfyingly filling Very popular Kentai Hazelnut Banana Crepe $34 Had it once before Came back for an encore today The quality is still as delicious The crispy crepe topped with soft bananas Releasing the aroma of bananas Topped with hazelnut sauce It's a dessert with a rich texture Kentai Stir-fried Kway Teow $50 Looks quite refreshing Served in a faux banana leaf vessel that holds the hot stir-fried kway teow Shrimp and bean sprouts give a refreshing taste The sauce is slightly sweet The kway teow is not too wet Also had a special drink, Longan Ice Sweet and refreshing Large longan fruits Cooling Thoroughly chilling Continue shopping after filling up
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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