Explore the halls of world civilization: The British Museum

Plan Ahead Before heading to the British Museum, make sure you have planned your trip in advance. As the museum is vast and houses over 8 million artifacts and works of art, planning your visit can help you make the most of your time. Choose Your Time Wisely Try to avoid the peak tourist season and weekends to stay clear of the crowds. If you can visit during the quieter times on weekdays, either early or late, you'll be able to browse more comfortably. Understand the Exhibitions Make sure you are informed about the current exhibitions. The British Museum frequently showcases exquisite items and continuously updates its exhibitions with different themes. By knowing what's on display in advance, you can prepare for your visit and make it more convenient. Select the Right Path Plan your route based on your interests. For example, if you are interested in ancient Egyptian culture, it's recommended to head to the Egyptian section to find related exhibits. Join Free Guided Tours The British Museum offers free guided tours, which are a great opportunity to learn more about the artifacts and collections. Don't forget to book your free visit ticket in the morning to maximize your time. Participate in Courses and Workshops The British Museum also offers a variety of interesting activities and courses, such as painting, research, and more. These are designed for different age groups, so you can choose an activity that interests you to learn and experience.
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Posted: Apr 7, 2024
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The British Museum

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