Fringe Club, a century-old heritage in Hong Kong | A must-visit spot in Central

A must-visit spot in Central.❗The Hong Kong street corner that everyone's asking about for the perfect photo op📷 ❗Hong Kong is just too perfect for citywalks🤣🤣 Discovered a magazine-style spot on the streets of Hong Kong🚌 Check in on the artistic travel route of Hong Kong🎁 This popular graffiti wall is just too beautiful🎃 🚠In the midst of the skyscrapers in Central, there's such an artistic spot 🚘Despite the bustling crowds and constant traffic Every corner here is filled with character How can you be the queen of Central without visiting the Fringe Club❓ 🎂About Fringe Club🎂 🎍Fringe Club is a charitable organization, simply put, it's like a theater and gallery. 🎍Fringe Club provides exhibition and performance venues for local Hong Kong and international artists🌷, as well as a gathering and appreciation space for art lovers, with various exhibitions held regularly🍎, making it a vibrant contemporary art space🥑. 🥃About the Fringe Club Building🥃 🎍The Fringe Club is actually housed in a three-story building constructed at the end of the 19th century, one of the few historical buildings in Hong Kong that have been preserved to this day🌳. 🎍Originally, this building had many uses, including industrial, commercial, and residential. When the Fringe Club took over in 1984, it was in disrepair with many damages and leaks. After some passionate volunteers repaired it, the building was revitalized✨. 🎍Today, the Fringe Club building is recognized as a dynamic contemporary art space in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region🎁, becoming a valuable example of repurposing abandoned buildings and revitalizing declining communities🐾. 📷Photo Spots at Fringe Club📷 ❗The Foreign Correspondents' Club (FCC) Hong Kong, right across the street at the intersection, is a great spot for photos🥰; ❗The steps next to the FCC, good for both high-angle and low-angle shots🤳; ❗At the crosswalk right in front of the Fringe Club logo🚠, the subject should stay under the Fringe Club logo, while the photographer should go to the opposite side of the intersection to take the shot🚦; ❗Under the Fringe Club logo🌾, if you want to capture the street photography vibe, wait for the green light and have someone walk from the Fringe Club towards the intersection, capturing the moment will look very Hong Kong style🌹. ⚠️Tips for Checking In⚠️ 🚦The steps here are quite high, and the road is not completely flat, so be patient and take your time with the photos🥳🥳 ✔Address: 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong Island ✔Transportation tips: Central MTR station, Exit D1 ✔Suggested companions: Couples, friends, family, children ✔Suggested seasons to visit: Chinese New Year, autumn, winter
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Posted: May 20, 2024
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Fringe Club

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