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The Beauty of Alhambra!

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It is one of the most famous monuments of Islamic architecture and one of the best-preserved palaces of the historic Islamic world, in addition to containing notable examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture. It reflects the tradition of Moorish architecture developed over previous centuries. It is characterized by the use of the courtyard as a central space and basic unit around which other halls and rooms were organized. Courtyards typically had water features at their center, such as a reflective pool or a fountain. Decoration was focused on the inside of the building and was executed primarily with tile mosaics on lower walls and carved stucco on the upper walls. Geometric patterns, vegetal motifs, and Arabic inscriptions were the main types of decorative motifs. Additionally, "stalactite"-like sculpting, known as muqarnas, was used for three-dimensional features like vaulted ceilings Getting There - You can take one of the red minibuses called Alhambra Bus, routes C30 or C32. They leave every 8-12 minutes from Isabel Católica Square (Columbus monument). Attractions - The architecture of the Nasrid palaces Hotels - Many hotels to suit all budget can be found nearby Food & Restaurants - Many F&B outlet & restaurants can be found nearby Shopping - Many shops selling souvenirs can be found nearby. #alhambra #granada #andalusia #spain
Posted: 20 Aug 2022
Tony Kamal
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