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A one-day tour of eating, drinking, playing, shopping, and having fun in Hong Kong, take away this nanny guide quickly

- Hola~ Hong Kong is a fun and easy city to explore, and I come here 1-2 times almost every month after the border has opened. The transportation is incredibly convenient; it's a place where you can just go on a whim, and you can find many affordable and high-quality items. Every time I come to Hong Kong, I shop until I don't want to leave. - I'm revealing my one-day itinerary! It's packed full of strategies for eating, drinking, playing, shopping, and having fun, and you can also check in at Hong Kong's unique attractions, making the trip worth the ticket price. - 🌈About Transportation Depart from Guangzhou –> Hong Kong West Kowloon Station –> Right after exiting is the 'Austin' MTR station –> Transfer to the Tuen Ma Line (towards Tuen Mun), just 1 stop to 'Nam Cheong Station' Exit A -> Directly reach V Walk, quickly arriving at the bustling and lively Hong Kong. - 🌈Eating, Drinking, Playing, Shopping Hong Kong is famous for its various authentic and characteristic old-brand delicacies, street snacks, Western restaurants, and more, a true foodie's paradise. Places I often eat at, like Yama-Tei, where you can have the quick-frozen Hong Kong-style egg waffles and shrimp roe peanuts, taste great. Local snacks like Kee Wah Bakery's winter melon wife cake, and other pastries, are respectable and good-looking gifts. Crystal House is full of various nostalgic soft candies, not only do children like them, but adults also can't bear to leave. There are also many mountain and sea delicacies, with many trustworthy old-brand sea cucumber and ginseng shops. Old Sheung Wan has large abalones, health soup packs, and more, suitable for nourishment for both young and old. Tai Cheong's large scallops are delicious whether used in cooking or stewed in soup. - 🌈Exhibition Check-in The open-air plaza of V Walk has a heavyweight 7-meter-tall inflatable chin-resting cat Gloomie. It is a collaboration between V Walk and the local popular illustrator LeonLollipop, creating several different shapes of chin-resting cat Gloomie. Each one is very cute, and they make for great photo ops, perfect for bringing kids or little kittens to play. There are also Gloomie-related products on-site~ - 🌈Unique Attractions These great places are a must-visit to experience the strong local flavor of Hong Kong. ☑️Former Sham Shui Po Water Treatment Works☑️Under the Stonecutters Bridge☑️Mei Ho House Living Museum☑️Garden Hill☑️Lai Chi Kok Park Lingnan Style. The Former Sham Shui Po Water Treatment Works is full of mystery, with a strong retro vibe, where you can see elements of stone columns, arches, and red bricks, a characteristic century-old building. It's cool and comfortable to stay here in the summer, a great place to escape the heat. Garden Hill is a public housing estate and old-style tenement buildings where you can overlook Sham Shui Po and Shek Kip Mei, see the smoke and fire of human life during the day, and enjoy the sunset and the night view of West Kowloon at night, a very heartwarming scene. - After a day of shopping and sightseeing, the rewards are truly plentiful. I deeply feel the prosperity and comfort of Hong Kong, a city full of warmth, and I love it so much!
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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