The Late Qing Exhibition at the British Museum features the authentic dragon robe of Emperor Jiaqing

As I stepped into the entrance of the Chinese Gallery at the British Museum, the first sentence that greeted me was: "The Chinese have created the most extensive and enduring civilization in the world." This brief yet profound description filled me with pride and exhilaration. In the special exhibition, I witnessed the display of the original British version of the Treaty of Nanjing. It lay there silently, making no sound, yet its historical weight shook my soul, as if echoing those humiliating years. What is puzzling is that the authentic dragon robe of the real Emperor Jiaqing is also preserved in the British Museum. This ironic scene made me reflect deeply. Our history has suffered humiliation and devastation, but now it is time to awaken the spirit of self-strengthening, to let the world witness the power and wisdom of the sons and daughters of China.
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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