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Central. Affordable Michelin Putien.

I went to Putien again ☺️ This time I visited the newly opened Central branch in March The environment and seating are comfortable, and the service is attentive~ They have floor-to-ceiling windows~ It must feel even more open and bright during the day~ 😛 Of course, when you come here, you must eat razor clams! The razor clams from Putien absorb plenty of nutrients from the local black mudflats, each one plump and tender, bursting with fresh sweetness! Fried, stir-fried, steamed, baked, boiled, no matter how they are cooked, they are always fresh, tender, and delicious~ With up to 8 different razor clam dishes, "$219 for any two razor clam dishes" is great👍🏻 🌟《 Farmer's Razor Clam Soup (original price $139) 》 It looks like a simple egg drop soup, but once you taste it, you can feel the sweetness of the razor clams~ The cooking method 'liu' involves wrapping the ingredients in pure sweet potato flour before stewing to maintain their crisp tenderness, then adding some vinegar and pepper powder to enhance the flavor~👍🏻 🌟《 Old Wine Razor Clams (original price $139)》 It's a hot dish~ The razor clams are fresh, tender, and have a nice bounce to them, without a strong taste of alcohol, but rather a good balance between the wine and the fresh taste of the clams~👍🏻 🌱《 Shrimp Seed Head and Purple Seaweed 💲58 》 A must-order~ Sour and slightly sweet, very refreshing and appetizing~ 🐟《 Soft Fried Yellow Croaker 💲228 》 The fresh yellow croaker is pan-fried until fragrant on both sides, then drizzled with a special sauce that I think has a taste of fermented soybean, slowly stewed to bring out a rich aroma~ Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, it goes well with rice~ 🍲《 Xinghua Stir-fried Rice Noodles 💲118 》 Putien's Xinghua rice noodles are fine and naturally sun-dried, especially soft and fragrant~ Accompanied by more than a dozen ingredients and a rich broth, the flavor is strong and delicious, with a springy texture~ 🥬《 Golden Soup Vegetables 💲88 per serving 》 With century egg and amaranth~ The soup is tasty, and I did drink it~ The vegetables are fresh and tender without any residue~ 🍐《 Osmanthus and Dried Tangerine Peel Stewed Pear 💲48 》 A hot dish that's very nourishing, the pear is sweet and fragrant with the scent of tangerine peel~ 🥜《 Minnan Peanut Soup 💲28 》 Slightly sweet but not greasy, not thick but very substantial, each bite is filled with the soft fragrance of peanuts~ See you next time! 📍 Putien (Central) 7th Floor, L Place, 139 Queen's Road Central, Central
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Posted: May 18, 2024
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