Pure exploration of the Antelope Valley in the five major parks of West Yellowstone

👇【Recommended Reason】👇 📷①【Yellowstone Arrangement】Two consecutive nights at a hotel at the West Yellowstone entrance; three days of touring Yellowstone Park, ensuring visits to 15 major attractions in Yellowstone! 🚘②【Quality Small Group】No shopping, no self-paid projects recommended, no mandatory fees at attractions, no fuel surcharges, no tricks. Travel with peace of mind. 💥 ③【Boutique Small Group】9-person boutique group, refusing mixed personnel, Chinese driver-guide, Chinese tourists. Free door-to-door pickup and drop-off in Los Angeles/Las Vegas downtown, enthusiastic service 💐④【Photography Hotspot】Social media check-in, Instagram-worthy shots: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Rainbow Rock Formation; 🏞 ⑤【National Parks】Explore the five major national parks of the West: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park; 🎏【Itinerary Snapshot】🎏 D1: Los Angeles🚗Las Vegas D2: Las Vegas🚗Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)🚗Small Town (If departing from Las Vegas, this is the first day) D3: Small Town🚗Horseshoe Bend🚗Antelope Canyon🚗Bryce Canyon🚗Salt Lake City D4: Salt Lake City🚗Grand Teton🚗Yellowstone National Park🚗Idaho D5: Idaho🚗Yellowstone🚗West Yellowstone D6: West Yellowstone🚗Half-day tour of Yellowstone Park🚗Salt Lake City D7: Salt Lake City🚗Zion National Park🚗Las Vegas (If joining the tour in Las Vegas, this is the last day) D8: Las Vegas🚗Las Vegas North Outlets🚗Los Angeles 💎【Attraction Introduction】💎 🕊 【Grand Teton National Park】--Soaring peaks covered with millennia-old glaciers, mountain after mountain, peak after peak, as if entering a fairyland on earth. 🏔 【Yellowstone National Park】--"The most unique magical playground on earth" and also the world's first national park. Guaranteed to visit fifteen major park attractions. ⛳ 【Antelope Canyon】--One of the world's famous slot canyons and a renowned photography spot; 🌊 【Horseshoe Bend】--A famous social media check-in spot, overlooking the great bend of the Colorado River; 🍃 【Grand Canyon National Park】--Formed by the intense downcutting of the Colorado River, also known as the "Colorado Grand Canyon". Home to the largest valleys on earth. 🏟 【Bryce Canyon National Park】--Possesses red, orange, and white rocks that form a unique natural landscape, hence it is known as the palace of natural stone figures. 🌾 【Zion National Park】--Thick sandstone layers deposited since the Mesozoic era 150 million years ago, eroded by the Virgin River for tens of millions of years, eventually forming this narrow and deep canyon. 👏 Complimentary Las Vegas night tour, checking in at the new landmark MSG Sphere.
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
Mylinda Fleming
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