Mont Saint-Michel, the sacred mountain of France.

In my teenage years, when I first saw a photo of Mont Saint-Michel similar to photo 1, I didn't believe it actually existed on Earth. I thought it was a fairyland in the sky or a mirage in the sea. It wasn't until 2003 when I stood in front of Mont Saint-Michel for the first time that I believed it was real and exactly the same as in the photo. There is a saying that if you haven't been to Mont Saint-Michel, you haven't truly been to France. Mont Saint-Michel is more magnificent, spectacular, and soul-stirring than the Eiffel Tower. Its fairyland-like temperament, unique geographical structure, legendary history, simple yet magnificent architectural style, and fascinating aura, relying on its unique and solitary momentum facing the sea, make it different and unparalleled. Saint Michael is the archangel who leads the battle in the Bible. Legend has it that he appeared in a dream three times to the bishop of nearby town Avranches, Aubert, instructing him to build a church on the same mountain. Centuries ago, when the monks decided to build a church on the reefs in the sea, they could not have imagined that this place would become France's most famous pilgrimage site and even be hailed as a spiritual symbol of France. The strict medieval walls and changing tides allowed the Mont Saint-Michel Monastery and the ancient town at the foot of the mountain to serve God and pilgrims undisturbed for centuries. Today, as you walk into the towering church and peaceful courtyard 100 meters above sea level, time seems to stand still in that era; while the bustling town, although full of modern commercial atmosphere, can also make people experience the simple and enthusiastic side of Normandy, full of human touch. On the spire of the Gothic cathedral, one can vaguely see the shining archangel Saint Michael, who spreads his wings and points his sword towards the sky, as if protecting Mount Saint Michael and imparting the will of heaven to the world. His image is vivid, giving people a feeling that he could appear at any moment. Due to the "capriciousness" of the tides in the Bay of Saint-Malo, at dusk, the tides of the Atlantic Ocean rush in like thunder, submerging the road leading to the island monastery and restoring Mont Saint-Michel to the appearance of a solitary island. Every year on the spring equinox (March 21) and the autumn equinox (September 23), the largest tides will arrive here, with waves over ten meters high hitting the railings of the embankment, as if thundering, so there are many terrifying stories circulating, such as the rising tide chasing knights, the cart loaded with goods suddenly disappearing without a trace in the huge quicksand, and the traveler who got stuck in the mud and died tragically. This is also one of the reasons why Mont Saint-Michel is impregnable. Even during the hundred-year-long Anglo-French War, Mont Saint-Michel became the only military fortress in the region that did not fall. On Mont Saint-Michel, there is still a great feature today, the ubiquitous French crepe shops. After enjoying Mont Saint-Michel, you can find a restaurant with a terrace, enjoy the view, and savor the Normandy specialty of French crepes with apple cider. On Mount Saint Michel, there is only one hotel, Hotel - le terrasses poulard. Its founder is the famous Madame Poulard, who has been running the hotel here since the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She often helped the poor and took care of the food and lodging of the faithful. Today, almost half of the tourism industry in the mountain belongs to Madame Poulard's descendants, as well as the same-named biscuits, full of butter, crispy and delicious, which I always buy a few boxes to bring back whenever I travel. Don't forget to buy them when you come. Photo 16 is the storefront sign, very easy to find, because there is only one road up and down the mountain, and the storefront is also on this road. There are always endless tourists at the entrance and inside the store.
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Posted: 10 Feb 2023
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