Classic breeds essence, essence creates classics 🇪🇸 Nasrid Palace.

🇪🇸The Alhambra Palace in Granada, known as the "most beautiful palace in Spain", is a classic tourist destination that must be visited in Spain. It is mainly composed of three areas: the Nasrid Palace, the Alcazaba Castle, and the Palace of Carlos V. 🚩 Among all the buildings in the Alhambra Palace, the Nasrid Palace is the most famous and visually stunning, and is the essence of the Alhambra Palace. 📣 The Nasir al-Mulk Palace, founded in the 13th century, has been renovated and expanded by successive kings and sultans, reaching the pinnacle of Islamic architectural art. 💗Several courtyards of different shapes are hidden among the towering city walls, green trees and flowers. The exquisite layout, exquisite architecture, and intricate carvings...mysterious and dreamy, every step offers a new view, luxury and wealth are all here💯. 💎 The essence of the essence, belongs to the Peach Blossom Court and the Lion Court. ✅ Peach Blossom Courtyard, covering an area of more than 960 square meters, is the center of diplomatic and political activities outside the Naseris Palace. It is surrounded by marble columns, with a shallow rectangular reflecting pool - the Koma Les Pool - in the center, and castles and halls at both ends, with Taogin Niang hedges arranged on both sides (hence the name of the courtyard). 👣 Stroll around the water pool, where the castle architecture is projected onto the mirror-like pool, reflecting each other with the tranquil and clear water, making people feel intoxicated and as if floating in a ethereal place... ✅ The Lion Courtyard, covering an area of more than 710 square meters, is a major part of the residence of the Sultan and his family. A fountain with 12 stone lions as the base is located in the center of the courtyard (hence the name "Lion Courtyard"); 124 marble columns resembling palm trees surround the courtyard to form a rectangular and exquisite arcade; the water from the fountain flows through four intersecting channels, creating a pleasant sound as it flows towards the arcade... 📌 Tip: After entering the Naseris Palace, follow the official guide to visit along the designated route and time, without turning back. The scenery is beautiful everywhere, so be alert and quick on your feet to capture every moment. 📸.
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Posted: 19 Feb 2023
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